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Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread


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So, the day is finally here! You have Console Terraria 1.3 in your hands at last - so as you dig ever deeper into the tons of new content and features, come back here and let us know what you think.

Do not report Bugs here - those should be reported via the Official Bug Reporting Form > CLICK HERE FOR THAT

This thread is for more subjective feedback about how you feel about the changes and content. Keep in mind a few things while doing so:
  • As the 1.3 content itself is well ingrained into the game at this point, changes to that functionality are less likely (and keep in mind that 1.3.1 - 1.3.5 will evolve it once those come)
  • There are some definite changes to the way Console operates as well as the UI, etc. Feedback on that is welcome.
  • Keep it constructive. Please leave any personal attacks and the like at home. :)
  • Keep it focused. Make it easier for the dev teams to read and understand the feedback being given. Posts that stray too far from this may be removed and/or action taken.

That said, we are all interested to hear what you think!
is there still a way to bind certian weapons/items to your d-pad? I have looked but cant find anything about it


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noticed a severe uptick in freezes on death after using the stardust dragon. it has happened 4 times since I started using it.
Rest assured that I have and will continue to bring this element up with the death crashes. It may not be THE cause, but I highly suspect based on all that I have read that it is part of the breadcrumbs.

Made sure to pass along the missing martians. All of the rest is already on the bug or feedback list. (Which maybe means we are finally nearing the end of the generation stage of that list... so just the investigating and fixing - both ongoing - to go)


My friends and I have a lot of trouble playing together, apps keep crashing and our worlds keep getting deleted it is very frustrating, makes us not really want to play and we absolutely love terraria. We have been so excited to play ever since we heard the update was going to come to console. Any idea on how to make our gameplay better or maybe how long until the next bug fix?
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Hey devs. Thank you for your hardwork. I've been looking forward to this update.

Like has been said, im extremely disappointed with the UI. It was designed for a mouse and it shows.

The text is unreadable. Before we had to sit next to the tv to see while splitscreen, now it is just impossible to read any thing. Please opacity sliders, and remive blinking.

Ive submitted bug reports, but ill say it here: exiting the menu also activates whatever O is bound to. Im used it being interact. Now it is hard to exit a chest menu.

Im scared to try new bosses because of the possibility of crashing.

Lastly, how do i split a pile in half? I used to be able to hold R1, but that's been sacrificed to the single screen menu. (Edit: Presents can't be split into piles but other items can).

P.S. Improved UI+splitscreen is why I purchased console version, even the fact that the game crashed whenever i exited the game while in splitscreen didn't stop me from getting 99% to platinum.
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You are correct, the only thing is that probes are very rare. Use a water candle and battle potions.
I get them all the time, just not in space. Do they need a tile to spawn on? Or are they like harpies/wyverns, which can spawn in thin air?


Positives from 1.3:

Favorite items; craft from chests; equipping mount, pet, and hook; quick use split into categories; autopause; favorite character/world; more world slots; expert mode; seeing inventory and chest; new bosses and items (conveyor belt!).

Just wanted to add some positivity to the thread.

I get why positive feedback is lacking though; we already knew what goodies we were getting for a long time.


Try L2. It also works (for me) for the quick-equip as R1 used to, although it does something strange when replacing it; it switches the next item down on the list.
Which class do you play? And which weapons do you have?
i usually play melee, but it doesn't matter now I have defeated him:sigh: I used the terrarian and the nurse but thanks for the intention:happy:


I looked through a few pages but couldn't find an answer to these questions

1. What is going on with the trophies? Can we still get them? I was almost done with two of them before the update. I completed the requirements after the update but didn't get the trophies. Is the get all pets trophy unlockable now?

2. Can we still transfer our backuped worlds to the Vita version? I think I read that when the update converts our worlds, it also makes a backup. I'd like to transfer my world and character to the Vita so I can keep working on my trophies


No worries. I was going to suggest the dummy-saddle machine and the flairon, that's how I got my first shrimpy truffle.
Aren't they 1.3.1?
I did try tht but the detonating bubbles got me


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I actually have to say that I'm used to it now; they just changed it from R1 to L2, but it wasn't written anywhere.
Yeah, I set up custom controls.
[doublepost=1514745576,1514745161][/doublepost]How do you view the Buff/debuff tooltips?
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