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Xbox One Certain Xbox One friend Cant Join


I have been playing xbox one terraria with 2 of my friends for the last 2 weeks and the other day one of my friends stopped being able to connect to my world. We have both tried deleting and re downloading the game, my other friend can still connect just fine. We have tried changing profile setting, making new worlds and characters, deleting and installing the game, looking at internet options. We have no problem with other online games (Minecraft, GTA Online, and others)

Any advice would be appreciated.

On his end it just says “a network error has occured” every time he tries to join, as I said my other friend can join just fine and has no issues. I don’t think its a internet issue because we can play more demanding games such as Minecraft or GTA online just fine.

Any help is appreciated


12/17/20 We are still having this issue he has redownloaded the game, changed his NAT type, bought it (before he was game sharing) and we still cant have him join.
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