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tModLoader Caffeinated Mod


Thank you for the 1150+ downloads!!!!!!!


The Caffeinated Mod is currently a quality of life mod that adds in craftable vending machines and some other goodies! These machines are designed primarily to help with mining, exploring or mediumcore post-death item runs. Buy (craft) essential items using coins at the machines to save time and headaches!

Vending Machine, Vending Machine Mk. II, Vending Machine Mk. III

Vending Machine contents:
Craft base Vending Machine with 20 iron/lead bars, 10 glass blocks and 3 fallen stars at an anvil. "Convenience for Coin!"
Current inventory:
From left to right: Health Soda (80 life healed), Mana Soda(80 mana restored), Rope Canister (100 rope), Glowstick Tube (50 glowsticks), Bundle of Wood (100 wood), Jar of Gel (50 gel), Can of Bait (20 worms)

Vending Machine MK. II contents:
Craft Vending Machine MK. II with a vending machine, 15 meteorite bars and 1 fallen star at an anvil. "Munitions for the mission! 20% discount authorized."

Current inventory:
From left to right: Bomb Satchel (15 bombs), Grenade Satchel (32 grenades), Box of Musket Balls (200 balls), Pack of Arrows (200 arrows) + all the previous items + 20% Discount on everything!

Vending Machine Mk. III contents:
Craft Vending Machine Mk. III with either vending machine, 20 pixie dust and 1 fallen star at an anvil. "Goods for the greater good! 30% discount authorized."
Current inventory:
From left to right: Greater Health Soda (160 life healed), Greater Mana Soda (160 mana restored) + all the previous items + 30% Discount on everything! I am currently stumped on what else this machine should sell, if anything, so please give me your thoughts if you have ideas!

Other goodies added:
The Blackjack Flaregun! Craft with a Flaregun, 5 wood, 10 Iron/lead, and 5 Topaz at an anvil! Turn your flaregun into something more deadly and stylish!

The Homemade Rifle! Craft with 10 wood, 15 Iron/lead, 1 musket ball, and 7 gold/platinum at an anvil! This item was also made with the 'mediumcore post-death item runs' in mind and was actually part of the original mod idea. Crude but effective!

The Jazzy Radio! Craft with 5 iron/lead, 10 wood, 1 gold/platinum watch and 1 sunflower at a workbench! This item gives the 'Happy' buff and is much like a sunflower with less placement hassle. Perfect for dangerous areas or home decoration!

The Glitterglow block! Craft with 1 fallen star, 10 stone blocks, and 1 coral at a furnace! The block functions much like glowstone does in minecraft. This glowing rock can light up any cave or NPC home!

The Item Vacuum! Purchase this Model 400 Backvac from the Goblin Tinkerer for 1 gold! This extends your item pickup range to ~30 blocks. Never miss an item again!


The Mysterious Mailbox! Craft with 15 iron bars at an Anvil! This item allows you to redeem various 'invoices' to get items in return!
You can right click letters onto the box sorta like an extractinator to get something in return!

Pallets! Craft with 999 Dirt, stone, sand or snow + 15 wood at a workbench! These can be placed like furniture and upon entering hardmode, you can buy invoices from the merchant to redeem them at the mailbox!


Package of Silt! If you need gems, ores, or the possibility of getting lots of gold coins, the merchant sells an invoice just for your extracting needs!

Change log:
0.1: Released
0.1.1: Fixed an error when placing the machine, added tube of glowsticks
0.1.5: Added the MK. II machine along with it's items
0.1.6: adjusted prices, gave the Mk. II a 20% discount on all items added homepage added the 'Blackjack Flaregun', added in 'Can of Bait', fixed mana potion giving the potion sickness debuff, changed around item rarities
0.1.7: added Mk. III machine along with it's items, reduced mana potion prices drastically, adjusted item rarities, added discount text to the machines, added the 'Homemade Rifle'
0.1.8: adjusted item descriptions, Homemade Rifle requires a bit more to craft, added 'Glitterglow', added 'Jazzy Radios', added 'Item Vacuum' further adjusted item descriptions Added in 'Mysterious Mailbox', added in Pallets of Snow, Stone, Dirt and Sand and their corresponding 'invoices', added in 'Package of Silt', adjusted the homemade rifle to fit with vanilla progression, adjusted bullet 'origin' on the homemade rifle to better work in close range

Currently my main goal is balance and making the mod feel as if it meshes well within the base game's progression. Please tell me your thoughts, criticisms, or what you'd like to see added in the future! I do plan on expanding this mod to be much more than just vending machines in the future as I learn to code/sprite!

Special thanks to NuovaPrime, Oli.H, Fire and PinkGranny for helping me with code!
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Really like this mod so far, it's in its early stages but I think it could very easily be used by a lot of people. Keep up the good work!
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