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What would you like me to create more of?

  • NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    Votes: 1,154 19.6%
  • Bosses

    Votes: 2,397 40.7%
  • Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    Votes: 1,550 26.3%
  • Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    Votes: 424 7.2%
  • Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    Votes: 368 6.2%

  • Total voters
Help pls :(
I've also loaded up today to find my labs missing along with all of my magic storage crates, definitely a mood killer, any ideas for solutions?


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Insanely slow money duplication glitch: Eyedol critters, when collected, insert 2 Eyedols into the player's inventory; these can be placed down and duplicated, then killed over and over to get Eyedol Banners, which can be sold for coins.

Screenshot (316).png
Screenshot (317).png
Any plans to make the Elemental and Cosmis Shivs function like 1.4 shortswords? It feels weird they are made from Starlight but can't aim around like it
Found a gamebreaking money dupe glitch: Gold Violemurs, when captured, insert 2 Gold Violemur Items into the player's inventory, which can be placed and duplicated. Gold Violemurs sell for ~10 gold each, which is way too OP.
Buenas tardes, ayer mi hermano y yo matamos en multi al muro de carne y aparecieron vetas de paladio/cobalto pero no aparecieron de adamantita, mythril etc ni destruyendo los altares aparecen, es un error o se consiguen de otra forma?
Hola! Supongo que es un poquito tarde pero dejo esto para quienes necesiten la info en un futuro: El mod cambia la progresión del inicio del hardmode, haciendo que los minerales de paladio/cobalto aparezcan al derrotar al Muro Carnoso, los de Mythril/Oricalco al derrotar al primer Jefe Mecánico (puede ser cualquiera), los de Adamantita/Titanio al derrotar al segundo Jefe Mecánico y, al derrotar al tercer Jefe Mecánico, aparece el "hallowed ore", usado para crear los lingotes sagrados. De todos modos se puede apagar en las cofiguraciones de Mods en la parte de General Gameplay Changes > Early Hardmode Progression Rework.
Tengo una sugerencia, porque tengo calamidad y no puedo usar más de un mod extra y pequeño porque siempre se cuelga, ocupa mucho espacio, ¿habría alguna manera?
Claro que puedes jugar con más de un mod, yo mismo tengo el Fargo's NPCs, Fargo's Souls, Alchemist NPCs (lite), entre otros menores (Cheat Sheet, Hero's Mod, etc.). El problema debe estar en tu hardware, puedes intentar bajar la gráfica y tal, pero la única forma de arreglar el problema de forma definitiva es mejorar tu hardware (más RAM por ejemplo).
Just as a quick note; as of today, for some reason the mod Boss Checklist was preventing the game from registering the Lunatic Cultist kill. No matter how many times I killed it, it would not register it as a kill within the checklist itself and would likewise not spawn the Celestial Event, nor trigger and other mod dependent triggers, including those within Calamity or the Stars Above mod.

Just a PSA in case anyone else has the problem. Disabling Boss Checklist fixed the issue for me.
Yooooo I had the same problem and solved it using Cheat Sheet and spawning a ton of Lunatic Cultists and killing them with an OP weapon (since I had already killed him three times).

Following the last quote's line (and adding to it from my own experience); if anyone's having a problem with the Boss Rush and does not care much to use CS nor want to disable the Boss Checklist mod, and the event is not progressing after killing a boss, just spawn a bunch of them (careful to not spawn too many of them-, this will cause the progression bar to overload) and quick butcher them (if you care about fighting-honor, defeat them once, otherwise you will not be able to progress the event). If spawning a ton of them and butchering them does not work, try waiting for them to naturally spawn and immediately butcher them (I had to do this with the Guardians and Lunatic Cultist). Also, if you spawn a lot of SCals, prepare yourselves to have to kill a bunch of SCal House-NPCs.
I really encourage y'all to just disable BChecklist, I did all of that just 'cause I didn't knew that it was the origin of those problems.
Traducción al Español.
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Add more whips plz, or Kaleidoscope is gonna be used until the endgame, I jus realized this when I began my death mode summoner playthrough
I wonder if there's any damage penalty on the minion when I'm holding a whip🤔
When it has its shell closed it does have massive DR, so that’s probably it. Just bump it enough and it’ll open its shell.
After the jump he must be vulnerable, right? Doesn't work.
UPD: Found the bug. Happens with mod "Victima Mod Rebirth".
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so, i don't know why this is happening, but whenever i try to add Calamity to my mods, my entire game crashes seconds later, and it won't stop crashing until i somehow deactivate or remove calamity from my mods, but it starts right after the game loads the mods. i know none of my other mods is causing this, because i already tried getting rid of all my mods except Calamity and it still crashed.
Calamity works perfectly fine in the prior version of TModLoader, and only started crashing after i wanted to try 1.4.
am i missing something or am i doing something wrong?
here's the crash file that appeared last time this happened, some parts are in spanish but people should still be able to understand it


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Hii, umm i think im supposed to report it in a bug report but i dont find it so im doing it in the forum, seems like calamity made an update yesterday and today it seems like it wont allow me to make a new world, any recommendations?
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