PC (Buying and selling items!) Tacticturtle's cheap all item shop!

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  1. tacticturtle123

    tacticturtle123 Steampunker

    Welcome To my shop!
    Hello! In this shop I buy and sell all items in VANILLA terraria! (unless they're unobtainable!)

    I buy items!
    that's right! not only do I sell every item in terraria I also BUY every item in terraria. give me any items you don't want and I'll give you a decent price for them!
    if you give me an item that I want (listed below) I'll pay you extra money! it's very simple.

    I sell items!
    it wouldn't be a shop if I didn't sell stuff! (literally, that's the definition of a shop.) I sell every item in terraria for a decent price that should be fair.
    just tell me what you want and I'll tell you the price of it and we can trade money for items! if you think an item price ISN'T fair just tell me and I'll try to correct it!

    Price Examples:

    common dyes: 10 silver coins
    Rare dyes: 2 gold for 2
    Strange Plants: 1 gold 50 silver for 1
    Biome specific keys: 8 gold
    Souls of might/fright/sight 4 gold for 10 souls!

    Souls of night/light/flight 1 gold for 15 souls!
    Blocks used for building stuff (wood,stone,obsidian brick, meteorite brick etc etc) 50 silver for 500! (martian plating is 2 gold for 300)
    Developer sets: 10 gold for 1 set!
    Halloween costumes: 20 silver for 1 costume

    Items I want:
    If you bring these items to me I will pay extra money for them!

    Item quantity Reward
    x1Binoculars 15 gold coins
    x1 The Axe 15 gold coins
    x1 Bone Rattle 15 gold coins
    x60 obsidian 5 gold coins
    x300 martian plating 10 gold coins

    This is where you can see when my shop will be closed and when there will be a sale.

    No Events yet!
  2. Soskii

    Soskii Terrarian

    How much for a sextant?
  3. tacticturtle123

    tacticturtle123 Steampunker

    a sextant is 1 gold 20 silver
  4. Isolated Egg

    Isolated Egg Terrarian

    How much for lunar fragments? I don't really feel like farming the lunar events currently.
  5. tacticturtle123

    tacticturtle123 Steampunker

    Fragments are 5 gold for 10 fragments.
  6. JudJudsen

    JudJudsen Terrarian

    Ill buy red and crowno's dev set
  7. tacticturtle123

    tacticturtle123 Steampunker

    Great! Add me on steam, I'm electricpotato22 :p

    I've got a picture of a rabbit painted as a pikachu as my profile picture because why not? We can talk there.
  8. JudJudsen

    JudJudsen Terrarian

    Added you :D
  9. kahuhna1

    kahuhna1 Terrarian

    you got lava charm? I've been looking for hours
  10. jgeiser68

    jgeiser68 Terrarian

    Do you have any Heart/Star statues?
  11. DerpyKat

    DerpyKat Terrarian

    Can I buy 30 souls of night, and if you have, a Daedalus Stormbow, Magic Mirror, 2 mechanical worms, and 2 mechanical eyes? How much is each item? I only have 2 plat.
    I also have 165 obsidian if you are interested. I cannot add you for a friend request since i am free to play, my friend bought me Terraria ;3.
  12. Veloric

    Veloric Terrarian

    i'd like to buy an eye of the golem please. how much?
  13. Random kid

    Random kid Terrarian

    Do you do Wii U?
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2018, Original Post Date: Apr 14, 2018 ---
    If so I need that pick that drops from golom.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2018 ---
    Also if you do mobile I need shroomite leggings and chest plate
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2018 ---
    Also if you do Wii U I need to buy the ball of yarn that summons a pet cat with a wizard hat on it(it’s on the back of the Wii U terraria case)
  14. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @Random kid, welcome to the forums. :merchantsmile: Please be more aware of when you are double (and triple and quadruple) posting. This isn’t a chat room. Execessive double posting is not encouraged.

    Also, this thread has the PC tag on it. The author may play other versions, but in this thread he’s displaying the PC items he’d like to trade. Take a look at other trading threads to find WiiU or mobile topics.
  15. Random kid

    Random kid Terrarian

    Oops lol
  16. redstonecreeper8

    redstonecreeper8 Terrarian

    Could I buy a Dog Whistle? You know, the rare drop from presents that summons a puppy pet?
  17. takusek

    takusek Terrarian

    hey i want to buy some building blocs like 1000 clay 3000 stone and did you sell a things like mythril bricks?
  18. psyryse

    psyryse Terrarian

    i get more money by selling to npcs..
  19. 2bh

    2bh Terrarian

    Im looking to buy some building blocks and topaz, how much?
  20. leppla2006

    leppla2006 Terrarian

    I'd like to buy an influx Waver and a Cosmic Car Key