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Chinese translation mistakes and bugs


I personally don't know any Chinese, but the Etherian Goblin Banner would probably use a different word that the Eternia Crystal. Just pointing that out. :p
My fault not noticing the difference.
But still, I think the "天国" means heaven and has no relationship to the Etherian, maybe it could be translate to something related to 乙太(ether) then.


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Is there any feedback on the new font we've changed to? Even if its not ideal, the goal was at least for an improvement; would be good to know if its been an upgrade in that regard.


Is there any feedback on the new font we've changed to? Even if its not ideal, the goal was at least for an improvement; would be good to know if its been an upgrade in that regard.
Sorry for the late feedback. The text looks perfect, pretty much better than previous jagged font. There is no difficulty in reading it. Both readability and aesthetic have been accomplished.;)


Is there any feedback on the new font we've changed to? Even if its not ideal, the goal was at least for an improvement; would be good to know if its been an upgrade in that regard.
I found a translation mistake here, I was using a controller to type my new character name, the "Space" has 2 definition in Chinese, one is 太空(the mistaken one) and 空格(the correct one). You should change it from "太空" to "空格". ;)



My English is poor, so I can only say simply. I have already played this game for 881 hours in English. Right now the quality of Chinese translation is not stable. Some of it are really good while the improper ones are not rare(especially in weapons).
1.Equipped in social slot装备在社交栏
"社交" is similar to "getting along with other people". It's the most frequently used meaning of "social", but it doesn't match the context. Meanwhile, "social accessory" is translated into "装扮配饰". It's really proper.
suggestion: 装备在装扮栏
2.Mechanical Cart机械货车
货车=truck, 矿车=minecart
suggestion: 机械矿车
灵=spiritual, 液=liquid. In Chinese, "灵"sounds holy.
suggestion: 脓血(similar to corrupted blood)
4.Loot all强夺全部
补=supply, "货" is a noun, similar to "goods". "补货" is usually used in transport industry.
"幌菊" is one specific kind of flower. It's almost always used in professional field. When a normal Chinese sees this word, he/she just knows it's a kind of flower.
波浪=wave, 叶=leaf
7.Sunplate Block日盘块, Disc Wall飞盘墙
"飞盘" is not proper to describe a block. Its meaning only matches the item "Light Disc".
8.Music Box(Old One's Army)音乐盒(撒旦军队)
In other music box items, music box=八音盒 while this item called "音乐盒". The two words have similar meaning but I prefer the latter.
撒旦=Satan. It's not proper.
suggestion:音乐盒(旧日军队)and change other music boxes into "音乐盒" or just change this into 八音盒(撒旦军队)
"旧日" can describe something with a long history
9.all Trapped Chests 受困的...
受困=being stuck in somewhere.
10.Green Horseshoe Balloon 绿马蹄气球 Pink Horseshoe Balloon 粉马蹄气球
In other horseshoe balloons' names, Horseshoe=马掌, while these two are 马蹄.
suggestion:绿马掌气球 粉马掌气球
邪=evil, 眼=eye. It doesn't match the word Nazar.
12.Philosopher's Stone点金石
点金=turn something into gold
13.Night Owl Potion夜猫子药水
夜猫子=someone who always stays up late
14.Duke Fishron猪鱼龙公爵
猪=pig, 鱼=fish, 龙=dragon
It's really strange to put these three words together directly. Before the Chinese translation releases, Chinese players are conditioned to calling it "猪鲨公爵"
15.Excalibur断钢剑 True Excalibur原版断钢剑
断钢=breaking steel 原版=original
suggestion:神圣剑 真神圣剑
16.Sturdy Fossil坚硬头盔
17.Lightning: Color/White照明:颜色/白
"照明" is just used as equipments which give off light. "颜色" is usually used as a noun, it's improper in this place.
控件=euipments which is used to control

Other improper translation:
1.Music Box(The Towers)八音盒(神塔)
神=godly, 塔=tower, but doesn't have "pillar" meaning at all. Players can't relate this music box to the event.
2."block" is translated into "图块" "块" "图格" in different places. Personally I suggest using "物块".
3.Papyrus Scarab甲虫莎草纸
It's directly translation
憎恶之蜂=the hate of bees
常=always 绿=green 尖叫=scream 怪=monster
6.Chain Guillotines铁链血滴子
血滴子=drop of blood
7.Exotic Scimitar外星弯刀
外星=from out of Earth
8.A lot of yoyos are translated by pronunciation and their names seem really strange.
9.Leaf Blower吹叶机
机=machine. It's not proper for a magic weapon.
10.Razorblade Typhoon利刃台风 Razorpine剃刀松 The Bee's Knees蜂膝弓
It's direct translation of single words.
11.Venus Magnum维纳斯万能枪
万能=can do many things
12.Storm Effect暴风雨影响
影响=influence 暴风雨=rainstorm. "暴风雨" means only rainstorm but this setting has effect on blizzard and sandstorm.

I have a poor English so please excuse me.
At the same time, I think the true night edge should be translated as“真·永夜之刃”,too. And the Excalibur can be translated as “断钢剑” ,because there is a tale about the King Arther,and in the tale, the word excalibur is translated as 断钢剑,斩铁剑or胜利契约之剑
[doublepost=1549642758,1549642361][/doublepost]I think sometimes you can put the character “之” into the names.This character's meaning is like the word "of", but the difference is that for example if you wanna say "the A of B" in Chinese, you should say“B之A”. The character “之” can made a name cooler.
Not only a name with the word "of" can be translated with the character.For example, the terra blade can be also translated as “泰拉之刃” rather than “泰拉刃”.
I speak bad English. I'm sorry for this. I hope you can understand what I meant. Thanks for your reading.


In the Red set, the word "red" is translated as “瑞德”,which sounds like a person's name, but in the Red potion, "red" is translated as “红”, which means the color red. I think in the potion's name, the word should be translated as “瑞德”, too.


All based on

English: Phantasm Dragon
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 幻影弓龙
Correct Chinese translation: 幻影龙
Note: the current Chinese translation means "Phantasm Bow Dragon".
English: Plantera's Bulb
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 世纪之花灯泡
Correct Chinese translation: 世纪之花球茎
JSON index: GameUI.DepthLevel
English: Level
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 级别
Correct Chinese translation: 水平面
JSON index: GameUI.Clear
English: Clear
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 清除
Correct Chinese translation: 晴朗
Note: There is another entity (CLI.Clear.Command) is "Clear", for that entity, Chinese translation should be "清除".
JSON index: ItemName.Bar
English: Bar
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 锭
Correct Chinese translation: 吧台
JSON index: ItemName.Aglet
English: Bar
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 金属带扣
Correct Chinese translation: 鞋带扣
JSON index: ItemName.StardustSmallCellBanner
English: Small Star Cell Banner
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 小星细胞法杖旗
Correct Chinese translation: 小星细胞旗
JSON index: ItemName.StardustLargeCellBanner
English: Star Cell Banner
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 星细胞法杖旗
Correct Chinese translation: 星细胞旗
JSON index: ItemTooltip.MonkStaffT3
English: <right> while holding for an alternate attack!
Currently in-game Chinese translation: <Right>握持时则可交替展开攻击!
Correct Chinese translation: 握持时<Right>可展开另一种攻击!
JSON index: NPCName.GrayGrunt
English: Gray Grunt
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 灰咕噜兽旗
Correct Chinese translation: 灰咕噜兽
JSON index: NPCName.CrimsonBunny
English: Crimtane Bunny
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 猩红矿兔兔
Correct Chinese translation: 猩红兔兔
JSON index: NPCName.CrimsonGoldfish
English: Crimtane Goldfish
Currently in-game Chinese translation: 猩红矿金鱼
Correct Chinese translation: 猩红金鱼
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