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tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod


Seeing how long he has been absent now and just going by my general feeling, I don't think he'd be upset if someone ports it and properly credits him and leaves it at that but just out of principle I'd personally feel hesitant to touch his creation in this way. It seems like he doesn't really care about it anymore but still, would feel weird to just go ahead with this without him knowing.


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I wonder too...
Chad'sFurni is one of my favorite mods, and I certainly would like to see it ported. although it's not the only old mod mod I would like to see ported, where it seems the initial creator does not cares about it anymore.

Can you code? Can you help with porting it? If you can, or you know someone who knows and is interested, we can give it a try.
thinking more, worst case scenario, the mod would just get deleted from the mod browser, but it still could exist as an "unofficial" ported version which can be used.
hopefully it would not come with more severe punishment than that, such as having all your uploaded mods deleted, or forum ban or anything like that.

or we can try to ask around more first, such as asking mods and devs for their opinion on the topic. shall we try pinging some?
I would suppose that at some point we'd have to wonder whether or not the author would have specifically barred anyone from using or recreating their intellectual property without permission or not.

Sometimes it's just an afterthought that they would've never left specific instructions for or against it. Sometimes people just want to contribute something to the community, and all of their efforts go into the creation of the mod, rather than even thinking to touch upon the legalities and whatnot.

So, for all we know, Sir Chad is all for the releasing of his items for the benefit of the public. I didn't see anything specifically demanding his stuff be credited if used, so maybe he's fine with it?

tl;dr - Which direction are we more inclined to lean in: He wants it locked down, or he wants it released or recreated publicly.
Yeah that's the key question here. Atleast in Dark Assassin's case he specifically says on his about page to not decompile, recompile, or otherwise alter his mods without his permission.

Neither Chad nor LuiAFK expected their mods to live past their own time and thus made no contingency plans. But they have, and now it's up to us what we should do with them.
EDIT: @Sora_92 I think your a worthy successor to take over this mod imo, your Wacky NPCs made is great and shows your just as able as Chad was. Atleast, from a sprite side.
Edit #2: >>Terrarian<< yeah I think he'd want his work to live on too.

I'm likely being a massive hypocrite given how much I bashed 1.4 LuiAFK... But I guess I was just salty over that mod, not it being ported.
Edit #3: @Sora_92 If SGAmod is anything to go by, I can code on-par with some people in Starlight River's team, however my experience with 1.4 is limited at best, and tiles are already my weak point.

I assume Chad's won't require too much coding knowledge to port and manage, but it's outside my comfort zone...
Actually, ask @Rijam about it, guy's the best runner up I had and he has plenty of experience in this kind of thing, he can back you up spritewise too.

And as for the mod getting removed, I'd say your probably safe, they never removed Mining Crack's 1.4 port of LuiAFK, after all.
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thank you for your compliments~
that being said, I think what we need here first is not spriting skills, but coding skills to port it.
I can try to tinker with it, but without an actual coder, I probably can't port it.

so, let's try to make a team, of people who are interested in porting this - and maybe some other cool older mods - and let's see what we can do.
if we keep these mods as-is (besides the porting itself) though, again, I think it's people coding skill we need the most. since it's not like there's any sprites to make for these, because they already have plenty. and expanding upon it would be complicated without, again, the initial creator's permission.

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Haven't checked on tMod in a hot minute so excuse my ignorance. Is the creator of Chad's dead? What's the reasoning behind him not porting and or updating it to 1.4?
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