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Poetry Calamity Mod Boss Haikus


In my last thread, I made haikus for every vanilla boss. Now I am going to make haikus for every Calamity Boss.

Spoiler with a title

Desert Scourage

Gargantuan Sea Worm
Incredibly Dried Out Husk
Trying to Eat Me


Giant Zombie Crab
Big Luminescent mushrooms
Glowing Carapace

Hive Mind

Its Making Biomass
Hive Mind of the Corruption
Corrupt Purple Grass

Perforator Hive

Massive Fleshy Worms
Evil Perforator Hive
It Has Two Big Mouths

Slime God

Its The God of Slime
Ebonion and Crimulan
Little Flying Orb

Spoiler with a title


The Friendly Archmage
Turned into a Big Monster
A Huge Cube of Ice

Brimstone Elemental

Floating on a Rock
Elemental Of Brimstone
It was a Goddess

Aquatic Scourage

Long lost Relative
Of the Big Desert Scourage
Very Mutated


Clone of the True Witch
Weaker than The Evil Witch
Less Than The Great Witch

Anahita and the Leviathan


The Great Ocean Fish
Too Fat To Rise, So Lazy
Glowing like Amber


Splintered Mind Syndrome
Elemental of the Sea
Needs a Therapist

Astrum Aureus

Astral Research Bot
Astral Megaton Robot
Defends the Astral

Plague Bringer Goliath

The Big Evil Bee
Made from Bee and Nanotech
Raze Entire Cities


A Construct of Bones
Made to Destroy Yharim
Its Super-Golem!

Astrum Deus

The Cosmic Disgust
The God of the Twinkling Stars
Devoured By a DoG

Profaned Guardians

Carriers of a Core
The Guardians of Providence
They look like Meatballs


Colossal Failure
Clone of the Jungle Dragon
Its Self Multiplying

Providence, Profaned Goddess

She Lives in the Sun
Providence, Profaned Goddess
Wants To Burn The World

Sentinals of the Devourer

(Ceaseless Void)

Made of Cosmic Steal
Live Sealed Dimensional Rift
Lives in the Dungeon

(Storm Weaver)

It's The Nano-DoG
It Eats Wyvern in the Sky
One of the last DoGs

(Signus, Envoy of the Devourer)

Mysterious Hood
Evil Sneaky Assasin
Who knows What it is

Devourer of Gods

DoG! The Strongest DoG!
the DoG likes to Devour Gods
Lives in Purple Fog

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

Murky Orange Scales
The Dragon of the Jungle
Its Yharims Pet

Supreme Calamitas

Blast things with hellfire
Turned the Ocean Into Steam
Name means "Disaster!"

This took a lot longer than Expected, I wrote for at least 3 hours to make these
I will likely publish more poems for Ancients Awakened then maybe another mod,
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