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Wavebank Castlevania Wavebank (Sux Edition)



This Wavebank is a collection of music from the Castlevania Series
to give you a more Metroidvania-ish experience when playing Terraria.
The rule's are simple, if it's an official Game/Album/Remix endorsed by Konami it is allowed in this Wavebank and does count as part of the Castlevania Series in my book, for example remixes from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Castlevania Tribute albums and even the Akumajou Dracula Pachislot games are all allowed, some of course may not make it to the Wavebank even if allowed, I'm focusing on gathering all the great tunes from all of Castlevania for your listening pleasure.

This is my first Wavebank and post on the Terraria Forums, and with that it took a while to figure out how to make ceirtan songs loop the right way, since the way Terraria's songs loop are different I had to make a few adjustments to some songs so they'd loop right or loop the best way I could figure out, others I couldn't find out how to fix so I've made those longer so you won't have to hear the broken loops every minute.
Along with that, some songs will change from one version to another, so you'll get to hear to one of your favorite songs along with others versions of the same tune from different titles of the series to make things even more enjoyable.

/// Game List | Terraria :
  • IV | 1 Song
  • Sharp X68000 | 1 Song
  • Rondo of Blood | 4 Songs
  • Bloodlines | 2 Songs
  • Dracula X | 4 Songs
  • Symphony of the Night | 8 Songs
  • Circle of the Moon | 1 Song
  • Aria of Sorrow | 1 Song
  • Lament of Innocence | 1 Song
  • Dawn of Sorrow | 6 Songs
  • Curse of Darkness | 2 Songs
  • Portrait of Ruin | 2 Songs
  • The Dracula X Chronicles | 3 Songs
  • Order of Ecclesia | 4 Songs
  • Judgment | 2 Songs
  • The Adventure ReBirth | 2 Songs
  • Harmony of Despair | 3 Songs
  • Pachislot 2 | 1 Song
  • SSB. Ultimate | 5 Songs

/// Music List | Terraria :
  1. Night | Dracula's Castle (Symphony of the Night)
  2. Eerie | Bloody Tears (Dracula X & Dawn of Sorrow & IV & Symphony of the Night)
  3. Overworld Day | Vampire Killer (Dawn of Sorrow)
  4. Boss 1 | Lament to the Master (Order of Ecclesia)
  5. Title | Requiem (The Dracula X Chronicles)
  6. Jungle | Marble Gallery (Symphony of the Night)
  7. Corruption | Cross a Fear (Rondo of Blood)
  8. The Hallow | Opus 13 (Rondo of Blood)
  9. Underground Corruption | Heavenly Doorway (Symphony of the Night)
  10. Underground Hallow | Jaws of a Scorched Earth (Order of Ecclesia)
  11. Boss 2 | Into the Dark Night (Dawn of Sorrow)
  12. Underground | Beginning (Rondo of Blood & Dracula X)
  13. Boss 3 | Followers of Darkness (Curse of Darkness)
  14. Snow | Emerald Mist (Order of Ecclesia)
  15. Space | Lost Painting (Symphony of the Night)
  16. Crimson | The Tragic Prince (Symphony of the Night)
  17. Boss 4 | Dance of Illusions (Judgment)
  18. Alt Overworld Day | Vampire Killer (Sharp X68000)
  19. Rain (Music) | Crystal Teardrops (Symphony of the Night)
  20. Ice | Dracula's Tears (Dawn of Sorrow)
  21. Desert | Awake (Circle of the Moon & SSB. Ultimate)
  22. Ocean | Dance of Pales (Symphony of the Night)
  23. Dungeon | Subterranean Hell (Dawn of Sorrow)
  24. Plantera | Mad Forest (Judgement)
  25. Boss 5 | Dancing in Phantasmic Hell (Dracula X)
  26. Temple | Aquarius (The Adventure ReBirth & Harmony of Despair & SSB. Ultimate)
  27. Eclipse | Invitation of a Crazed Moon (Portrait of Ruin & Harmony of Despair)
  28. Rain (Sound Effect)
  29. Mushrooms | Underground Reservoir (Aria of Sorrow)
  30. Pumpkin Moon | Divine Bloodlines (Dracula X & Pachislot 2 & SSB. Ultimate)
  31. Alt Underground | Platinum Moonlight (Dawn of Sorrow)
  32. Frost Moon | Abandoned Castle (Curse of Darkness)
  33. Underground Crimson | Den (Rondo of Blood)
  34. Lunar Towers | Out of Time (SSB. Ultimate)
  35. Pirate Invasion | Sorrow's Distortion (Order of Ecclesia)
  36. Hell | Lament of Innocence (Lament of Innocence)
  37. Martian Madness | Moon Fight (The Dracula X Chronicles)
  38. Moon Lord | Heart of Fire (Harmony of Despair)
  39. Goblin Army | Reincarnated Soul (The Adventure ReBirth & Bloodlines)
  40. Sandstorm | Slash (The Dracula X Chronicles)
  41. Old One's Army | Iron-Blue Intention (Portrait of Ruin & Bloodlines & SSB. Ultimate)

| Dropbox Link | Mega.nz Link |

I'll continue updating the Wavebank when new Terraria Updates come, if you have any cool ideas to add to this let me know.
- SuxMenner
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Thanks for this, I am a fan of Castlevania franchise, so many memories!

PD: What do you mean about how the Terraria loops works? I want to make my own but find to loop the tracks dificult, and if you say that... Now I am more confused about it.
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