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Cactus Man's adventure through hardmode.(Cactus Armor Only)

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Terra M Welch, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. And so the story of cactus man's adventure in hardmode begins...

    Cactus man was not sure if he was ready to face the underworld's guardian, the gatekeeper of the ancient spirits of light and dark... He was not sure he could handle it...

    Cactus man decided to accept his fate however, even though it may doom his jungle... and most of his world... his home world... he decided that it must be done, he went down his hellevator...

    He reached the underworld layer and headed to the very left of the world...


    It was quite the walk, but he made it there.


    He threw the guide voodoo doll into the boiling hot magma... and summoned forth the gatekeeper, the wall of flesh...


    It was a close battle...


    However the gatekeeper defeated him, the gatekeeper was nearly dead itself, but cactus man's mere 7 defense did not help him fully pull through, but he was not about to give up yet, he went and got himself a few ironskin and regeneration potions, went back to the very left of the underworld, and started round 2 against the gatekeeper, this time, he was victorious...


    However... he has made a foolish mistake... by defeating the gatekeeper, he has forever doomed his world(Not to mention his jungle :( ) with the ancient spirits of light and dark...


    Having now entered hardmode, and have gotten the pwnhammer, cactus man's next task was to smash altars, so he went left from his base, to the crimson chasm not far from his home, he had remembered seeing alot of altars there.

    After a short run, he made it to the crimson chasm to the left of his home, it was in the snow biome so he hoped that a blizzard wouldnt start while he was busy.

    He went into the crimson chasm and started smashing the crimson altars...

    The first ore of the gods: Cobalt.

    The second ore of the gods: Orichalcum


    The third ore of the gods: Titanium

    Oh and there were ALOT of wraiths...

    Once he was done in the crimson chasm, he headed out only to find that a blizzard had started, he navigated his way out of the snow biome while being chased by an ice golem, which he was far too weak to fight. He then headed right of his base, only to be saddened by the corruption and crimson eating away his jungle, he was on a timer, a tight timer... This corruption and crimson is more then able to eat away his jungle before he gets through the mechanical bosses.


    He went down the crimson chasm in the jungle area, all that was there was a chest and a couple altars, the chest had a boomerang, as if the boomerang would do much good.

    2015-03-10_00017.jpg The next thing cactus man decided to do was to go down his hellevator... What shall he find? That is to be figured out...

    Cactus Man decided to take a dig underground, a short ways down he finds cobalt.

    and more cobalt!

    He decided to head back up and make a cobalt drill, then he continued down the hellevator, he was attacked by an armored skeleton, which broke his already flimsy armor.


    Cactus man cared not, it was only 4 points of defense lost, he decided to continue, he found more cobalt.

    He also found another gold chest with another boomerang, persistant little things arent they? Darned boomerangs.

    Upon going further down, cactus man finally found some orichalcum, even deeper down gave more orichalcum, and a bit of titanium though he cant mine it yet.

    As cactus man went deeper into his hellevator, his heart sank as he saw which directon the crimson line spawned, the right side... where the jungle is... as if the jungle had enough issues huh...
    Cactus man also stumbled upon some titanium aswell as the wizard.

    2015-03-10_00027.jpg 2015-03-10_00028.jpg

    Then he went deeper down his hellevator to the spider den near the underworld, he got a bloodmoon in the process... and the spiders gave him a bit of trouble, he had to flee, he only got enough fangs for the queen spider staff.

    2015-03-10_00029.jpg 2015-03-10_00030.jpg

    When cactus man mirrored after his run in with black recluses, he forgot about the blood moon, he quickly activated his ditches to prevent the random zombies and such from reaching the doors, but the wraiths still gave him a hard time while he was working on his base through the bloodmoon. Cactus Man decided to make more chests, as he needed more storage.

    During the time he was working, the blood moon ended.

    2015-03-10_00031.jpg 2015-03-10_00032.jpg 2015-03-10_00033.jpg 2015-03-10_00034.jpg 2015-03-10_00035.jpg
    Once he was finished, he went left, to the hallow, since he knew now it was in that direction. Eventually he came across the hallow.


    Even with his low defense, the pixies were easy prey, he decided to see if he could get a bunch of pixie dust for fairy wings, as he thought they would be easy enough to get, and would be very useful against the mechanical bosses. Though the unicorns did make the pixie farming a little more annoying, cactus man also took the time to chop down a couple pearlwood trees, for making a sky platform.

    2015-03-10_00037.jpg 2015-03-10_00038.jpg 2015-03-10_00039.jpg 2015-03-10_00040.jpg

    Now that cactus man had 100 pixie dust, he decided to buy some rope off the merchant and went up to the sky with it, using the pearlwood he made a sky platform for fighting the wyvern on.


    while cactus man was building his platform, the wyvern decided to interfere, cactus man worked with what room he had.

    Cactus Man: 1 - Wyvern: 0

    Cactus Man also got lucky, and found a giant harpy feather, now he can save that pixie dust for greater healing potions.

    2015-03-10_00044.jpg 2015-03-10_00045.jpg
    Twice more, he defeats the wyvern, getting himself more then enough souls of flight for a pair of wings.

    2015-03-10_00046.jpg 2015-03-10_00047.jpg 2015-03-10_00048.jpg
    He also found a floating island near his sky platform, but all it had was a shiny red balloon, and he was about to make wings, so it was not so useful...

    2015-03-10_00049.jpg 2015-03-10_00050.jpg
    After that, he returned to his base to plan his next actions.

    After getting the materials for a pair of wings, cactus man makes a pair of Harpy Wings, since RNG was nice enough to give him a giant harpy feather.

    Cactus man tried out his new wings, he was quite content with them, though they were not the color of cactus.

    He decided to go back underground after that, he needed more orichalcum specifically, he managed to find a mimic along the way, which dropped a philosopher stone, Skeletron Prime also threatened to spawn, but never did as cactus man stayed underground the whole time.

    2015-03-10_00053.jpg 2015-03-10_00054.jpg 2015-03-10_00055.jpg 2015-03-10_00056.jpg 2015-03-10_00057.jpg 2015-03-10_00058.jpg 2015-03-10_00059.jpg 2015-03-10_00060.jpg 2015-03-10_00061.jpg 2015-03-10_00062.jpg 2015-03-10_00063.jpg
    A fair bit of Ichor Sticker killing also happened, but Cactus Man has nowhere near enough Ichor for the golden shower book.

    Cactus man made himself an orichalcum repeater, which sadly means he needs a little more orichalcum for the drill... Derp... Also goblin is a troll...
    He also made the charm of myths, but cactus man wouldn't mind having a star veil before fighting the mech bosses.
    2015-03-10_00064.jpg 2015-03-10_00065.jpg
    Cactus Man's next task is to get some more orichalcum, and a bit of titanium, aswell as the golden shower book and a star veil, then cactus man plans on setting up an area to fight the mechanical bosses in, preferably with heart lanterns and campfires for a little extra assistance. (But thats for future chapters!)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2015
  2. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Sounds pretty challenging, let's hope Cactus Man can survive the fights with the mechs.
  3. Chapter 1 is added.

    Also, off topic, but does anyone know how many attachments one post accepts?

    EDIT: Chapters 2-5 added.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2015
  4. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    I love how this playthrough doesn't give a :red: about BS Armored Skeletons anymore.
  5. Well when your defense is so low that it doesnt matter, broken armor means nothing.
  6. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    I had to...
  7. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Yaaay! Cactus Man!
    This should be good...
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2015
  8. The True Hero

    The True Hero Steampunker

    This looks nice
  9. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    This is beautiful.
  10. benedani

    benedani Terrarian

    go go go cactus man
  11. spongedog

    spongedog Skeletron Prime

    Hardmode bosses are going to be hard......

    (Lol i said there going to be hard, get it, HARDmode bosses! Lol i'm so funny.......)
  12. Sorry I haven't been updating this, been distracted with getting back into Oblivion.

    By the way, does anyone know a good video hosting site that isnt Youtube or Dailymotion? I abandoned Youtube(Or I should say Google+Tube) since they added the Google+ Requirement and had that whole stupid content ID bot, and Dailymotion is garbage, has too many ads some even get through adblock.
  13. spongedog

    spongedog Skeletron Prime

    ummmm, you don't use google? Then, sorry, i don't know any.
  14. Well, I am trying to get rid of random frame drops on fraps at the moment, I cant go fighting mech bosses with random frame drops...

    Fraps just loves eating my computer... Games run fine when I am not using it...
  15. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Framerate is dropped by half when I use fraps. giving 30FPS.
    It doesn't gives any freezing screens, unless i've just started up the game.
    Now I'm not sure if it's my laptop, or Fraps' version(3.4.7) that doesn't give bad framerate.

    what I often do with recording, first I kill a boss, and then fight it again and record it.
    Better to record after than when you're not sure if it's the characters equipment or fraps' fault.
  16. awesomegamer919

    awesomegamer919 Spazmatism

    Skeletron prime is gonna be hard as hell
    James Harrow likes this.

    GIRGHGH Golem

    When I was little, I made up a superhero called cactus man. He had the ability to phase through an object and come out somewhere connected to it.
  18. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    Man, this playthrough is amazing. I would love to see this come back to life
  19. I have no way to record the boss fights sadly... Fraps eats my PC for some reason even though without recording I run games perfectly at max fps...

    I also got rid of my YT account long ago, I do not agree with Google+
  20. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    I see, how about streaming? I'm planning that when I fight a boss in my gun playthrough