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Wavebank Castlevania Wavebank

Decimating DJ

Here is a wavebank I put together using songs from a few Castlevania games. Originally I made it for private use, but why keep it for myself.

The songs are taken from the OSTs for Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia, Dracula X Chronicles, and Harmony of Despair.

After the song name, there will be 3 letters to indicate what game it is from
(RoB) = Rondo of Blood
(SotN) = Symphony of the Night
(DoS) = Dawn of Sorrow
(PoR) = Portrait of Ruin
(OoE) = Order of Ecclesia
(DXC) = Dracula X Chronicles
(HoD) = Harmony of Despair

1. Night - Invitation of a Crazed Moon (PoR)
2. Eerie - An Empty Tome (OoE)
3. Daytime Theme #1 - Vampire Killer (DoS)
4. Boss 1 - Poison Mind (DXC)
5. Title theme - Maria Samba (RoB)
6. Jungle Surface Day - Wandering Ghosts (SotN)
7. Corruption - Door Of Holy Spirits (SotN)
8. Hallow - Cross Your Heart (RoB)
9. Underground Corruption - The Door to the Abyss (SotN)
10. Underground Hallow - Unholy Vespers (OoE)
11. Boss 2 - The Horde's Festival (HoD)
12. Underground Theme #1 - Beginning (RoB)
13. Boss 3 - Into The Dark Night (DoS)
14. Snow - Subterranean Hell (DoS)
15. Space Night - The Gears Go Awry (PoR)
16. Crimson - Rhapsody of the Forsaken (OoE)
17. Boss 4 - Lament to the Master (OoE)
18. Daytime Theme #2 - Simon's Theme (PoR)
19. Rain (Music) - Emerald Mist (OoE)
20. Ice Underground - The Lost Portrait (HoD)
21. Desert - Marble Gallery (SotN)
22. Ocean Day- Dracula's Tears (DoS)
23. Dungeon - Den (RoB)
24. Plantera - Nothing To Lose (HoD)
25. Boss5 - Piercing Silence (HoD)
26. Jungle Temple - The Tragic Prince (SotN)
27. Eclipse - Ebony Wings (OoE)
28. Rain Sound Effect
29. Mushroom Forest - Wandering The Crystal Blue (OoE)
30. Pumpkin Moon - Heart Of Fire/Don't Wait Until Night (HoD)
31. Underground Theme #2 - Underground Melodies (DoS)
32. Frost Moon - Divine Bloodlines (DXC)
33. Underground Crimson - Dark Holy Road (OoE)
34. Lunar Pillars - Piercing Battle Fury (HoD)
35. Pirates - Sorrow's Distortion (OoE)
36. Hell - The Abyss (DoS)
37. Martians - Rainbow Cemetery (SotN)
38. Moon Lord - Dance of Illusions (RoB)
39. Goblins - Chamber of Ruin (OoE)
40. Sandstorm - In Search of the Secret Spell (PoR)
41. Old One's Army - Go! Getsu Fuhma (HoD)
42. Space Day - The Pinnacle (DoS)
43. Ocean Night - Picture of a Ghost Ship (RoB)
44. Windy Day - Cross a Fear (RoB)
45. Wind Ambience
46. Town Day - Dracula's Castle (SotN)
47. Town Night - A Small Prayer (PoR)
48. Slime Rain - Tower of Dolls (OoE)
49. Winning Track - Simon's Theme (HoD)
50. Intro Theme - Stage Clear (RoB)
51. Journey's End Title - Tractus (HoD)
52. Storm - Bloody Tears (DoS)
53. Graveyard - Condemned Tower (DoS)
54. Underground Jungle - The Hidden Curse (HoD)
55. Surface Jungle Night - Platinum Moonlight (DoS)
56. Queen Slime - Dissonant Courage (OoE)
57. Empress of Light - Dance of Sadness (PoR)
58. Duke Fishron - Scarlet Battle Soul (DoS)
59. Morning Rain - Opus 13 (RoB)
60. Console Title - Original Scenery of Amber (DoS)
61. Underground Desert - Hail from the Past (HoD)

Also replaced the Otherworld songs with some older castlevania tunes

Here's the download link

Castlevania Wavebank 1.4.zip

Edit: added Youtube Links
Edit May 22nd 2020: Updated to 1.4
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First wave bank I've downloaded. Nice. Got to say, super glad I found Marble Gallery in the list.


It's cool to see someone made a Castlevania Wavebank.
I find some choices peculiar though. For example why use Marble Gallery for the desert instead of Hail from the Past?
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