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Complicating Simple Math #1


Here you go!

500/30=16.7, or 16 rounding badly.
So at full health and dealing 30 damage each time, it would take 16.7 hits to kill a player.
At the Destroyer's health of 60,000, it would take 3,529 hits at 30 damage to kill him.
At 1 stab a second, that's 3,529 seconds, 58.8 mins, or 1 hr.
1 hr=3,600 secs, 1 sec= 1 min in Terraria time.
So 60 hrs. would be how long a Destroyer battle would take in Terraria time at 30 dps.
Assumng he ages 60 hrs in 1 hr, and that your character is 1 yr old, he would be 60 years old.

Assuming you started on New Year's Day, this guy should have stopped fighting in mid-July.​


Official Terrarian
I had this Polish Minecraft Server where they had this OP Weapon called the Kosa Zaglady (Still don't know what It means), which costed $100000 to get. The Mine consisted of Stone, and only stone.

Math time!
If Each block is mined in .2 Seconds
And every stack of cobble is sold for 50$
And I logged on for a hour a day

100000/50 = 2000
1705.15/.2 = 8525.75
8525.75/60 = Aprox. 142 Blocks / Hr
8525.75/142 = Aprox 60 straight hours of mining stone
60 Days of mining? NO, NEVER

After about 4 days worth of boring, I decided to go to PvP.
I got one from a guy who died, and quit immediately.


Now figure out the time it would take for Plantera to de of on-fire, with no other buffs or debuffs. I'll betcha it's longer.
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