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I feel like chests are the simplest things in Terraria, so I got a really cool idea to make them more useful.
The chests would have 2 or 3 extra slots which you can place "chest modifiers" in. These are special items, that give extra uses to a chest

-Data Transmitter: When you place this item and the chest receives a power signal, items will be sent to another chest. You can set up the modifier to take all the items, an item in a certain slot, or multiple slots. For instance, you can choose slots 3,5, and 10.

-Data Receiver: When you connect a chest with a transmitter to a chest with this, the chest with the receiver will receive the items. You can also set up this modifier to take certain items. This can be very useful to send items to more than one chest, which will help organising. Also, for example if you set the receiver to receive slots 2,5, and 10 it will take slots 5 and 10, but will ignore the 2 because in my previous example we didn't set the transmitter to send 2. Now, since we set 3 to be sent but it has nowhere to go, it will remain in the original chest .

Item Reader: This modifier has 4 options, making it the most complicated one. First you have to choose whether you want a signal to be sent when you place or take out an item. Secondly, you choose whether the signal is constant or just one line (don't know how to explain). The third option is the slots that this is activated on. It is set on "All" by default. The Final option is the item. You can choose which item(s) activate the signal, and which don't. This is useful to make puzzles, or maybe a key to a secret base.

Chest Latch: This modifier allows you to make a pin/password for your chest. It is helpful as you can store your most valuable items in multiplayer without worrying about theft.

Letter: This isn't a chest modifier, but it'd still be really cool. It can be used to write notes, a welcome letter to your guests, or maybe you want to send it to someone using your Data Transmitter.

I really hope these ideas get implemented, and especially on console, because that's the only version of Terraria I have. What do you think?
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