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Carbuncle 2.0 -- Chat Room & Game Server Host Platform | 30 minute/1 hour sessions with custom maps


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Dec. 14th, 2020
Dec. 30th, 2020
Dear Terrarians,

The Carbuncle master server has been put offline and there is nothing to connect to. While the download remains active, a new platform has been developed. Further news of this can be found over at the server hosting thread I have made: server hosting thread.



This has a been a long in-progress effort to enable free session-based hosting for quite a long time now. The first rendition of this was web based through an online form. Since then several iterations of versions of this was created from a website to Carbuncle version 1.0. Each successive effort was daunted by lack of functionality.


What this program does is provide a chat room with several chat features, a server information viewer, and a game server session hosting function that will host a map for [currently] a set amount of time. Included is a user submitted map feature, enabling custom map use for the session.


  • Chat room
    • /me /whisper and /ignore functions
  • Server information previewer
    • Shows how many players in the server, the server port for connecting to, and the name of the world map
  • Session server hosting
    • Up to 1 hour of hosting until the server is shut down
    • World map uploading for custom play
  • A generic list of TShock plugins to attach to a server instance
  • Method to acquire super admin code access for session

Currently only the client is available for download.

Download Version 2.0 hotfix LATEST


  • Carbuncle 2.0 hotfix.zip
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Currently I have no access to hardware to run the server program for the time being. This project may see resurgence next month. Again, if you'd like to request the server program and I will get back to you on that if you so desire.


Circle Prefect server hosting has given this program new purpose and now is the primary method through which servers can be run. The service is free for the month of January and has limited space. The forum thread can be found here: link.
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