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    Profile Pages & Private Messaging

    Table of Contents

    Introduction to Profile Pages

    Each member of the Terraria Community has their very own Profile Page – a place to call home and to share random thoughts/socialize with other members on their wall. The Profile Page also displays a variety of member information, depending on what the member decides to display (See Account Set-Up & Management for details).

    You can access your profile page at any time by clicking on your member name in the upper toolbar and selecting “Profile Page”. Other member’s profile pages can be accessed by clicking on their avatar and selecting “Profile Page”.

    Please note that any member profile can be set to differing levels of privacy, based on member preference.

    Profile Page 2.PNG

    Left Side Windows
    • Member Window: Here you can see the member’s current avatar image along with some key account statistics – posts, likes, trophy points, warning points, etc.
    • Following/Followers Window: Here you can see other members that either follow or are being followed by the member in question.
    • Personal Information Window: If the member chooses to display it, information such as gender, birth-date, and occupation will appear here.
    Wall & Activity/Information Tabs
    • Basic Member Info: At the top of each member profile, you will see the member’s name, Community title, age (optional), gender (optional), and location (optional). You can also view any Community Roles (denoted by a colored banner) held by the member as well as their most recent single activity. The member’s latest status message appears in this window.
    • Profile Wall/Profile Posts Tab: As with other similar social media (Facebook, etc), this is where members can provide status updates and other members can leave comments.
    • Recent Activity Tab: By selecting this tab on any member’s profile, you can view a list of the member’s most recent activity within the Community – from posts to likes to threads.
    • Postings Tab: Similar to the Recent Activity tab, you may view member activity here – in this case limited to actual posts/threads.
    Profile RA.PNG

    Profile Postings.PNG
    • Information Tab: Depending on what the member has chosen to provide/show publicly, you can view a variety of information about the member here. This includes gender, occupation, location, external social media accounts, and an additional location to view all content/posts by the member. In addition, anything entered into the “About You” box in Account Setup/Management will appear here. You can also start a conversation with the respective member from this tab.
    Profile Info.PNG
    • Social Forums Tab: Here you can view Social Groups of which the member is a part. Each member is allowed to be a part of as many Social Groups as desired. See Social Groups for further details.

    Status Messages, Profile Posts, & Comments

    So, now that you understand how profiles work and how they are laid out, let’s dive into how Profile Pages can be used to socialize with other members! Much like public threads, you have the ability to start post/comment strings on your and others' profiles, comment on others' posts, and even to “like” profile posts and comments!

    As a reminder, you can access your profile page at any time by clicking on your member name in the upper toolbar and selecting “Profile Page”. Other member’s profile pages can be accessed by clicking on their avatar and selecting “Profile Page”.

    Member Popup.PNG

    Please note that any member profile can be set to differing levels of privacy, based on member preference.

    Status Updates
    • Like other social media outlets, Terrarians can utilize their profile page to provide an update on their status – thoughts, what they are doing, fun links, etc.
    • Status updates are limited to 140 characters, and will be displayed at the top of your profile page. In addition, the most recent status updates across the Community will be published to the frontpage of the Community!
    • There are a two avenues through which members can update their status:
      • First, you can update your status using the member pulldown menu located in the upper toolbar. Simply click in the “Update your Status” box located at the bottom of the menu and type away!
      • Second, you can utilize the Profile Post box on your personal Profile Page. Simply click in the box where it says “Update your Status…” and type away! If you have used too many characters, the system will inform you of this and block your status until you get it under the limit.
    Profile Top.PNG
    • That’s all you have to do – once your status is posted, other members can view and comment on it.
    • If you need change or delete a status, utilize the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons.
    Profile Posts (on other members’ profiles)

    Profile Comment.PNG
    • Profile Posts are similar to Status Updates in function and creation except:
      • Profile Posts are made on profiles other than your own.
      • Profile Posts are not displayed at the top of member pages nor the front page.
      • Profile Posts are limited to 420 characters.
    • To make a Profile Post, just go to the profile page of the member for whom you wish to leave a message, click the box that says “Write Something” and type away!
    • If you need to make changes to a Profile Post, utilize the Edit/Delete buttons located underneath any profile post you have made.
    Commenting on Existing Profile Posts (including Likes)

    Skiphs rocks.PNG
    • Just like public threads, anyone with access to a given member’s profile can leave comments in regards to existing statuses & profile posts – you can even comment on your own status.
    • Profile Comments are similar to, but work a bit differently than statuses and profile posts.
      • Comments are only posted to existing statuses/profile posts.
      • Comments are limited to 420 characters.
    • To make a Comment, just click the “Comment” button to the right of the status/profile post on which you are commenting. Type your message into the text box that appears, click Submit when you are done.
    • If you appreciate or agree with another member’s status message, profile post, or comment, you can “like” it by pressing the like button located underneath the content in question. This will add 1 like to the member’s statistics and display your name underneath as “<member> likes this” or – in the case of comments – display a “thumbs up”. You may reverse any likes you have given at any time by clicking “unlike” in the same area.

    The “Follow” Function

    Like many other social media outlets, The Terrarian Community allows members to “Follow” other members. This could be as an expression of approval or perhaps just because you enjoy that member’s activity and want to keep tabs on any posts/comments that they make. Members can also utilize Follows as a means of Profile Page security.

    Profile Page 2.PNG

    What Happens When You Follow Another Member
    • Their avatar picture will be added to your Profile Page in the “Members you Follow” section and to the “Members Following You” of their page.
    • That member’s activity will be added to your news feed. See Alert Preferences for further details.
    • That member will be able to view your Profile Page if you have your security set to only allow “members you follow” to do so.
    How to Follow Another Member
    • Click on the avatar picture or name (in any post they have made) of the member whom you wish to follow. Click “Follow” in the popup window
    Follow Popup.PNG
    • You can also follow members from their Profile Page by clicking “Follow” – located in the upper right section of the page.
    Follow Profile.PNG
    • If you no longer wish to follow a member that you have previously followed, you can utilize either method above to select “Unfollow”.

    Private Messaging

    If you desire to send a Private Message (PM) to another member – or a group of members – within the Terraria Community, the process is pretty straight-forward. There are a few nuances of PMs that are important to know, however, and these are outlined below.

    How to Initiate a Private Message
    • You can send a PM to another user in four different ways:
      • You can click on the member’s name/avatar image, which will cause a member popup window to appear. On that window, select “Start a Conversation”.
      • There is also now a "Start a Conversation" link under every member's avatar in any thread they have posted in.
      • Alternatively, you can click on the “Inbox” pulldown menu located on the upper toolbar right next to the Member and Alerts pulldown menus. Then select “Start a New Conversation”.
      • If you are on a members profile page, you can open their information tab and select "Start a Conversation" from the "Interact" section.
    PM Popup.PNG

    Start Convo.png

    Inbox Menu.PNG

    • Regardless of the method you choose, the next step will be filling in the details of your PM in the “Start Conversation” window. You must enter a PM subject/title and content for your message to proceed.
    • You can add additional members to the PM by entering member names separated by commas in the “Participants” box. Note that if you started the PM through the member popup window, that member’s name will automatically be added.
    • Members are limited to inviting 15 other members to a single PM. Contact a Staff Member if you need to create a PM with additional members beyond this limit.
    • You also have the option to Lock the PM from any replies (not advised) and/or allow anyone in the PM to invite others (vs limiting that ability to the initiator of the PM).
    New PM.PNG

    How to Participate in a Private Message
    • If another member either sends you a PM or responds to a PM you sent to them, you will see an “Alert” flag located above your “Inbox” pulldown menu. This will be a red box with a number inside. The number indicates how many PMs in which you are involved that contain one or more new responses.
    • To access those PMs and read the responses, simply click on your “Inbox” tab. This will cause a pulldown menu to appear. Any PMs with new responses will be highlighted. Simply select which PM you wish to view from the pulldown menu.
    • If you want to see a full list of every PM you have ever sent/received, you can select the “Show All” option in this same menu.
    Inbox Menu.PNG
    • Click on the PM you wish to read/respond to. This will pull up the PM window. Here you can read responses, reply, and see a list of everyone whom has been invited to participate in the PM.
    • PM’s operate very similarly to public threads, with a few nuances - outside of being only visible to participants. The biggest of these being that you only have five minutes to make any post-comment edits. After this timeframe, the edit button will no longer appear.
    • If, at any point, you decide you would like to leave a PM, select the “Leave Conversation” button located at the top of each page in the PM. Once you leave, you will no longer be able to read the PM nor will you get alerts unless you are re-invited.
    Issues in a Private Message

    The Community Culture & Rules apply across the entire forum – even within PMs. Of course, by their private nature, there would be far fewer people exposed to any content in violation of the rules. For friends, etc. this can mean PMs are a place to speak frankly, and we want to give you that freedom – in the end, unless an issue in a PM is reported, the staff has no possible way to see that issue/violation.

    That said, posts in PM can be reported by any participating member, and staff will be required to take action on any violations they personally observe in PMs of which they are a member. We do ask that if you report an issue in a PM, that you be prepared to invite the staff member into that PM so that the context of the comments can be observed and evaluated. If you cannot invite a staff member into the conversation though, we would highly suggest you provide screenshots for the staff to view, and to give better context overall.

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