Character and World (Unknown Error)


I haven't played terraria for a few days but when i came back and fired it up, my character and world file said (unknown error) in the name, is it because I installed tmodloader?


I'm also having this issue, and I'm not sure why but I'm looking to figure out how to fix it now. I also have tModLoader installed, but the game worked fine until I relaunched it a couple of hours later.

EDIT: I tried validating the game files, but that didn't work; however, I found that you can download your cloud files individually here and put them in your Documents/My Games/Terraria directory. I still have the corrupted versions of the characters, and I can't seem to delete them. I hope someone knows a fix for this.
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Hello , i had the same problem today and i had tmodloader installed and i deleted it fixed the problem idk why but tmodloader probably messes up the save files.
and BTW my tmodloader save files were corrupted to.


Not just tmodloader people are havin this issue, im playing vanilla and this happened to me after logging off two hours after the original post was made


Sorry I’m a bit late. If you’re on tModLoader, go to your files explorer and find the “This PC” tab. Then go to the search bar and enter “tModLoader” (caps don’t matter). There should be a folder named that. Click on it and there should be many other folders. Find the one called “Players”. If your player is corrupted, go to the ‘Backups’ folder and find the most recent one (should be near the bottom). Unzip it and copy the files into the ‘Players’ folder. If it asks you, choose the “Replace all Files” option. Then it should be fixed. For worlds it’s the same except you go to the ‘Worlds’ folder. Vanilla should be the same, except instead of “tModLoader” you just search “Terraria”. Hope this helps ;)

tl;dr: go to files, search for tModloader in the ‘This PC’ tab. go to the folder with the same name and go to players. go to backup and unzip the files. copy and replace those files into your ‘Players’ folder. it should be good. worlds are the same and so is vanilla.
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