Collapse / Expand forum categories.


Duke Fishron
There sure are a lot of categories containing forums. I know that some people don't really want to see all of them, as they know they'll likely never post in them. They'd prefer to see some content above all others.

So the ability to contract (hide) specific categories would be invaluable to those users. That there is a link to an Add-On for Xenforo that is likely compatible and easy to install.

I would have suggested it a few months ago, but I wasn't as acutely aware of the fact that Xenforo forums don't have this by default until now.
I like this idea. As long as its not getting in the way of any of the forum's other features, I think it should be added.
I don't really see how it could get in the way. It's one quick addition.

- Upload "Collapse_categories" folder in /js folder.
- Upload "toggle-sprite.png" in /styles folder.
- Import "addon-Collapse_categories.xml".
- Enjoy

To be honest I'm most concerned about that last fourth step there. It seems like the one step that some people might not be so stable on. I mean it's pretty subjective. I know a guy who ordered a Steak in this restaurant, and the waiter brought it out to him and said "Enjoy!" and the guy had a terrible time. The Steak was amazing, I hear, but he just wasn't having any of it. Poor fellow.
Sudden spontaneous update to a topic I searched for.

There's a compatible forum mod for this now. I don't know if there's still interest in this. Seems like a very easy plugin to install and incorporate.
It’s an interesting idea, and I can see it being useful to some. Since the time this was first posted the forums went through a streamlining process which simplified many categories, though. Also, we like to work with trusted addon makers, as too many times the plugins are left abandoned (like the one linked in the first post here), and I don‘t know of this addon maker (doesn’t mean he’s a bad one, just not sure). But what makes this one not compatible with us is that it doesn’t support non-default styles. That’s basically the only thing we use (all the styles like Underground, Hallow, Snow in the bottom left).
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