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PC Chameleon Stone


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Chameleon Stone
  • Effect- While equipped, if you stand still for 5 seconds, you will blend into your surroundings and BECOME the environment around you based on what biome you're in(Desert=Cacti, Snow=Shiverthorns, Purity=Dayblooms, Mushrooms, Jungle=Moonblossoms, etc.)
  • You also can't attack(Minions included) or regenerate at all while cloaked(moving disables cloak)
  • You can't be damaged or touched while cloaked
  • Rarity- -11 (Rainbow)
  • How to Obtain?- 50/50 chance from Expert Plantera with Spore Sac as other possibility
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This sounds interesting. I feel like it would be too powerful for summoners, though, assuming minions still are capable of attacking. Though, if that function is taken away, I'm unsure of the practicalities of the item. The sprite looks really pretty, though.


I don't think being able to regen life would be broken, especially if taking damage resets the timer for it to activate. Plus if you can't do anything at all while camouflaged, then what's the point?
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