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Console 1.3: A Progress Update on the Road to Certification

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Sep 25, 2017.

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  1. EvanFire0435

    EvanFire0435 Terrarian

    Can you plz not delete ocram but if you do can you send us a website that we can move are worlds and character too so we can update terraria and put them back on
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  2. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    You won't have to: your saves will be automatically updated once the update hits. There's no need to move them off and on your platform again. ;)
  3. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    I think he's talking about a way to keep suspicious looking skulls after the update passes and whatnot.
    If that's the case, then that's just wrong. Why ask a developer for illegal stuff?
  4. Moat

    Moat Terrarian

  5. Khaosbringer

    Khaosbringer Skeletron

    I'm guessing it was more so that he could keep his pre-update saves, so that if he wished to uninstall the update, he could save scum the old data to retrieve his worlds. This would make sense if you wanted to fight ocram later on without losing your progress.
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  6. Lionoflight00

    Lionoflight00 Terrarian

    So uh that update huh......... Coming out pretty soon well I hope atleast
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  7. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Spazmatism

    Both PS4 and XB1 allow you to copy your save data to other devices like a usb stick. The problem is once 1.3 comes out it will be very difficult to get a non-1.3 version of Terraria for PS4/XB1. So even if you backup all your saves you can't really remove the 1.3 update after that point.
  8. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Spazmatism

    If you update, Impossible, once you update, it will download the 1.3 Update, and when you load the world, it's going to save in a 1.3 capcity.

    Once that happens, a device only capable of running pre-1.3 will be incapable of running the world, it will crash, or corrupt the world/character, since it's saved with 1.3 properties, and possibly items.
  9. MBraderz

    MBraderz Skeletron Prime

    Unless you have a disc based version of Terraria and un-install the update from your console, play offline with the base version, then update when you feel necessary

    Not sure about Sony/PS4 policies but Xbox and current Microsoft policies do not allow for save sharing to external media such as a USB devices, you can however transfer data from Microsoft's cloud server which is linked to your Gamertag profile if transferring data from 1 Xbox one to another so that game progress isn't lost per-se
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  10. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator


    Single word posts/videos are generally lack of content. In the future please ensure there is more content in your posts to contribute to the discussion.
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  11. Khaosbringer

    Khaosbringer Skeletron

    Gonna depend on how they do the update. If it updated the saves immediatly, then your probably not going to be able to do it. If they only update if you load the world, then you can make a copy of the world pre update, and only play 1.3 on one save, and have a disk copy (lotta hoops, but still do-able) then you can delete your update data and still use the unupdated save to play the pre 1.3 save file.

    I use this trick with fallout 4 sometimes when i'm bored. I have a few characters that i built before they patched the big exploits i like to play around with sometimes. There was a trick early on to get max S.P.E.C.I.A.L, as well as a few that allowed you to dupe items that were eventually patched. Same with a few for dead island 2 that worked similar.

    When i feel like going god mode i clear my game data, and it allows me to play my prepatch characters. If i feel like it, i can redownload the updates and carry on. Any post 1.3 saves will show as corrupted if you try to play them using this method, but redownloading the updates after will make them playable again. So It will come down to how you want to do it.

    I don't know about xbox one, but ps4 does offer the option of copying game save data to a usb. This would prevent the issue of the saves updating. You could remove the update and transfer the data back to the ps4. I don't want to throw up any links, but a quick google search will tell ya how to do it.
  12. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Spazmatism

    Weird. The 360 did support usb sticks. Seems like such a stupid step backwards.
  13. GoldenGrimIV

    GoldenGrimIV Terrarian

    Terraria Rules especially when someone is playing it on friday TGIF Have a great friday community :D or monday,tuesday,wensday and thursday if your reading this late
  14. Theodwine

    Theodwine Terrarian

    Well excuse them for being dedicated devs and not just giving us some half assed update for our satisfaction of it coming out super early. They are working as hard as they :red:ing can to get it to us in the least amount of time possible. You'd understand if you've actually coded a game before.(and please excuse me on my french back there), but seriously, put yourself in their shoes, it's not easy to just code a game, especially when it's a HUGE update for two different versions of the game!

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  15. AstralWolf03

    AstralWolf03 Terrarian

    I've never thought about it, but it definitely seems like Pipeworks studios is try their hardest to bring us the fastest update and the best at the same time. They just seem like a great company to get to work with on this amazing game, and I appreciate their efforts to bring us the best game possible despite all the hate they are getting for all the delays. But like many posts have said, if the delays make it better, then so be it.

    Keep up the work Pipeworks ;)
  16. RedStarStyleYT

    RedStarStyleYT Terrarian

    I'm just happy that we are getting news :D:bluslime::gslime::pslime::yslime::bslime::cslime::islime::lslime::sslime::rslime::kingslime:
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  17. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The issue with this is that any saves from the current version will not be compatible with a base disc version since there have been updates for all console versions since their original releases.
  18. Khaosbringer

    Khaosbringer Skeletron

    Good point. So that narrows down the options. If your only wanting to still fight ocram its still a possible solution. But you will be forced to play only content available during the initial console release. It would also most likely require starting a new char. More hoops, but the option is still available. Just no plantera/golem/fishron or other 1.2.4 content. Unless they were present in the initial ps4/xbox one release. Don't remember what update those versions released with.
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  19. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Spazmatism

    According to the Official Wiki:

    "The 1.2 update was a free update released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita platforms on April 17, 2014. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions included this update in their November 2014 release. The update featured all content from the desktop version through (Except the Coin Gun and 10 extra inventory slots) as well as some additional console exclusive content:"


    P.S perhaps someone should quote me here, Khaos currently has me ignored.
  20. AstralWolf03

    AstralWolf03 Terrarian

    I believe the mech bosses and ocram came with the initial console release. Then everything that we have now on console came in the next update as far as I know.
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