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Pixel Art Cold Blue's Pixel Art


Why hello, may I request a vanity set? A red top hat with a black X on it, a red suit, and dark red suit pants? May I also request a spear type weapon, a cane with a metal spike on the bottom? Oh, I think I smell my dinner... oh wait, its just you again. I must go, another day Coldshot, another day...

Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
Are you good at making blocks/walls (including pink grid)? If yes, could you make walls for this?
Here is something to help you, I choose Mudstone (Brick) Block. I don't know how to write, why I choose them.
If you want Cold Blue a help, ask me.
(Note, you can make only grids that don't merge with dirt and I can make rest of it, even wall.)
EDIT: Added Images.

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Heyo, if you're not too swamped with requests, can I request another thing?

Basically, a portrait thingy of me and my best bud's OC's fist bumping. Ref below:



In a pose something like this:

All I really need/want is from the waist up, and weapons can be left out or strapped across their backs.
I don't ask for any particular style, just do what works best for you.

Thanks in advance!


Duke Fishron
Hi, again!
As mod progress is going reaaaally fast, sprites are being used very fast. Now we (the mod team) need two worms, of the color palette of the char on my profile pic.
Two worms, each one is supossed to have 3 segments (just send me the segments, please. No worms.). One head, body and tail.
The first is supossed to be made out of bones (color of sword blade, profie pic) and the other fleshy, and red (profile pic palette again).

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