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IC Chronicles of Pokémon: W.A.R.P.E.D. [IC]

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Narrator said:

$%&BR#TV %alk-d th- stre-ts, g*ing to &iddl- ^#AERR... Whil- using |*_ ph*n- to c#at *n <{+ &^~!#@. #1N04 was %alki[g wi]h %$*. 0x00053ce3 m-a[whi|e was i[ %*&^# d*i[g s*m- %*&^#^e#-

C:\> _
I was just returning home from the night wasted on the volunteering. man, I felt so drowsy, I didn't even know why I did that in first place. Most possibly the will to earn money, but the problem is - there's no good wage I could get just by volunteering. Moreover, it doesn't pay me anything! But I didn't want to break into home for no reason - I was both reluctant against doing exactly that, and I worried that it'd land me in jail for exactly doing that. Wait, backstop, I could even end up deported. Sighing, I sat at a bench. It wasn't necessarily the great view, given on how polluted was this city, but the sub-urban areas were much better managed by some chance. Hell, they even have gardens there, too! Maybe I could just knock into some door... no, I lack confidence on that.


Eye of Cthulhu
"hey, schroeder, I need you to come back to the office and look over something for me"
"ok, give me a second. i just got home."
I hangup the call, change into my work uniform, and then walk out the front door of my house, and lock the door.


"Ready! Set! ACTION!"
"Robert, please! Come back! I didn't me-"
"I've had enough of our love life, Grace. We're done for."
"Why must it end like this? I just lost everything I cared for in my life!"
"And cut! That's nice, Cynthia!"
"Expect no less from me, Mr. Director. Robert did a nice job too."

And so, that's how Cynthia lived her life. Working as a very famous actress in several hit-making movies. Her beauty, voice and talent has made countless others jealous of her, yet fans or her too. After a whole day of acting, she drives her Ferrari back home. She opens her mansion's majestic doors, her every step feeling heavier and heavier... Her vision getting darker and darker until eventu-

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Well, nothing feels nice than a breeze of fresh air. Maybe I've been a bit stranded, but whatever, seems like nothing wrong will happen. I hope so. Well, but then I heard... something?
- Hey, Fares! There'll be a hurricane hitting soon really!
- Wait, where- AGNES, you little prankster! I told you not to prank me while I'm walking the street - a car would've hit us both!
Okay? That was definitely normal thing the world lived with. The friendship. I know I had almost no friends, but still, I have no better ideas. Well, I don't have an idea where they are, or what would they do. Yeah, no. I waited...
- Wait! There's someone there!
- Can't we just ignore him? God, your attitude will make you mugged at some point in the future!
- But- I met Felix too, and he was good friend!
- Well, what if one of them turns to be a thief? A murderer. Think about that.
Okay, now I froze. This probably was the situation where I couldn't really tell anything. Not even the slightest details.


Eye of Cthulhu
I get into my car, and drive to my office. I turn on my radio, which is always set to a news channel
<<now, in other news, network security company "entech" just announced its newest product: "ensec". entech CEO Ma[STATIC] ...states that he publicly challenges the entire hacking community to try and compromise this new line of cybersecurity->>
I turn the radio off, and drive the rest of the way to my office in silence.


"Ugh... What happened?"
Cynthia struggles to stand up. She eventually stands up and starts walking to her bedroom. She takes a look at her mirror. She's still wearing her dress from yesterday, only ripped due to claws that exposes a bit of her midriff and a small cleavage. There are claw marks on her arms and body that seemed to bleed.
"So I guess I fainted yesterday? Or maybe I got possessed? No, that doesn't make sense. Nah, probably a cat snuck in when I slept on the floor due to exhaustion from acting. Yeah, sounds about right."
She takes of her clothes, steps into the shower and takes a bath. After that, she takes some bandages and patches her wounds. She notices that her wounds are blue-colored.
"Probably just caused by blunt impact, who cares about that, eh?"

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
I really was standing like a pillar right now, and I could see two shapes - a girl and a boy - probably in their teenage or early adulthood - it isn't that easy to tell from the distance. And even harder if I didn't know these yet.
- Uh, hello, whoever are you? - She had been greeting... me? I don't know, but I wanted to do the same... after some troubles, I managed to get something akin to that.
- Greetings! Uhh... - Yeah, and they tell there's no better speaker than me. Maybe in isolation, but in group I'm just too stressed. I couldn't even ask anything.
- We're going into school. I have an art to return. Let me show it. Is it good? - He seems to have pulled the poster of the soldier. It was honestly... nice one.
- Y...yes. It is. - I only coughed out a short response. And he seemed to be happy, but also worried.
- Uh, did you get lost? Or are you even schooled?
I shaked my head in disagreement. Yeah, I was far away from my school, there's no way I'd get taught over internet.
- Ah, I see... in this case, just walk with us. The school is actually nearby.
Well, an offer I couldn't refuse. But I wasn't brave enough to refuse it. So naturally I followed them by the streets.


Cynthia goes down to her kitchen by jumping from the 2nd floor.
"What wrong with I? Uhh, something's really wrong with me."
She opens her fridge, drinks something from a 1 Liter bottle labeled 'Health Drink' and eats an apple.
"Ah... Cynthia gooder. Jeez, I better see a doctor or something. I feel dumber than before."


Eye of Cthulhu
I pull up to the parking lot of my office. I stop my car, get out, and lock it. I then walk into my office
"I'm here. you needed me to look over something?"
"yea, one of your coworkers seems to have made a mistake. i need you to correct it"
I sigh "which files do you need me to look over?"
"these" my boss hands me a folder. its... pretty big.
I take the folder, and walk to my desk

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Well, the school wasn't that big as I expected. Barely two floors high, and a bit of damaged walls littering it. It certainly wasn't pleasant. But I guess that's where they are taught... well, they are a bit unlucky with that, I guess... ah man, I would've wished they'd have a better conditions there, since in mine the walls were literally freshly made. Seems like infrastructure was a bit crumbly. I didn't notice the rings. I just waited there, on a bench, contemplating about the state I'm currently in. It certainly could be worse, but well. Guess, that I'm waiting for them. The classes doesn't even feel familiar to me.

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
Well, that should be enough for the week. On the way back from the store much didn't happen. Of course there were occasional comments about the missing eye, but they weren't really a problem. I just started unpacking the stuff from the store, putting things in the fridge and all that. Should've probably gotten some food on the way back. Actually, just gonna order a pizza or something. I sit down and proceed to order a pizza. Now just wait for the food to arrive.

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Some time I had to wait. Thankfully it's in the school building. I've seen, been and slept in worse. Apparently despite the lessons still being on, the students were noisy apparently. How did I hear these? Maybe they were getting too loud, or whatever...
- A B? Angeline Galicia got A+++ and she didn't even do anything! Well, but she doesn't exist...
Huh,what were those names again? Seems like a really noisy school now. And my head pounded. No, it wasn't from the fact of ache, it's different kind of hurting. It's because of noise. That's when I heard the ring again. Guess, since they were going outside their classes, that it's some sort of a break. I don't know if I actually... am seeing a slice of life, but-
- Urk... F-fares... I don't f-feel w-w-wel-ll-l.
And now, even if I didn't practice my religion for years, have to say.
She had indeed fainted upon everyone's eyes. Including mine. This can't be unseen. No, I can't unsee it.
And turns out everybody stayed there, concerned. I even saw two people calling ambulance. How even that happened, I have no clue. So, I decided just to leave, and guess what - I got a bit dizzy. Well, that wasn't expected, I didn't have claustrophobia or anything in like of that. Maybe it'll pass by itself?


"Cynthia! You're set for work in half an hour! Get ready!"
"G-Got it!"

(G-Goddammit! How do I keep it a secret only I know? Should I just run away? No. That's not the Cynthia I know.)
And thus, for 20 minutes Cynthia has been secretly finding the answer to her dilemma.
Soon after that, she takes her limousine to her acting studio as always. She tries to keep a low profile on her strange condition.

"Alright! We're making some pretty good progress, crew! Scene 42, Take One! Get ready... ACTION!"
"H-Hey! You look very lonely. What's wrong?"
"I just got dumped by my boyfriend."
"Aww, I shouldn't h-"
"Nah, don't worry."

L̡̩̣̮̖̺͎̏̿̔͐̐̔͌̅͟͠͞ḭ̩͎͈͇̟̉̈́̑̒̂͑͒͛͂k̸̟̳̲̤̩̖͇̠̀͑̊̍͘͜͝͝ě̺̤̰̤̏͒̿̑̂͛̆̾̽͟,̱̗̩̞̹̻̗̄̔́͊͘͢ Ş͔̘̘͚̝̦̜͋̏͊̇͒̽͌͊͊͘͜ͅc̷̡̛̼͎͕̙̰͓͇͉͛̃̓̅̅̕͢͝ó̷͈̘̳̰͕̣̌̔͗̎̚͘͟͢o͎̠͓̠̥̩̯̟̤̰̓̾͗̆͆̚͞b̸̥͔̭̝̗̬̖̀̅́͗͞.̢̤̦̥̦͖̮͚̭̬̐̏̅̽͞͡ N̨̯͙̞͖͚̞̾̽̃̄̽̚e̶̛͔̼̰̰̘̩̝͈̙̰͒̋̑̅̇̍͛̓͂v̵̢̨͇̩̗̟̣̔̀̃̍̂̎͑͢͢e͚̩̪̱̰̠͉̽̎͂̌̅͌̐͜͞͞r̴̢̤̙̟̻̯͗̒̍͑̅̒̉͢͢ Ġ͈̺̠͉̌̀̒̐̿͜o̸̳̪̳̜̼͍̟͔̔͑̀̏̊̌̾̕͠ņ̢̛̲̫͕͕̩̜̟͖̐̓̑̉́̇͞n̨̺̗̞̥̔͌́̊͒̒̉̑̑͘a̢̧̳͙̼͍͈̗̐̇̓̀͑̓̇̕͢ G̸̨̛̥̲̟̦̟͓̼̅̊̍̔̿̆̔̕ì̡͎̙͚̠̘͂̓͑̓̾͢͢͞v̸̧̭̥̻̖̻̻̜̥̏̉͆̓͆͘͢͠e̻͖̠͍͓͙͌͛̓̔̇̕ Y̨̛̪̖͍̫̼̬̐̅̽̅̆͋̈́̕͟ǫ̫͉̗̹̹̣͙͖̾̽̀̅̎̚͘ú̵̢̞̮̤̞̟͙͎̜̇̀͊͋͆͐̂̊͌ͅ U̴̡͇̻̦̪̾͐́̾̌́p̢̮̹̯̝͖͂̐̂̊̅́͘͝ i̲͍̞͕̲̿̌͛̃̐̽̋̀͌̃͢͜s̴̮̠̰̫͈̋̍̅̌̍̃̓̀̇ t̨̬̬̩̪̫̎̆̋̉̑̽͊͐̂͒͢͜͢ͅȟ̨̛̙̪͖̘̄͊̔͆̐͝ͅė̵̮̲̬̣̄̇̑̈̀͒͟ b̴̫͇̳̫͖̰̐́̿̆͌̊͌e͙͙̮̥͔̰̓̅́̇̑̃͞s̨̨̜͓͈̻̱̟͔͎̃̑̽̒͝t̨̛͕̣̝̜̓̏̂̉̊̒̅͗͟ s̴̢̭̣̦̮̝̅̐̀̚̚͡͝͡ǫ̴̻͕̳̟̗̼̮̌̅̀͂͂͊͑̚͢n̶̘̠͖̰͓̟̱̋̽̅̇͌g̢̼̰̤̟̪̦̥̍͌̇̿̒̚͢ ĩ̢̬̦̳̜̊͒̓̎̌̌͝n̢̢̰̻̺̿̆̐́̿͑̐͞ h̡͈̮̜̣͈̉̽͊͆͛̐͑̕ȋ̛̛͕̳̳̹͉̊̋͊͑̚͟s̛̝̜̣̙͒͂̐͋͟͟t͎̪̮̮̤̤̞́̾̒̒̉̎̒͡͡o͍͍̙̟̭̝̟͔͕̗̓̐̆̂͑͞͡r̸̗̣͍̬̤̭͍̩̿̉͋̇͂̅y̡̢͉͖̠̫͖̺̤̰̽̀͒̊̾̔̑̀̚̕,̶̡̧̧̛̼͔͚͖̬̒̅͊͛͌̇͝͝ͅ R̵̙̠̹̹͖̓̑̈̈́̍̊̓͌͞͠ỉ̸̩̤͎̝̗̀̐̽͑̃͐͆́͢g̠̫̳͖̻͂͆̈͋͢͝h̫̤͍͚̫̍̽̈̍̉̃͘̕͝ţ̶̢̢͎͓̀͐̈́̒͌͐̈́͡ b̘̹̯̟̦̼̔̎̉͋͐͒̅̒͂̋u̸̖͕̙̮̲̭͗̓͌͋͒͠d̷̡͇̱̰̻̫̠̮̬̫̂̐̽̎̚d̞͕͉͖́̈͆̊͌͢͝͡͠͝y̢̛̜͕̤̻̝̙͓͊̀̋͊̈́̔͐͟͡?̛̙͉̩̖͍̤̅̈́̀̎̿̂

"W-Who said that!?"
"CUT! CUT! That wasn't on the script, girl."
"Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good..."
"No! Stay with me!"
Cynthia turns into space dust

(Just kidding, here's the real result)
"Yeah, you look pretty pale... and sweating much? You really need to see a doctor, Cynthia."
"You look like you could turn to dust or something"
"I'll drive you there!"

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Okay, I had to calm off and think about what just happened, right outside of the trouble in the damaged building. But I was lost again, I barely could remember my home city's layout, and there really weren't any maps around there. Great, since my head was still pounding, and I didn't know anyplace to meet any medical personnel or a friend. No cellphone numbers. Plus I could barely trust the two strangers, of which one had fainted. Maybe I did a wrong thing, but what if it was something worse? Yeah, I can't think about that too much, so I just started to wander around, careful and wary of cars.

((John Sharpfield can be interacted with now.))


Official Terrarian
((white text means everyone and black text is the main narrator))
((Note that you need to open both spoilers to read it cause TCF sucks sometimes
(I kinda regret doing a beyblade character right now)
Earlier, Xhan just got off his airplane to America. Right now, he is battling Shu to hone his blading skills

"Go! Fifth Impact!"
"Xcalibur gains 1 point by over finish"

I show that im keeping Buster Xcalibur in Buster Mode.

I change my bey to left spin, and have it on attack.

"Three! Two! One! Go shoot!"

Xcalibur wobbles, and falls down.

Gasping, i feel like something's wrong

"Spriggan gets 1 point with a spin finish! Shu wins 3-1!"

"May i go, real quick?

I go to the bathroom, and wash off my face. I realise that i have a scar that DEFINTLY wasn't there before. I go to touch it, and it feels like a sword stabs my finger.
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Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
I still wandered around, but maybe this made me a bit... braver? Anyway, I wasn't afraid to enter any buildings, but still had a dilemma whether to go. When I was going, a car swerved dangerously close, while somebody yelled out loudly. - OUT OF THE WAY, EVERYONE! I need to get home with her quick! - Uhh, what the hell did the driver have as a complex right now? Not to say it was loud as hell. And that I barely knew my orientation. Ugh, the houses there were somewhat small, mostly being either damaged, or for sale, it seems like. So, what will I do now? Ah well, I'll just sit somewhere, I guess.


Eye of Cthulhu
I finally finish fixing the error that my coworkers made, and check the time
...wow its late.
I check the news to see if anything has happened.

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
||On the news:
The 15 years old girl was found unconscious in the school building. It's not sure what's the exact cause of the trouble, but it seems like some sleep deprivation or flu. The 21 years old man drove away with her, as he wanted to keep their names anonymous.||

Well, I sigh after seeing the midday already. Huh, that feels strange. Already a midday? Man, I thought it was morning when I've started to walk with them, did I lose time? Or maybe... oh no, the spinning sights again. Okay, focus... focus. I can't let myself get into the same wagon as... her. I can't just faint, since I have nobody to worry about me. I kept my resolve to not faint, and I won't. Not after what I saw in the school.

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
||The chart seems to have an strange inky footprint... not sure why, but it was getting with an awkward writing. Obliviously, it wasn't yours. Of course, the writing seems to be sloopy and unreadable, almost as if somebody let a cat write it or something.||

Ah darn it, the spinning head probably has to be treated somehow. What if I get too dizzy and I get under a car? Or what if I fainted on someone's lawn and they'll kick me out there? Or what if I have to go into hos- no, they won't treat without me coughing up dollars that I don't have. This is some sort of madness, actually. Since how I can't seem to have a day without a misfortune, or at least, a day where I am not seeing only the bad stuff.
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