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Xbox Series S/X Cant interact with chests or doors, and cant interact with accesories slots


Console Bug Priority
So on the most random of times the game decides I don't need to use chests nor doors. My game is set so I could interact with items like chests and such with B. I'm not really sure what causes this, what I am sure of is that it doesn't affect the Money Trough. I noticed that on occasions I can "disable" this glitch by talking to an npc, mainly the guide. This doesn't work all the time, though.

The second glitch I've seen involves the accessory slots in the inventory. For some reason I'm only able to interact with the top 3 slots in the armor section and the first slot in the second row of the same section, (the pet, first accessory slot, helmet, and light pet slots). If I extend that section to reveal vanity items, the same thing happens, just with what's in the top left corner (pet dye, pet, vanity accessory dye, and light pet dye). Unlike the previous glitch, this one I have no idea how to "disable" this glitch, which is getting on my nerves since I can't unequip any of my accessories to craft new items with the tinkerer's workshop.
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