1. sonocito

    sonocito Terrarian

    You could put in the world cementeries and in the stones a description like "Here is rosselia the Druid RIP" and when you read that spirits appear from the dirt to fight if you win, they give you a special item or money.
    *Sorry if the writing its not good , am not good with the english.:happy:
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  2. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Eye of Cthulhu

    Not a bad idea.
  3. KirbyKidGaming

    KirbyKidGaming Terrarian

    Thats a good Idea actually. Some Ideas from my side are
    Guide: 30-50 S-coins/Guid's Voodoo Doll
    Merchant: 70 S-coins - 1 G-coin/ Random Merchant Item (Sickle, Piggy bank etc...)
    Nurse: 60-70 S-coins/ 2-5 Healing potions

    And as the text on such Gravestones would fit more like
    "Here lies 'Name' the 'Role' "

    "Revive spirite" "Leave"
  4. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    eeh...probably just leave a tomestone like the players saying "Jame the Druid died by --" something there, maybe special tomestone of their ways and name still be place on them. I don't think mining tomestone would get you anything, pretty much they would of drop items down on the ground there, but it wouldn't be fair or either worth collecting junk that you already have which poorly it be, but the tomestone shouldn't worth anything so it should be unsellable.