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I've tried Citadel's services, and I have to say, I would not recommend. Evidence suggests they store passwords in plaintext [why this is bad], and they lack standard hosting features such as ssh & sftp. (They do have regular ftp support at least. Better than nothing.) There also doesn't seem to be any way to delete your account, or to request deletion. To try and make up for the fact that they don't offer ssh access, they have a web console accessible via the server's control panel, but it's very broken. You have to log into the console using your control panel password, but it doesn't actually log you in, it just gets stuck. Additionally, console only logs whatever is printed while you have it opened, which is really unhelpful. The control panel itself is pretty barebones, but functional. Installing mods is relatively easy in theory, however in practice they are often installed incorrectly, and tech support offers zero help beyond copy-pasting generic responses.

I was holding out for a while with tech support (it took about a month and a half til I just cancelled.). When I first installed a mod, it didn't function, and of course I opened a ticket and then investigated possible issues myself. after just two days, I found a solution and proposed it to tech support, along with an explanation of what exactly was wrong and how the solution could fix it. Tech support refused to consider the solution and kept copy-pasting generic, unhelpful tips. After several weeks and re-opening the ticket several times, I asked to have the ticket looked at by a higher-up. Tech support stopped answering the ticket at all, and I realized that their tech support is probably just people reading a manual.

Short version? the only thing good about Citadel is their prices. Unfortunately, you don't even get what you pay for. Save yourself the trouble and pay the extra for a competent, quality service instead of Citadel.


I should have listened to the poster above me. Believe it or not, this is the TL;DR version.

The worst customer service I've ever had with any game hosting site over the past 8 years.

Most businesses: We charged this customer for 30 days of a service that they didn't want. They're asking for a refund since it hasn't even been 1 day since we charged them.
No worries, we'll refund them and cancel their service.

Citadel Servers: We'll keep their money and cancel their service, so we're charging them for 30 days worth of a service they'll never receive!

I've submitted a fraud report to my bank against these despicable people. Malicious greed is only the tip of the iceberg, though. My server was broken nearly 50% of the time I was paying them, including for the final ~7 days straight of my initial subscription. To say that they're grossly incompetent and willfully negligent is only scratching the surface. Here are some words I had to have with them in the end:

"Have fun showing them records of a payment I did not authorize. (After a staff member by the name of Nico C. told me how happy he would be to try arguing with my bank about how he's entitled to my money for 30 days of a service that isn't being rendered, on a charge I didn't authorize.)

Staff members are expected to remember the incidents they have resolved and not accuse the person they're speaking with of making the ticket up.
Staff members are expected to check such tickets themselves if they have doubts and wish to accuse their customers of making up previous tickets.
Staff members are expected to be helpful.
Staff members are expected not to create more issues for their customers to resolve on their own by mismanaging their customers' servers, then claim that they "fixed" an issue when, in reality, they made it worse.
Staff members are expected to not respond to tickets that they're clearly unqualified to respond to.
Staff members are expected to provide server services that function as intended for the full duration of the payment given.
Staff members are expected not to deflect from the main topic of a ticket in saying "You should cancel your services." while failing to address the title of the ticket or the description of the ticket, the purpose of which is to receive a refund, in the very first response to a ticket.
Staff members are expected to respond in a timely manner.
Staff members are expected to attempt to resolve issues, not simply say "So-and-so is out of the office." to extend the length of a ticket by another day.
Staff members are expected not to close tickets without resolving them.
Staff members are expected not to lie and say "Our staff is very much willing to consider our client's side. I just checked and Shea has already updated your settings. Your server is good to go." (your exact words) proving that you did not even bother to read the response I wrote; I had to BEG you to "please read this carefully."
Staff members are expected not to create breakdowns in communication through gross incompetence/willful negligence.
Staff members are expected not to claim that "Our staff is very much willing to consider our client's side." one month, then spit in their face the next month.
Staff members are expected not to tell their customers what they do and do not know.

If you want to talk about someone who's expected to fulfill certain duties, you need to take a good, hard look at yourself and your coworkers, first."

But don't just take my word for it; check out these reviews, too: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/citadelservers.com


Citadel is by far the best server host I have used. Their support is fantastic. They are kind and reply back quickly. I've never had a problem with their servers, unless it was something which I messed up by myself.. which support was more than willing to help! They offer tmodloader and tshock that most hosts don't, for me that was the main selling point for my community.

I never fail to keep coming back to Citadel, they are by far the best in my opinion.


I just rented a server with Citadel and had a good service! and so far everything is smooth sailing. From the moment I signed up, their team provided top-notch customer service, answering all of my questions and guiding me through the setup process. I think one of the things that sets Citadel Servers apart from other hosts is their exceptional technical support. Anytime I've had a concern or issue, their support team has been quick to respond and resolve the problem. They're available 24/7, so I never have to worry about my website going down in the middle of the night. I also appreciate the flexibility that comes with having a dedicated server. I can customize the configuration to suit my needs, and I don't have to worry about other users hogging the resources or causing slowdowns.
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I agree with DannyM. I have been using Citadel Servers for years for both my Terraria Server and the mobile edition.
So far, their user experience is much better than the others. Also, they accommodate my request every time I asked for a TModloader update.
I also experience great customer service from their tech support. I know that updating a mod is not that simple, but as a player, you should know that mods need to be tested before implementing it to your PC/Machine.

As of now, I am hosting 6 servers with them, and I might consider becoming a reseller if my community grows.
If you guys want to test my server with them, feel free to reach out so I can let you hop in!
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