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Confetti Spray


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The Destroyer
Me: It would be really cool if there was a flamethrower-style magic weapon.

Me, in this thread: There should be a confetti magic weapon.

Me, at the time of writing: Introduciiiiiiing the Confetti Spray! Ever wanted a magic spray to pierce enemies? Ever felt like confetti needed a better use? (read this thread.)

Well, boy do I have a deal for you! Confetti Spray sends out a beam of confetti that travels as far as the flamethrowers fire, and pierces enemies 3 times! In addition, when your foe is slain, you get a chance to get a wonderful prize, the party ticket!

Party Spray


(Sprite by @Lecic)
"Party on!"
Damage 22
Extremely weak knockback
Mana 10
Use time 20
Fires 4 beams in quick succession.
Causes enemies to drop party tickets at a 5% rate.

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Anything involving confetti just, well, gets me. I love confetti, and this suggestion too, as simple and generic as may be. Support.
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