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TCF Suggestion Can we have BBCode not count towards the status character limit?


Empress of Light
As the title says, I just simply want BBCode (colours, links and the like) to not count towards the character limit on statuses. Because it never actually takes up space on the status (the character limit is only there for stopping spamming of the status update box, I presume) and would allow us to post longer links in there.

There are points where I've wanted to share something, but the URL's been too long, so I couldn't. If you can, this'd be a great change.


Staff member
As far as I know this is impossible, as it would require the system to differentiate regular text from BBCode.

Someone smarter might know better though.

Tunnel King

This behavior really isn't possible to change, and the limit to the length of status messages is internal to Xenforo as far as I can tell. There's not an option to change it in the control panel that I can find.

I've run into this issue even without using bbcode - the length of my status message + the length of a link I wanted to add exceeding the limit for status messages (140 chars, I think). The solution I used was to continue the status on a comment right below it. That's pretty much the behavior you'd get if your SMS text message or Twitter message was too long - it gets broken into pieces of acceptable length.
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