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Can't load world/no backup found, weeks of progress lost?

Hey. I've played today without problems but i quit the game, and started it up after a while and could no longer load the world online or single player.

Me and friend are pretty heartbroken now having done lots of progress into hard mode.

Are your servers down?

Also i can't seem to use my account to login into the "Contact Us" form below.
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You may installed terraria again without save, if no then you can't do anything, however if you remember whats your equipment and your friends one, you could get the items from map or inventory editor and beat WoF.
This is extremely depressing... Me and friend been crazy into this game again now. Cloud save is impossible to load. You mean that reinstalling game can fix it? I can start other worlds and stuff without problems.
We have been playing actively for weeks. This happened today and i never reinstalled anything, i played fine without problems earlier today.
Well there goes weeks and hundred of hours of work down the toilet... I think i'll flush this game down too cause there is no way i have patience for that much work again on our expert large world. I will never, EVER use ANY kind of cloud feature EVER again.
Just so ******* depressing. I never alt+f4'ed even once either, never relocated the game, never reinstalled, just .... played ... and ... had fun.
There was a backup, but its several days old, and we've played non-stop 10-15 hours. So about 30-45 hours of work lost. The other save still isn't working. What makes zero sense is why you would implement such a flawed crap system in the game. Many others before me has gotten corrupted saves through cloud. You should scrap the whole cloud feature because it's horribly unreliable.
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