Carbuncle 3, Server Lobby, Web-based .json Config Manager, and Server Terminal


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For those familiar with Carbuncle 1.0 (possibly nobody), it was a basic chat room and server hosting tool. Well now in version 2, it's the same thing, but not really.

Basically version 2 is a server lobby -- so it lists Terraria servers that are being hosted at the remote location -- and also a chat room with basic functions.


To register, all it takes is a unique username and a password of up to six characters, and no more. (A short password is forced to prevent complex passwords that you might use for other services. In other words, it's just a security measure.) If the username is truly unique, then the account will be registered, and all it takes to log in again is the same combination (yes it's case-sensitive).

Hosting (and how it works)

Hosting Terraria servers is up to the service host--whoever is running the remote server software. (There are no downloads to your PC or network in the form of files from the server software. Inversely, world files can be uploaded to the remote host to be run in configuration with your requested Terraria server.) Basically, input the requested information in the form, or rather user interface that is built into this program, and then after the server starts, you will be whispered the TShock admin code in the chat room.

Server Terminal

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Video guide

Server configuration manager


server manager:

Carbuncle 3 download (version 3a)
Use the download attached to this post below.​


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Currently I have no access to hardware to run the server program for the time being. This project may see resurgence next month. Again, if you'd like to request the server program and I will get back to you on that if you so desire.


Circle Prefect server hosting has given this program new purpose and now is the primary method through which servers can be run. The service is free for the month of January and has limited space. The forum thread can be found here: link.


There is an event going on with Carbuncle that is accommodating a tML mod. Based on the feedback of testers, Carbuncle will be updated to have services for both Vanilla (TShock) servers, and tML servers. We are looking for testers to try out the current release of Carbuncle--this test will last until Sept. 20th and then the public lobby will be shut down until further notice.

Server uptime has been extended to last up to one week
-- instead of one hour. It is also currently only hosting servers for tML partially to test world uploading. We are accepting tML mod requests to include in a list for future hosting endeavors.

# Carbuncle Lobby Client
version rc1 -> rc2
# Changed
- Lobby server list in the Connect tab now displays lobby name alongside IP

version rc2 -> rc3
# Added
- Moderator privilege
-> note: chat commands added for this purpose
- Connect tab's IP list refreshing
- In case of disconnect the login page is reloaded

# Fixed
- Case of a null chat message crash

version 2.0 rc3 -> 2.1 rc4
# Fixed
- Several connection crashes

# Changed
- UI overhaul of lobby
-> note: login UI has stayed the same
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April 5th

Woo another release.

From rc4 to rc5, this fixes usernames being limited to only lowercase after the login-registration combo.

Also hosting is back online for a little while, so if you'd like to host a small non-modded event, then this'll do the trick. Server space is limited though. If you'd like to be a chat moderator, reply here and you'll probably be accepted. I'd just need your Carbuncle login name in order to pass it to the moderator command.

The IP for the server is currently: "" Either manually enter it or use the automated button to get it. The "ip_server.ini" file that is auto-generated must have this IP address in the first line though.

Here is a webpage for managing your tShock server. While it does not have every configuration option available in the JSON server files, it has some general options. Any further server configuration can be done in-game via the tShock authorization code displayed when your server completes its startup.

click to go to the webpage
# 2.1 rc9 -> 2.1 rc10
## Added
-> Crash mitigation when sending a network message
## Change
-> Application error MessageBox re-enabled upon unhandled exceptions

# 2.1 rc8 -> 2.1 rc9
## Added
-> TShock auth code message upon server
-> Functionality with the web-based .json config editor
## Fixed
-> "!close" command now works and should update the server list

# 2.1 rc7 -> 2.1 rc8
## Fixed
-> Data array caused a crash with an updated server variable

# 2.1 rc6 -> 2.1 rc7
## Fixed
-> Port numbers in the server's list properly displays

# 2.1 rc5 -> 2.1 rc6
## Changed
-> Targeting .NET Framework 4.5 instead
-> Host can now shut down a server and then start another one
-> Serverside directories are not deleted
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The version 3 pre-release is now available. There is a new promotional <1 minute video. The lobby UI is under revision.

2.1 rc11 -> 3.0a
## Added
-> Gradient animation and lobby button visuals
-> Terminal drawing surface
-> SendTerminalMessage method
## Fixed
-> Terminal now has exit key

terminal input-output.png

Terminal example
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