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    I have noticed that there are no non-slime land monsters in the corruption. I would like to fix this with the Centicore. Also known as the Yale, this creature is a lot like a unicorn except it has two horns that alternate back and forth. Its Stats would be as follows. For some reason the transparency won't work.


    • AI: Unicorn AI
    • Health: 450
    • Defense: 10
    • Speed: fast
    • Melee: 72
    • Knockback Resistance: 80%
    • Environment: Corruption
    • Drops:
    • Coins: 15 Silver Coins
    • Item:
    • Centicore Horn 2………………………………………………..100%
    • Rotten Chunk…………………………………………..100%
    • The centicore is the corruption version of the unicorn. It would look like a brown unicorn with two alternating horns on the head and having warthog tusk. They would be a night creature and would not stay in the corruption but walk around. They would head towards your house, and destroy NPCs on the way.
    • upload_2015-1-20_18-26-21.png The Centicore Horn would be able to craft the Sword of Corruption which requires 10 Centicore horns, 10 souls of dark, and 50 rotten chunks. The sword would have 47 melee damage and would summon the shape of any corruption monster for 5 seconds dealing however much damage they would normally cause cut in half. It would have a slow speed and have a knockback of 7.5 Average. It could be sold for 5 gold coins.
    • The horns can also be used in crafting a new arrow called corruption arrow. When shot, it will transform into a Devourer and mould then explode into little eaters. You would need 10 Centicore horns and 25 Spectral Arrows to craft 10 Corruption Arrows.
    • It would also be an ingredient in a new summoning staff. This would be forged with 20 Centicore horns, 70 Rotten chunks, and 10 Souls of Dark. It would summon a Centicore to fight for you.
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    Corruption is rot , this mob kinda doesn't fit the whole "theme" behind it , every monster is either a slime or a weird rot monster , this is just a monster.
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    I am going to re-sprite it, make it more Corruption fitting
  4. Be sure to mention that it's hardmode only, because in Pre-Hardmode it would wreck anyone in the corruption easily (depending on gear). It would probably be best that way, to stop new players being easily killed.
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    So if you have corruption at one end of your world, and you might be afk farming on the opposite side of the world, the centicore would come to you, and be spreading corruption the whole way there, and also butchering your NPCs. I really don't want that happening to me, and I'm sure plenty of other people don't want that happening to them either.
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    Spreading the corruption as they walk AND killing NPCs?

    sorry, nope.
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    Don't see why one corruption mob should get all this gear attached to it. Also, spreading corruption as it walks is a really bad idea. The Corruptor's corrupting spit was removed for a reason.