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First of all, these new forums are amazing. First impressions are excellent, and I appreciate all the work done for us, the Terraria community.
Thank you for the hard work!

The most striking difference is the amazing artwork and theme differences, which stand out right when you get here. The best part about it, though, is the fact that you can change your theme. That's right! In addition to the default theme, you have access to. This was briefly mentioned in the main introductory thread, but this is for those of you who can't seem to find how to do it, didn't know you could do it, or just want to discuss what your favorite is and why.

Two ways you can do this.
Go to the bottom of the screen and click the current theme in the bottom-left corner.
Direct Method.png

Then select your theme. Usually, this method is faster and easier.
Click your username in the upper-right corner of your browser, the one next to "Inbox" and "Alerts."

Click on the tab labeled "Preferences" when the tab expands:
Profile Tab.png

Your preferences menu will pop up shortly after, then all you have to do is select which theme you want from the drop down list:

This way is easier if you happen to be managing account details and decide to change your theme.
Simple as that.
Now, you're probably wondering what the different themes look like, so I've taken the time to upload a preview of each one along with a brief description.

TCF Overworld Theme.png

Overworld: Default theme. Features a sky island, trees, and embodies the most prominent entities in Terraria... grass and dirt.

TCF Underground Theme.png

Underground: Darker theme that features a steel-gray UI. The bright blue of Glowing Mushrooms creates a nice visual contrast.

TCF Corruption Theme.png

Corruption: A purple theme which captures the "night" sequence of Terraria's title menu. Features an Eater of Souls, as you can see.

TCF Crimson Theme.png

Crimson: An eerie theme with a muted red atmosphere. Probably has the awesomest logo of the seven, and a fearsome Blood Crawler.

TCF Hallowed Theme.png

Hallowed: A lighter theme in more ways than one. Features a Fairy, and the cutest depiction of a Wyvern that I have ever seen.

TCF Jungle Theme.png

Jungle: A warm brown-and-green UI, which actually looks really cool. Chlorophyte and Snatchers greet you at the top of each page.

TCF Snow Theme.png

Snow: This is the brightest theme of the seven. The logo has a fuzzy Snow Flinx and a Penguin roasting Marshmallows. Gives you good feels.

Don't just sit there gawking, go try them for yourself! Comment on which ones you like! Vote in the poll! Tell the art team what a good job they did!

Oh, and enjoy the forums!
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Its between crimson and underground. Though I think I'm leaning towards crimson.
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Wyverns exist in Terraria. //Spoiler alert!!

When it comes down to technicalities, Terraria's Wyvern is not a Wyvern in the correct sense of the word. So yeah, it's more of a dragon anyways.

It's a Chinese/Japanese dragon. They didn't draw them as large balls of scales, but as snake-like flying creatures, sometimes closer to birds or furry mammals than lizards.
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