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    Mightaswell start a castlevania thread.So anyway whats the best/worst castlevania game.

    i might say the symphony game was pretty good on the ps1.The Worst honestly could be the sega saturn.Im serious about how bad it is.Even trying to play it is near impossible just because of framerate drops bad sprites and unappealing controls.I forgot to mention the worst of all.They have really bad graphics.Good thing they added maria back in in the dxc edition.
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    The favorite one I've played beginning to end (which is only Metroidvania ones) is probably Portrait of Ruin on DS. The characters were pretty cool, the bosses were cool, there were a bunch of pretty different locales to explore due to the portrait worlds, ties Bloodlines into the canon, and has an awesome final boss fight. (I'm not spoiling it. Go look it up if you wanna know why.)

    Don't really have a worst. I usually enjoy myself pretty nicely. I guess if I had to pick one, Harmony of Dissonance. I still had fun with it, but there were some annoying aspects such as no really good warp system. ...Actually, that's really the only beef with it I can think of. I mean, how can you hate a game where the protagonist decides it'd be a splendid idea to furnish a room in Dracula's Castle when he knows damn well he's gonna be taking it down anyway?
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    If I had to pick a worst Castlevania, I would probably go with Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. I am admittedly hesitant, simply cause it looks more of the case that the game's concept came out ahead of time rather than simply being badly designed. Course that still doesn't help with the weak "bosses" and the broken dialog that practically made playing the game without a guide nearly impossible. Grinding for hearts and experience was a pain too.

    As for the best, possibly be a tie between Aria/Dawn of Sorrow. Both games do have the soul catching mechanic, which makes for some interesting uses for picking particular soul combinations as well as for solving certain puzzles or defeating particular enemies.

    And as for a guilty pleasure: I did honestly like Castlevania Judgement for the Wii. The game does have a lot of problems: such as balance issues with particular moves and characters, items being unbalance, some stage traps are more annoyance than actual challenge, and the designs being hit or miss(Cornell looks AWESOME, but Maria is like....what were they thinking? Her design is just bad.).
    The game does feature an impressive soundtrack, at least. Not to mention it being a fighting game was an interesting spin on the series, unfortunately not good enough. As much as I do like the game, I would be much more likely to call it the worst Castlevania game. *But seriously, if you get the chance, listen to some of it's soundtrack, it's really good!*
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    I've only really played the first one, Circle of the Moon and Legacy of Darkness... I liked Circle of the Moon the best out of those 3, the mixing of the cards to get different special abilities was fun.
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    I haven't played them all. I liked Curse of Darkness.