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tModLoader Consolaria

Discussion in 'Released' started by Hastur, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    We planning to add Turkor first.
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  2. brobro

    brobro Skeletron Prime

    What I meant was if the console music was a setting you can turn on, Like you go into settings click a button and then space music turns to console.
  3. Cyclonic

    Cyclonic Terrarian

    Are Ocram's super long invincibility phases intentional? If so, is there something I'm missing? (I'm playing on Expert btw)
  4. Blanky200411

    Blanky200411 Terrarian

    Excellent work guys!
  5. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Oh, sorry then. Yes, we can probably do that using the config file.

    His invincibility phases last as long as he has active minions summoned. We could change that if its too hard to avoid
  6. World Writer E-cat

    World Writer E-cat Skeletron Prime

    So glad this is a thing again! Definitely gonna be using this in most of my modpacks from now on!
  7. Andrew Luceo

    Andrew Luceo Skeletron Prime

    will you add the prism of Danann an nonexistent weapon made of rainbow pieces.
  8. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    I think you have the wrong thread. This is a mod that adds cut Console content to the PC version.
    It has nothing to do with adding new items unless it's to fill a gap that Console had.
    Besides that description is so incredibly vague that nobody could add anything based on that.
  9. Andrew Luceo

    Andrew Luceo Skeletron Prime

    In terraria during the st. Patrick's day event the rainbow piece fall from the sky in the day the guide says that if you get enough of them you can create the prism of Danann which is named after the Danann the gods of Irish Celtic mythology
  10. GrantVsZombies

    GrantVsZombies Plantera

    He's actually right!


    Read the Trivia section. "The Guide references that the rainbow pieces are parts of a greater object, the Prism Danann. However, there is no such item in the game."

    Danann is actually a race of supernatural beings in Irish mythology, apparently.

    Very interesting find! I wasn't even aware of this until now.
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  11. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Wait. What.
    OH. Mobile only. That explains why I had no clue this existed.
    Okay in that case it's fair to ask to have that added. In fact, adding a whole set of holiday Irish-themed items during St. Patrick's Day season would be amazing and...
    I kind of want it now.

    Well heck, I owe you an apology. I thought I knew about all the events in every version but that one slipped right by me somehow.
    Sorry about my response before, I had no idea you were suggesting something that was actually hinted at in a different edition.
  12. AntarcticVoid

    AntarcticVoid Terrarian

    So im guessing everyone but me knows how to craft the skull but me?
  13. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    ...do people actually play modded without Recipe Browser?
    5 Souls of F/S/M, 5 Hellstone/Adamantite|Titanium Bars, and 10 Bones at a Demon Altar.

    Also Uh, @Hastur hey uh, pretty major bug report here, but I'm afraid I have NO IDEA what's causing it.
    In my multiplayer world, everything has been working fine, but upon summoning Ocram (and only Ocram, other modded bosses work fine) he was completely invisible aside from his map marker. (The servents were not). Once we got him to ... what I assume is his second phase, he remained invincible and the entire screen starting flickering horribly all over the place with a bunch of seemingly random colors and blocks kept disappearing and...
    TL;DR it was awful and if I was epilleptic I prolly would have had a seizure so this is a pretty massive issue.
    It's not a hardware issue because we both experienced the exact same problems and are on vastly different systems (though we are both on Windows 10)

    Monster Expert 1.2
    Reduced Grinding 4.33.1
    Angler Quest Announcement 2.2
    Copper To Wire 1.1.3
    Wireless 1.5
    Boss Checklist 0.2
    Piercing Projectile Fox 1.3
    Miniboss Expansion 0.9
    Dryad's Wood Stash 1.0.5
    Plentiful Ores 1.3
    Better Take A Power Tool
    Not Enough Flamethrowers 0.5.1
    No More Tombs 1.0.1
    Critter Craze
    Mod Helpers (Hamstar's Helpers)
    TerrariaHooks 0.13
    Summoners Association 0.3
    Builder's Toolbox 1.1.1
    Virtuous Weapon Pack
    WeaponOut 1.6.3
    Dye Easy 1.7
    Consolaria 1.0.6 (I think? The latest version on Mod Browser, anyway. Hard to tell because the text is cut off by some icons because it's far too long a name)
    Reforge Armor 1.0
    Just Another Alchemist NPC 2.3
    No Text Pulse 1.0.2
    Chad's Furniture 1.4.1
    Idglib 2.2
    Ophioid 1.92
    Yet Another Boss Health Bar 1.3.2
    Boss Highlights 0.2.2
    Vanilla Tweaks 2.9
    Box Of Gadgets
    Solutions 1.4.1
    Directional Melee 0.1.0
    Friendly NPCs Don't Die 1.1
    Vex's Hotkeys
    Item Stats+ 1.3.2
    Full Health Respawn 0.0.1
    Reduced Respawn Timer 0.0.2
    Better Buffs
    Buffed Damage Over Time Debuffs
    Melee To Throwing 1.2
    What Ammo Does It Shoot? 0.1.1
    Crouch, Crawl, and Roll 1.1.1
    Helpful Hotkeys 1.5.5
    Wing Slot 1.6.2
    Recipe Browser 0.7
    Which Mod Is This From? 2.6
    Auto Trash 0.3.1
    Magic Storage
    Miscellania 1.6.5
    DNI Equipment Upgrade
    More Chest Loot 0.6
    Infinity - Endless Items 19.0
    Prefixes For Enemies 2.0.0

    I tested in Singleplayer and Ocram worked perfectly fine. Same mod setup and everything.
    In multiplayer, he again spawned invisible and we just used the Enchanted Sundial to despawn him because we didn't want to deal with his second phase's horrid screen-flickering again.

    So yeah, it definitely appears to be a multiplayer-specific issue.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  14. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Wow, sounds scary. We'll test this and try to fix if possible.
    Thanks for your report!
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  15. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    I hope that you can reproduce it and find a fix, because yeah, it was incredibly nasty. I've never seen anything like that happen in Terraria before.
    Unfortunately means we had to skip Ocram. From what little we did get of the boss fight though, the mechanics are quite neat, and he's definitely challenging!
    (Granted the invisibility may have added to the challenge somewhat.)
  16. xilemile123

    xilemile123 Terrarian

    hey, once this mod is done, maybe add the japanese console version items here as well? unless a mod has already done that (havent seen that mod being a thing) but if you dont know what the japanese console version has, https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Category:Japanese_console_content is what is has in it, would be nice seeing either that in this mod, or another mod (since i dont believe that is removed from the game)
  17. HallowKingJerrold

    HallowKingJerrold Spazmatism

    Evil bear is evil
  18. CreeperSaga95

    CreeperSaga95 Spazmatism

    thanks for this i will not rush because we have enough mods as of now but im super excited to get turkor will turkor and lepus only work on specific dates or will they always work?
  19. Jatie

    Jatie Terrarian

    the new chinese new year wyvern does not drop souls of flight.
  20. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    It should?