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Story [Compendium] King's Story Thread


King's Story Thread!

So, you've made it here. Welcome to my thread of stories. This is my compendium where I shall share my non-terraria and terraria intertwined stories and short stories all in one happy bundle of a thread. I thought about this for a while, but after much diliberation, I thought "why not" so here it is.

*note, some of these are drafts/roughs. They are not the final product most of the time. If you wish to leave constructive criticism on any of these, please do. And if you feel like critquing my writing, or even correcting spelling or grammer errors, you can do that. Just not too many. Sometimes spelling and grammer errors can get overwhelming to update. I prefer constructive criticism, but if need be, spelling errors can be pointed out. Thank you*

Without Further ado:


That feeling when you suddenly awaken after a long sleep. A feeling which is niegh impossible to describe. The just sudden burst of consciousness is enough to make you pass out again.

I suddenly feel the wind, the quickness of it all. It feels like whatever I am, is leaping, jumping all over the walls, seemingly flying in the air. I want control of this feeling. To slow the flying and stop. Rest. Settle down instead of being wild.

I begin to sense my form. I try to run, but my legs didn't respond, I try to reach out, my arms aren't there, I try to shout, not a whisper came out. I was just a passenger. A visitor inside of something else.

I begin to slowly regain my senses. A blur of light in front of my… no, something’s eyes. The feeling of rushing air still around me. I want to slow down, to stop this. I’m going too fast. I shouldn’t be flying this far, this quick. The light becomes clearer, and I can see colors. Blue and white blurs all around my being. I don’t know this place. I don’t know where I am.

I hear a rattling, a sense which bursts whatever I am, into action, as it flies to the side, and slows. It stops. The rushing movement is finally done, and I might be able to see where I am. I see… skulls. The sense of a near 1000 beings all in one room. I feel overwhelmed. What kind of crowd is this?!

I am flying again. I want it to stop, I want to sit down and relax, to take this all in. But whatever I am won’t have it. The visions become clearer. I see… a bony figure standing atop a young man, a man in armor made of pure light.

I recognize this male figure. “Brother?!” I call out to him. No answer. I see he is pinned to the floor, and cannot move. Whatever I am reaches out, as I struggle to call out to my brother. "Move!" I shout, but no-one can hear my cries. As the bony figure digs its claws and it's skull deep into my brother's face, a sudden taste fills my entire being, the redness and the taste of iron I recognize all too well. Blood. I try to run, but my legs didn't respond, I try to reach out, my arms weren't there, I try to shout, not a whisper came out.

I was just a passenger. A visitor in this neverending world of nightmares.


Heavily Based off of Warframe's Nekros:
We spent our entire lives running. Running from the golden empire that hunted, and butchered us like cattle. Though all of this saddened me, I kept my spirits up due to my love. My wife. She was the sun, and I was the sky. Without her, I was all black.

One night, she asked to sleep under the stars. We always slept in caves, abandoned buildings, ruins, anything away from the openness of the outside.

“Please!” she begged me. “Just one night. I want to see the night sky.” At the sight of her face, I couldn’t refuse. So we slept under a tree atop of a hill, far away from any civilization. I cannot describe the feelings I felt when I saw her wonder at the night sky. I tried to stay awake, to guard us in case of an attack, but the comforting gaze of my wife made my eyes droop, and fall to the dark sky.

I awoke, to a gun on the side of my head. “RISE!” someone shouted in my ear. I quickly roused myself out of sleep, as they forced me up on my feet. A horror reached my eyes. They already had my wife, within their vile golden grasp.

She was completely broken, crying and in despair. They had her, forced to kneel beneath them. I tried to reach out and help her, but they had me. I couldn’t get to her in time. “I’m sorry…” she said. I began to despair, began to wonder what would happen to us. Began to wonder what they would do to her.

“Give him an example of what happens when you betray the golden empire!” The commander shouted at the squad. One took out a pistol, and a bang rang in my ears. Everything happened in slow motion. I saw my wife, crying in agony, and then, she falls to the grass that we sat on the night before. The green grass now stained with the maroon red blood. Her blood. Her body motionless and lifeless. The sun now gone, the sky quickly turned, devoid of all light.

“Now, you will work in the morgue, and deal with the bodies of your own people! We will be sure that your wife stays with you… whether alive or dead.”

And so, they did. They kept their promise. I worked in the darkest dungeon, chained and bound to a stone cold wall. I cremated and buried the bodies of my own fallen people, captured by the empire. But most of all, was what they did to my love. Everyday, I saw my wife, nailed to a golden cross, just out of my reach. I lost her due to a mistake I agreed to, and I blame myself.

But, I did not lose hope. I absorbed myself into the studies of death, using the bodies I was supposed to cremate to learn and worship the darkness that is beyond the grave. I made it my ideal. To recreate the life that is nailed onto that golden cross.

To bring her back.

Terraria based story, with a twist! (currently being expanded upon, is WIP)
Having a home is always something that is important to everyone. A home is your base of operations, your safe place, and where you feel the most comfortable. I loved my home…

Until I lost it to the forces of darkness itself…


It was a peaceful day in the land of Gaia. The children were playing, the sun was shining and all was well.

"Thalia! Pass me a pack of arrows!"

"Sure thing Andrew!" She said as she threw the arrows in the air, all holstered together, they never fell apart.

Landing safely in Andrew's hands, she thought of what it would be like to be someone other than what she was. What if she was an archer, and not a combat magician? How different would her life be?

Thalia was born with a strong affinity for the arcane. When she was born, strands of her hair immediately turned purple, showing her affinity for magic and the arcane arts. According to her teacher, those that have an affinity for magic are rare nowadays, as technology has dominated the market and little people study the ancient arts of magic anymore.

Her affinity, albeit rare, was something she prided in herself. As her teacher said, with enough training and study, any magic student can become a grandmaster.


Andrew was a ranger. Never born with an affinity for magic, he felt left out when his best friend left him for the magic academy. He wanted to follow her there, however he was stuck where he was. That was that, until he fired his first arrow. His arrow hit dead center, first try. His parents sent him away to an academy dedicated to honing the skills of those with a bow & arrow.

After graduating from that school, Andrew went to the temple atop of the mountain, where the most skilled students from all schools go to perfect their skills for good. There, he met his friend whom he lost years before, Annie.


Annie was always strange to her teachers. She did not have a supreme ability for combative spells, but instead seemed to possess the ability to summon creatures to fight for her. Ever since she was little, she summoned bunnies, rabbits, and even versions of her dolls to life, who played with her and kept her company. She never even considered friendship, as she would always have her creations with her. However, she did remember one boy. One named Gabriel who she was always very fond of.

Her parents told her that when she was little, her hair permanently changed to a light blue. They had no idea what it was, and tried cutting it, dying it, even combing it to no avail. However, what they did notice is the bright spots of yellow in her hair. Her teacher told her that her hair is a metaphor for the stars, the infinite matter that she can summon being out in the sky.

After graduating from the most prestigious magic academy in the world, she came to the temple atop the mountain. She has been perfecting her skills ever since, even meeting her old love interest, Gabriel.


Gabriel never had an affinity for anything. He was a normal human, just like everyone else. However, after seeing the intense magic matches on television and the incredible things these people were doing, he instantly wanted to be a part of it.

His large physical strength is what he prides, as getting in close and taking hits is his specialty. He always said that using any sword to finish the target off, is better than firing a weapon and missing.

His teacher always told him to use something other than a sword, maybe a flail, a boomerang, or even a shield to pair with the sword. Gabriel refused every time. He only prided his swords, and dual swords were only when he needed to bring out major firepower. He knows many hand to hand combat techniques and likes to brag about how much he knows. He gets questionable looks from his teacher about it though.


Thalia, after throwing the pack of arrows, went to sit under a tree and rest. Magic takes it out of you alright. Every spell takes effort, and your own reserves of magic are used. Eventually, her teacher said if she casted too many spells too fast, she would consume her own life's energy, killing her in the process. "Many magicians have chosen to go out this way," he said, "in a blaze of glory against their enemy. You are young currently Thalia. There is no need to kill yourself yet".

The festival was at sundown. The festival which all brilliant minds and masters of the fighting arts came to the temple to pick out the students as their apprentices or partners. Thalia did not want to leave this place. For her past 4 years of being here, she has lived, eaten, and slept in this place she now calls home. She did not want to leave with some old magician claiming her to be his apprentice.

"Hey, what's with the down face?" Gabriel walked and stood over where she was sitting, casting a shadow.

"Thinking about how I might leave this place… my home…" she said to him unemotionally.

"It's going to be alright Thalia. I'm sure you won't get picked!" He said jokingly.

"Shush. I'm not in the mood for jokes…" she said while staring out into the sunset. It truly was beautiful and breathtaking to see it from up here.

"Wow, the candles are magically lighting up the mountain. I still wish I could do that you know…" Gabriel said, as he sat next to her.

"It's simple, but it's sad that you don't have an affinity for magic. I have never seen someone so passionate about magic before, your the only one I know like that." She said, still staring at the horizon.

"Look Thalia. This place will always be your home, no matter what. Through thick and thin, we will always be there for you. We will stick in touch. Me, Annie and Andrew."

"Thanks Gabriel, that truly means…"

Her sentence was interrupted by the sudden loss of light on the horizon. Screams could be heard suddenly from below the mountain, then silence. It was unearthly.

"What…the hell?!" Gabriel said, backing away from the edge of the mountain.

Seeing his lead, Thalia backed up too, preparing herself for the worst.

Suddenly, all she could see in the sky was a desaturated brownish tint. The sky seemed coated in this, as if the color of the shrines roof painted the sky this color. Except, it was moving. Each individual piece of the sky was moving all on its own, like a swarm of locusts in the Nile River.

"GET DOWN!" Someone screamed as Gabriel and I braced ourselves.

The objects suddenly flew as quick as bullets, swarming the temple in seconds. The four students and their powers were no match, as they were quickly overwhelmed.

The last thing Thalia saw before blacking out, was a deep purple grass seeping all into her hair. A color of darkness. The darkness that took her home.
Chapter 2: Nightmares (Thalia POV)

A throbbing pain in my head, an ache in my legs, and a soreness in my arms. I tried to open my eyes, but it was all darkness.

"Where am I…" I asked myself, and said aloud.

"Welcome, Thalia. We've been expecting you…" the voice reverberated from all around me, and echoed throughout the place I was.

It grew foggy, I couldn't make out anything. Mixtures of black and white tones filled my vision. Even if there was something out there, I couldn't see it, that's for sure.

"I asked, where am I?!" I said, getting irritated at whoever was speaking to me in this tone.

"Where are you?! Ha! Silly child! You think that question would actually be answered! You WILL join us, one way, or another…" the voice bellowed throughout. A sudden uneasiness began to fill my senses. Red dots began to appear in the fog, and I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of pairs of these dots, blinking and alive. All gazing in hunger, all staring at me.

I began to tense up, seeing if I could run. All around me were the eyes, if I moved, I knew they would pounce. I looked up, the sky filled with an endless fog. Looked below, and all I saw was a black void of endless nothing.

"Thalia, the day will come when you have to choose. I hope you figure out that defeating us is impossible. We are everywhere and everything, and you cannot escape. Make the right choice, and your wishes will be granted. But make the wrong choice…"

All of the eyes began to grow larger, seemingly wanting to tackle me. Out of the darkness, came the brown things I remembered from before, and they swarmed around me, tearing me to shreds. The pain was unbearable, it felt like I was hit by one hundred freight trains all at once. I lay there, on the ground. Bleeding and crying in pain, the horrible, horrible pain.

I wanted whatever this was to end, for me to escape from this hell that this darkness wrought.

"Nobody will come to help you Thalia. These are the consequences of choosing incorrectly…"

"ROOOARRRR!!" A roar in the darkness, and a gaping maw snapped down onto my body. A piercing laugh rang throughout my ears, and incomprehensible whispers filled my head. I screamed, and cried, and shook to no avail. The evil laughter of the demon filled my head as it said, "Goodbye Thalia, Daughter of the Dark."


I awoke, and immediately shook myself awake. "That was a restless night…" I thought to myself. The dream was so vivid it was like it was real. What was even more strange is the presence I felt. It did not go away. Whatever it was was watching me, seeing my every move, knowing what I am doing and what choices I will make. I was not alone any longer, this thing was with me.

The sunny sky and the birds chirping did not settle me. I wondered what that dream meant, what was going to happen to me. The unsettling feeling that I was being watched kept me tense, as the sun slowly rose in the sky.

I began to study my surroundings. The sun was rising to my left, so I took that as east. Small hills were towards the east, leading to what seemed to be a beach far in the distance. In front of me was a mountain range seemingly unclimbable with what I currently have, which is nothing. To my right, or west, was a large hill, with what seemed to be a natural cavern protruding out of it. The hill was too large to see over, so I had no idea what was past it.

I was currently in a flat area of a forest. Not a dense forest, just a forest with some sparse trees. I saw a small pond to my left however, as well as some flowers and mushrooms growing around it. A few bunnies walked around, birds perched in trees, chirping to each other, and squirrels biting into the acorns scattered all over the area.

…I had no idea where I was.

The last memory I had was the temple being attacked, but this area does not even resemble the area where the town is, much less the temple.

"What could've possibly brought me to the middle of nowhere…"

"No use sitting around Thalia." Someone said behind me. "The night comes fast in this land. Better grab some tools and build a shelter before it is too late."

I did not even turn my head. "Oh yeah? What's so dangerous about it being night time? Someone is going to mug me in the middle of the forest?"

"No, but the undead will tear your flesh apart, and it's very unpleasant. They come in swarms. We have to hurry." It seemed like whoever this was was a man, and knew more than I.

I turned my head around to come face to face with a scrawny looking boy with shaggy hair. He wore a simple polo shirt and khakis, with sneakers to go along with it. His eyes were very blue, like the deep ocean when you are out to sea.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the Guide, or your Guide rather. My job is to help you through this world by giving advice and showing you the way." He said. "But first things first…" he brought out three things from his backpack.

"You'll need these." He gives me a plain short-sword, a pickaxe, and a hatchet, all made out of Copper.
"Welcome to the world of Terra. Let's get started."
Chapter 3: Overgrowth (Andrew POV)

I seemingly awoke in a mysterious area. It was darker than any night I have ever been in. Literal pitch black. Could not see a thing.

What was odd was my location. I couldn't see where I was, but I kept hearing buzzing, as well as mushy sounds. The smell also was weird. It was like I was in a massive flower field in the middle of spring. The pollen seemed everywhere, but what was even stranger was the faint scent of honey that protruded from everywhere.

I began to feel around. As I walked, my shoes squished in the ground below. "Must be mud…" I thought as I continued. My foot suddenly dropped, but my other stayed where it was. "Guessing a ledge, but why is there a ledge here? And why is it pitch black also? Shouldn't I be able to see the stars or the moon?!" I thought as I began to pace in the other direction, the rhythmic squishing of my shoes making me even more tense.

I reached out with my hands, and felt something… metallic? Definitely metal. Like a sword back home. Only this was different. It was more delicate, and had some sort of carvings in it. As I felt around more, it seemed like a storage crate of sorts. I struggled to find the opening to it. Crates are not just sealed away, they always have a way to be opened up.

And I was right, in the front middle, there was an opening. Wedging my fingers in-between it, I pulled up, trying to see what was inside. An eerie green glow protruded from the box, as I saw it was not a box at all, rather a chest made out of pure gold. "Who wastes gold on making a storage container?!" I said aloud. Then, I tensed. The buzzing stopped. All I could hear was the crickets chirping.

"Better grab what you can, something is coming…" someone said in my head. I quickly took the one thing that was providing light, the eerie green sticks of light. I held them over the opening, trying to make out what was inside of the golden chest. What I found astonished me. My bow, a bow I made out of gold and silver, was inside of the chest. Now, my bow is custom. I made it myself at the blacksmith back in town. I never left without it, it is my pride and joy. It represented my efforts to create a weapon of my own, a weapon I could be proud of. A weapon that had my touch. "How did it end up here…" I said aloud as I brought it up out of the chest. I held it in my hands. It was just like I remembered it.

"Memories are for later…" someone said in my head. "Grab what you can, before it is too late…"

I took out the glow sticks and held one over the chest again. I saw a quiver, filled with a special type of arrow, seemingly coated in stardust. I also found a flask filled with an orange liquid. I could make out something else inside the flask, but in this dim light, I couldn't figure it out what it was.

Then, I found something better. A stick coated in some sort of flammable gel. Taking it out and putting it into my hand, I lit it.


I was in a seemingly overgrown underground, a massive cavern filled with life. I saw so many bugs and different creatures, all living in peace. Trees were actually growing down here. Vines hung from the ceiling, and grass grew everywhere, even from where I was standing. Large pools of water were below me, and I could make out fish inside of them. "How the heck did I get here…" I said aloud, completely shocked at my location. I was at the temple, but this isn't even on the surface. How did I get this far down…


A low buzzing sound filled my ears and grew steadily. Something was coming, and getting closer. I grabbed my bow and took out one of the white arrows in the quiver. I drew the bow back, and readied myself.


A stinger flew right where I was standing, as I barely managed to jump out of the way. "This day just gets stranger and stranger…" I thought, but tensed, as the buzzing grew again.

I began to feel, to stare and hear where my target was. I waited… and waited… and then…


I released the arrow as it flew in a straight line, and pierced straight into a giant hornets body, killing it instantly. The arrow left behind the stardust it had on it, lighting up the cavern for the time it flew. I watched as the stardust slowly fell to the floor as it disappeared from existance.

"Good my pupil…" I heard someone say in the darkness. The constant buzzing suddenly stopped as this mysterious figure spoke. I tensed up, ready for whoever or whatever this was.

"Who's there!?" I yelled out.

"Child, there is no need to be alarmed…" I heard it say when I felt something bit my neck. Similar to a needle I always got at the doctor. Only this was different. Almost instantly I began to grow drowsy and saw something looming over my now collapsed body. Through the blurs in my vision, I could make out a masked figure over me. I wanted to jump out, defend myself, but I couldn't move. Whatever was shot into me paralyzed me as I was forced to sit in silence. As I slowly fell into unconsciousness, I heard the figure say, "Goodnight Andrew, hopefully we will both survive this nightmare."

I drifted into the dream world, unaware of what just conspired.
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