PC Can someone gift or trade me a Bezoar and Nazar?


I am so tired of farming these stupid things for my Ankh charm. Can someone gift me them? Or if not, tell me what they want in return?
I have a bezoar. and i would like to trade for either one of . .
1:lucky coin (ridiculous i know)
2:picksaw ( P I C K S A W)
3:50 G
or you could suggest something
sorry i meant to type 3. 50 g . fifty gold.
[doublepost=1467946981,1467946750][/doublepost]just realized how funny it would be if you actually paid me 3 Platinum! ha!!
[doublepost=1467947202][/doublepost]but on the serious side if we finalize this how do we trade. never been on multiplayer.
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