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Pixel Art Cold Blue's Pixel Art


Official Terrarian
May I have a slaphand,
except crimson-y and fleshy, kind of like an actual hand and can I have a corruption variant to go with it?
Nice new avatar by the way! And thanks in advance.

Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
Do you know someone who can do armor animations?
I really need some for my mod.
Anyone with spriting skill really, Although you need female body spritesheets, male body spritesheets, arm spritesheets, leg spritesheets, head spritesheets and the item sprites.
so expect it to take a while.
Do you know someone who can do armor animations?
I really need some for my mod.
I might warn you about using outdated vanity set and armor set templates, because old makes body skretch legs don't , in 1.3.1 and above it is reverted to make player run more naturally. Simply don't use outdated template from template thread.


The Destroyer
Could you make a sprite for my suggestion, Boss Bars?

It would sorta look like an event progress bar, but with the amount of hp left
What I'm really asking for is a little Icon for each boss, maybe putting it with a boss bar too
I'm kind of looking for something the size of an event progress bar
You don't have to do every boss, but if you have time it would be nice.


Duke Fishron
I need one thing. Do it before the bosses, cause I really need this:
A second helmet for the set my profile pic character wears. It is supposed to have horns, and you should see face. Make a character wearing it and only item.


The Destroyer
Sadly, I have to reject this one.
Icons for bosses are already in game.
I think I might have explained it poorly... I mean like one of these but for bosses, not the health bar that's under each enemy.
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.00.16 AM.png

the numbers on top would be the amount of health the boss has left, and the little picture of the moon would be the icon of the boss I was talking about
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