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Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by tec, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. tec

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    It may not happen often to you, but occasionally, I'll leave terraria running if I go to the toilet/eat etc. And, occasionally, specific event can happen when I'm away. The annoying thing is, if there's no obvious indications of the events occurring, how do I know they happened?

    Obviously, on Multiplayer there's a chat log. The chat log contains player messages and information, along with information of events, such as "A meteorite has landed" etc. In single player, if I go for a few minutes and a meteorite lands the only way I'll know is if I stumble across it. So please add a chat log so I can see when one lands!

    TL;DR - Add chat log in SP to see information such as events etc.
  2. NinjaPenguinMime

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    That would be a cool feature, it would be very helpful.
  3. Cenx

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    Yoraiz0r requested this not too long ago, it is a change you can expect to be made. :)
  4. Awordley

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    I'm used to pressing enter to see the event messages again in multiplayer, so I do it often in single player which leads to disappointment. ;(
    This is definitely useful, for example to refresh your mind on which side the Goblin's or Pirates's are going to invade from. I'm glad that it will probably be added!
  5. Definitely one thing I noticed immediately in Terraria Avalon that definitely needs to be in the main game. Useful for a large number of things, including something as simple as checking previous events.

    Also, timestamps in chat would be fantastic.