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PC Buying Chlorophyte for Lumite, armor and pylons.


Official Terrarian
Buying Chlorophyte for valueable items.
Trading Item Type
Ores & Crafting Materials
Hi folks,

I'm looking to exchange Chlorophyte bars (upto 120) for Lumite bars on a 1:1.5 basis (i.e. for every 2 bars of Chlorophyte I will give you 3 bars of lumite or the equivalent in ore).
Lumite is an end game ore that crafts more powerful items (I've just been farming the Moon Lord alot).

There are free bonus items available for each trade:
- Free Portal gun for every 15 bars traded in (upto 5)
- Free Suspicious looking tentacle and gravity globe for ever 50 bars traded in (upto 3 each)
- Free Celestial star board for every 60 bars traded in.
- Free universal pylon every 70 bars traded in

Can also sell the following items separately:
- Universal pylons for 12 Chlorophyte bars each.
- Soaring insignia: 15 bars.
- starlight sword: 10 bars.
- Flailron: 10 bars.
- Bubble Gun: 10 bars.

Minimum exchange: 20 bars.

Other offers.
I mistakenly crafted a full set of Chlorophyte armor when trying to craft turtle armor 🤦 (thought that it was used in the crafting process).
I can sell the set it to you for 24 chlorophyte bars (less then half of what you'd use to craft it).

I can also sell any lumite armors (solar/star dust/vortex) for 30 chlorophyte bars each (40 if wings included).

Thanks in advance!
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