(Complete) Post-Plantera Armor Sets... A Trinity of Trinities

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    I decided to make this thread to summarize my ultimate vision of our existing Endgame armor trilogy: Beetle, Shroomite, and Spectre armors. The gist of my grand scheme is to have each set of armor have 3 possible subsets with unique abilities, so there are three different load outs that you can switch between for each class. The best way to illustrate this is to simply show you what the post-Plantera trinity if trinities would look like in my mind's eye:

    Beetle Armor Trinity.png
    The Beetle Trinity.
    Post-Plantera Melee armor.

    Set 1: Scale Mail
    Might; the best defense is a good offense.
    Defense: 20 (61 total)
    +8% Melee damage and crits.
    +6% Melee and Movement Speed.
    Set Bonus: Beetle Might
    - Melee Damage and Speed are increased by +10% per tier, up to a maximum of +30%.
    - Tiers are gained y dealing damage and lost outside of combat.

    Set 2: Shell
    Endurance; outlast the enemy.
    Defense: 32 (73 total)
    +5% Melee damage and crits.
    *Enemies are more likely to target you.
    Set Bonus: Beetle Endurance
    - Damage taken is reduced by 15% per tier, up to a maximum of -45%.
    - Tiers are gained by avoiding damage and lost by getting hit.

    Beetle Plate Mail.png
    Set 3: Plate Mail
    Retaliation; a direct upgrade to Turtle. (Based on a thread on TO)
    Defense: 26 (67 total)
    +9% Melee damage and crits.
    *Enemies are more likely to target you.
    Set Bonus: Beetle Retaliation
    50% of Damage taken reflected back to the attacker per tier, up to a maximum of 150%.
    - Tiers are gained by being hit, and lost outside of combat.

    Shroomite Armor Trinity.png
    The Shroomite Trinity.
    Post-Plantera Ranged armor.
    Changes below are explained in detail in another thread.
    This also includes changes to the other pieces of the set, so you should really read it for context.

    Set 1: Headgear
    Armor for the stealth warrior.
    Defense: 10 (50 total)
    +10% Ranged damage and movement speed.
    +20% Chance to not consume ammo.
    Set Bonus: Stealth
    - Movement affects stealth 6 times less.
    - Provides up to a 10% change to dodge attacks.

    Set 2: Helmet
    Armor for the tank.
    Defense: 20 (60 total)
    +10% Ranged damage.
    +20% Chance to not consume ammo.
    Set Bonus: Stealth
    - Increases player knockback resistance up to 75%.
    - Reduces damage taken by up to 10%.

    Set 3: Mask
    Armor for the bold and the insane.
    Defense: 15 (55 total)
    +6% Ranged damage and crits.
    +33% Chance to not consume ammo.
    Set Bonus: Stealth
    - Stealth activates 3 times as quickly.
    - Stealth activation is slowed by using items instead of halted.

    Spectre Armor Trinity.png
    The Spectre Trinity.
    Post-Plantera Magic armor.
    Details on the new headpiece explained in another thread.

    Spectre Helmet.png
    Set 1: Mask
    Wrath and devastation.
    Defense: 18 (42 total)
    +60 maximum Mana.
    -13% Mana usage.
    +5% Magic damage and crits.
    Set Bonus: Dealing Magic damage releases damaging wisps that home in on and attack the user's foes.

    Set 2: Hood
    Greed and self-preservation.
    Defense: 6 (30 total)
    -40% Magic damage.
    Set Bonus: Dealing Magic damage releases healing wisps which recover the user's lost health.

    Spectre Mask.png
    Set 3: Headgear
    Pride and power lust.
    Defense: 18 (42 total)
    +120 maximum Mana.
    Set Bonus: Dealing Magic damage releases supportive wisps which buff the user's stats.
    Maximum stats gained: +10 Defense, 50% incoming damage reduction, -30% Mana usage, and +20% Movement speed.
    See the original thread for details on gaining these bonuses.​

    There. A trinity of trinities. This would be perfect. Feedback is appreciated as always.
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    Hey, I skipped lunch for this! Don't shut your do...
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    Finished. :p
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    You already have threads for each of these armors.. what's this for? Feels like a repeat thread..

    Also the spectre hat gains a bonus of.. minus damage?
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    Concerning the Spectre Mask, isn't 50% damage reduction a bit high? I know it is maximum, but it doesn't take too much to reach the tier 3 buff of the Beetle Scale Mail. I get that the Hood is god-mode, but that 40% damage reduction is nasty.

    Just noticed the edit too. 800 damage is something really easy to achieve. I think 30% damage reduction (if spread out with 3 tiers) would be fine enough, as the Mask supports damage too.

    Also, I'm willing to bet someone is going to come in here and say, "What about summoners?" even though it is still a basic sub-class :/
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    Just like to say, this is awesome. I'll do a proper rating afterwards...
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    For one thing, I wanted all of these ideas into one place to emphasize my goal for a trinity of endgame armor set trinities.

    For another thing, this contains my take on the Beetle Spike Mail thread back on TO, so it does include its own unique content, at least a little bit. I also wanted it to be featured on the new, more active forums, and I killed two birds with one stone by tacking on the rest of my armor changes as well.
    **Incoming damage reduction. Like the Beetle Shell's set bonus, except you're made of Ectoplasm instead of Beetle Husks.
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    Oh, a trinityception.

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    Yeah! Another awesome SzGamer227 Thread of Awesome!

    I would love all of this!:D

    But, could you figure out how to do the recipes without them all requiring Chlorophyte? Maybe boss souls?

    Ectoplasm, Beetle Husks, and some Mushroom thing like that? I dunno. Hmm...
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    yes, it gives minus damage its always been like that, to balance the healing
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    Rather than renaming the Spectre Mask, the new spectre helmet should be named a hat, as it looks like a hat with a bandana.
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    You mean bandana not bandolier. Chewbacca has a bandolier.
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    Hood -> H
    Life Regeneration -> L
    Trinity -> 3
    HL3 confirmed?
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    Yay you featured my suggestion!
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    ooh, that spectre mask makes you look like a pimp, support!
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    You forgot the Summoner trinity.
  18. Uzume Tennouboshi

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    But that would break the whole purpose of a Trinity of Trinities :/

    So what, Quad of trinities? sounds dull...
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    As a reply to this thread and all suggestion thread made by Sz, I provide you this step-to-step guide in the form of a flowchart:
    Use it wisely!
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    Summoner will always be a secondary class type on the basis that it deals indirect secondary damage.

    I'm dealing solely with the primary class trio.