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What would you like me to create more of?

  • NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    Votes: 1,170 19.4%
  • Bosses

    Votes: 2,453 40.7%
  • Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    Votes: 1,588 26.4%
  • Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    Votes: 438 7.3%
  • Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    Votes: 372 6.2%

  • Total voters
it's not cheating if it's intended
it was coded into the mod

Using an Easter egg to get an endgame weapon at the start of the game is more or less cheating. Like can you really say you fought and beat an early boss if you just one shot it with an item balanced for endgame bosses? Infernum doesn't give Eye of Cthulhu 900k health because it expects you to use Murasama you know...
I think the yoyo class should be buffed because of those bosses with crazy movement especially post-moon lord are freakin damn hard to hit. I think Calamity can upgrade the master yoyo bag to a "mechanic yoyo bag" or "magnetic yoyo bag" that the yoyo can sticks to enemies in a specific range of your mouse cursor. So that yoyo class players can be more focused on dodging attacks.
enjoying the new lore the update brought about. Very coherrent.
I was able to grasp it just by reading the lore items
Speaking of updates and world gen changes,
Is the Adult Eidolon Wyrm supposed to spawn at any abyss levels?

The world this is happening was created just before the latest update.
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