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You gain a net damage loss for all damage types (magic, summoning, melee, ranged, throwing, etc), so it's really up to you on what you would prefer for the class. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your stars, melee would be good. If you'd much rather just use the stars to rack up damage or defensively, then a form of ranged combat would be better.
so, when is the next update? cuz i'm really looking forward to use a fixed chronomancer abillity.
i think the healing would be awesome. even though the damage is already 600. xD
I feel like the knight should be more defense based and not get bonuses for melee speed. Maybe get knockback protection. Knight should be a full fledged tank class.
Does anybody know how the throwing damage for the Savage's skill is calculated? I'm downing hardmode bosses really quickly with throwing weapons as long as I have my active up on a Savage class playthrough. Tested on a new world I cheat around in I can kill all mechanical bosses at once just going into hardmode with 30 base dmg throwing weapons... So what should I change to make this more balanced? To reset my levels I disabled/enabled the mod and refought the pre-hardmode bosses, still melting everything.

Also, this is a phenomenal mod. Just made an account because of it :)

EDIT: Expert mode helped level the playing field. Sorry I overlooked the main page about this exact issue
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Would just like to leave a message that the explorer bonus for flight time does not apply at all.
With both vanilla wings (harpy wings) or those from mods.
Otherwise I'd like to say thank you for an awesome mod.
I think the ninja class ability does nothing to bosses,it just doesnt do any extra damage,not even moded bosses but most bosses
There really isn't an easy way to do it without said editor, making a new character, or making new characters to gather blank contracts. These blank contracts can be used to make the void contract which will remove a class, the new class of your choice, and also another item whose name escapes me that "copies the world's data" which basically provides your class with the levels from the bosses that have been recorded to be slain in that world.

For example, if you have slain the EoC, and then change classes, you would need to use that item to get the level for the class from killing the Eye.

Hopefully this makes sense.
My multiplayer partner and I have been running into an issue with the Angel class, where its Aura does not appear to be healing other players. We both change to the same colored team, and when the Aura is used, it appears to be healing other players on the Angel's screen (The green numbers pop up on other players), but it is -not- actually healing them (Their health does not actually change). Is this a multiplayer sync bug or something, or are we doing something incorrectly?
Is anyone noticing that when using the soulbound class a lot of other mod summons are bugged Like the Master Libram from the Thorium mod is bugged in that the attack annimations go off but they dont actually do damage unless the summon runs into an enemy.
My favorite classes are ones that has a Special that grants an extra damage dealer to your character, for example the Celestial's Stars. Do you have any more Ideas for more classes that do this?
Is the fact that soulbound does not allow minions that shoot projectiles a known bug? Because every time I use a ranged minion it doesn't shoot.
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