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tModLoader Calamity Mod

What would you like me to create more of?

  • NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    Votes: 1,059 20.1%
  • Bosses

    Votes: 2,126 40.3%
  • Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    Votes: 1,380 26.1%
  • Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    Votes: 385 7.3%
  • Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    Votes: 330 6.3%

  • Total voters


Skeletron Prime
Also, my world just suddenly turned into a normal mode world while i was playing. Plz help, i made it so far and can't afford to lose all of my progress now.


With Reduced Grinding you can get an Expert Change Potion. It's possible you accidentally drank one. In any case, it's the easiest way to switch the world back to Expert.
I made a mod pack based around this mod and thorium for throwing gear, except all throwing damage buffing accessories will not buff rogue damage from this mod. It would be nice if there was some way to turn rogue weapons into throwing damage, like how Fargo's does it with melee switching to throwing.


Official Terrarian
I downloaded this mod at first because there was a JoJo's reference, but I'm having pretty fun with D.O.G and Yharon currently.

Vlad Terrarian

The Destroyer
Overall, the sprites look amazing, the art is awesome! I think this will be good.... :)
Dude, it's already great mod! Or maybe... The Greatest!

Also hello there developers... I saw in Discord Server that Calamity got updated today. But I found out that it's conflicting with Shadow of Abbadon (Sacred Tools). Before new Calamity mod update there were no problems, but now it keep me getting this error every time I loading the world with both mods enabled:

Could not load type 'CalamityMod.CalamityWorld' from assembly 'CalamityMod_0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
at SacredTools.ModdedPlayer.get_calamityRevenge()
at SacredTools.ModdedPlayer.PreUpdate() in c:\Users\Dan Yami\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\SacredTools\ModdedPlayer.cs:line 2090
at Terraria.ModLoader.PlayerHooks.PreUpdate(Player player)
at Terraria.Player.Update(Int32 i)
at Terraria.WorldGen.do_playWorldCallBack(Object threadContext)
at Terraria.WorldGen.playWorldCallBack(Object threadContext)


I am having issues trying to open the astral chest. I have killed astrum aureus and went to the dungeon to open the chest and it won’t open still. it just displays a symbol of the item I have equipped when I hover over it.


That would be the most controversial thing they've done, probably. Many people would be overwhelmed with the new content.
True. Maybe have it as a world customization option? I guess players would carry Calamity items onto normal worlds. Huh. I geuss that really wouldn't work :p. Sick mod though.
i just had a idea if u r interested so what if there were auric tesla blocks, walls, and furniture made in similer fashion to the auric tesla armor needing the corresponding ashen, botanic, cosmilite, and silva items as well as auric ore, yharon soul fragments, dark sun fragments, nightmare fuel, endothermic energy, phantoplasm, bars of life, core of calamity, and galactica singularity (the materials that every piece of auric tesla armor uses)


I am having issues with collecting Souls of Night and Souls of Light. I have been killing dozens of mobs in my selected evil biome. I am able to collect everything else rather well.


There seems to be a problem with the axe of purity. It doesn't cut trees at all despite the fact that it has 125% axe power. It still attacks fine but it simply wont cut any trees.


Guys, Can someone help me? When Yharon Is at 9% HP He despawns, and says "to witness the true power of my dragon, you must aquire the power of the dark sun." someone help?


Official Terrarian
Guys, Can someone help me? When Yharon Is at 9% HP He despawns, and says "to witness the true power of my dragon, you must aquire the power of the dark sun." someone help?
You'll have to fight the Solar Eclipse and craft a specific ring. Then later when you battle him the true battle begins.
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