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Mobile Connectivity issues on an online mobile hosted server


So I have an issue that I do not understand how to fix. Me and two friends have been playing together on a mobile server (everyone on their own phone and in their house) with no issues. But one of them is living with me at the moment and, if one is connected and the other one tries to get in, the one who was already in game is kicked out.
I understand it may be that we are detected as we have the same IP (we tried changing our IPs making it static and obviously different, with no results). Is there a way to fix this and be able to play all 3 together?
Another thing to keep in mind is that neither me nor my friend who lives with me now are able to host the server, if by any means this was the way to fix it.

Sorry in advance if its not well explained my english ain't the best, ask any info needed I will try to explain it with other words :(
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