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Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic


    Thanks to the support of our amazing community (you!), Terraria is a finalist for 2 Steam Awards! You can visit Steam to cast your vote today for The “Test of Time" AwardThis award is for the game that is just as good today as the day you first played it. Newer games may come out, but it doesn’t matter… you’ll always come back to play this one.

    Tomorrow at 10 AM PST, you can return to cast a second vote for The “Just 5 More Minutes” AwardYou have an early day tomorrow. You need to get some sleep, so you’re just going finish one more thing before you decide to tuck in for the night. Just one more. Wait, one more. What’s that you say? It’s 2:30 AM? This award is for the game that keeps you playing late.

    There are some great games nominated in both categories and we'd like to thank our awesome community for the nominations and votes! You guys really rock!

    Please share our Facebook and Twitter posts, and let everyone know there is only 1 day to vote for each category!
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  2. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Already voted!
    Let us hope Terraria wins both!
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  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Voted! :D
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  4. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Some tough competition! Just voted, but it definitely must feel like an honor for Terraria to go up against such famous games for this award!
  5. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

    Deserves both. I have only enjoyed Pokemon diamond more than terraria
  6. shobiwan77

    shobiwan77 King Slime

    Eh, sorry, I would've done Terraria for this one, but... AoE II is also up for it. Sorry, that game is way older than Terraria and still awesome. I will be voting on Terraria for tomorrow though.
  7. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Terraria has received my vote. Cheers to hoping it can defeat the AAA giants!
  8. zenmai

    zenmai Terrarian

    I voted for terraria!:passionate:
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  9. It's funny, i have 3/5 of the games nominated for this award, I like them all, but this actually IS the one game that keeps me coming back to it over and over again. That said, I know which game is getting my vote.
  10. Jonathan.

    Jonathan. Terrarian

    ...can ReLogic please stop 'begging' for thess awards? Twitter has been filled with tweets like "vote for Terraria" for days now, and I like to vote for the game that I actually think deserves some award the most, instead of wich game's devs ask it every hour of the day.
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  11. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    The voting system only allows one day to vote for each award and the titles nominated. The Twitter shares and posts are a reminder and a way to get the word out there to people who may not know/remember. Also IT IS REALLY COOL THAT WE ARE NOMINATED! For an indie title to be up there with an amazing title such as Skyrim, is a HUGE deal! So, yeah, we are pretty stoked about it. I paused Christmas dinner and made my mom create a Steam account and vote. Too far? Nope :) :) :)
  12. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Adding to that - we cannot control members of our community that feel the need to get the word out either...nor, quite frankly, would we want to. If people want to join in our excitement, who are we to kill their fun? :)

    As safeman noted, it's a simple reminder. Nothing more. No one is begging for anything. People will vote for whichever game they feel is most worthy. However, it being Xmas Eve / Xmas for our voting days, a few reminders hurt no one. That's all you have or will see on our end. ;)

    Also want to echo the amazing honor of seeing our tiny team up there against the behemoths of the industry. It's kinda cool, so pardon a bit of excitement on our end. ;)

    If any of that bothers anyone, our apologies - but we won't feel bad about sharing our excitement with our awesome community. :cool:
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  13. Everest

    Everest Mechanic

    If you want to vote for the game you think deserves it the most, do it. Just because someone tells you to do something doesn't force you into doing it.

    This also applies to basically everybody else. Just because the devs/community leaders say to vote for the game doesn't make people vote for it. The aforementioned people want to let people know that the vote is happening, and their audience is highly likely to vote for Terraria, so the best way to phrase that would be "go vote for Terraria."

    I, personally, hope that anyone voting for Terraria has some belief that the game deserves the award; I definitely do.
  14. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    I have played all five games nominated for the Test of Time award, and I could content myself by just simply saying that Terraria fits the description best (which I genuinely do), but you probably know me better than that.

    I would say that although all of these games are still as good as they were the first time, only two are decisively better now than they were back then, namely Civ V and Terraria. Civ V needed two rather expensive DLCs of features which, quite genuinely, should have been in the base game, to do that. Terraria started off with solid gameplay right off the bat, and somehow, over the course of five years, managed to improve on that gameplay while preserving the elegance of the existing mechanics and not bloating the game content-wise.

    But I'm not honouring you because you made the right design decisions. I'm honouring you because you decided to make those decisions at all. You could have left Terraria at any point over the last 5 years and you would have left a solid game. But you kept coming back, dedicated to make Terraria even better. And after five years of nurturing both the game and the community, and being up against four AAA companies, I think it's safe to say you have written Indie game history.

    I'm voting for Terraria because it's a great game, absolutely. But I'm mainly voting for Terraria because you guys and girls at Re-Logic really, really deserve that win.
  15. XT maximilien.gemini87

    XT maximilien.gemini87 Official Terrarian

    merry !! voted too!
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  16. Sanoth

    Sanoth Official Terrarian

    Of course voted for terraria! c:
    Merry Xmas :)
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  17. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    Consider my vote given!
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  18. Alamandra Vonn Pravus

    Alamandra Vonn Pravus Dungeon Spirit

    must vote must vote must vote
  19. OriyonOrigins

    OriyonOrigins Skeletron Prime

    I've been following this forum for about 2 years now but I've finally decided I wanted to make an account and be a more involved part of this amazing community. Terraria is the best game I have ever had the pleasure to play and I feel that it's only fair to vote for a game that has given me so much so that so many more people are able to discover and experience this game the way I and many others have already done.
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  20. SlashMaster27

    SlashMaster27 Terrarian

    wow tough compation like seriusly TF2 skyrim.Hope u win terraria!!!
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