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Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by ClearConscious, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Soulstar

    Soulstar Terrarian

    I did so not sure where you got that from.
  2. LightLors

    LightLors Terrarian

    from experience
  3. gtasthehunter

    gtasthehunter Terrarian

    And who was this post even aimed at?

    You can't upload or download to or from the PS+'s Online Storage without PS+ and this is because in-game you can't upload or download newer worlds made on ps4 anymore because you can only download the cross-save files that would have been uploaded while on a ps3 or ps vita. or if there were some ps4 worlds that was uploaded before the game was updated.

    I also said to use USB Flash Drives too!
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  4. Soulstar

    Soulstar Terrarian

    There was a general mention of the old upload download feature coded in pre 1.3 I thought and I can say that it helped a lot because I don't do online gaming so no ps+. With 1.3 that feature is now different which does hinder some people who have kids who minecraft Terraria basically. That was all it was on my end of reading things.
  5. marcoboyle

    marcoboyle Terrarian

    Yep I totally agree. I have a son who plays on my account and he lost his items because this 1.3 is to be frank, a bit of a steaming pile. (At least for now) having had several really good items deleted, he had a 8 year old thought that he could remedy the situation by redownloaded the character with R1 thinking it was his PS4 guy because he's done that before with his guy on ps3.

    Nope, it was the guy he made in that character slot on the vita months ago who basically had nothing. Now not only has he lost his items, he's now lost everything trying to use the upload download feature the way it used to work.

    Now this is user error admittedly, but he's 8. How many kids play this game? By the looks of the posts complaining about Xbox delays I'd hazard a guess that a large majority of players are kids. Your systems need to be kid proof / idiot proof, whatever you want to call it before you release it to the wider public.

    Honestly, I think the state of the game is pretty disgraceful. The reason Sony and Microsoft has certification is to make sure the game is fundimentally sound and doesn't break things on your system or on their end.

    Pipeworks have a duty to ensure that their game works in much the same way from an internal perspective. Console players aren't used to mucking about with files and drivers etc the way pc players are. It really has to just 'work' when it's released. This issue is an example of how there shouldn't have been a download option without an upload option, or just have none at all.

    Same with the initial world conversion crashes.
    Trying to talk my 8 year old through the steps of fixing the conversion crashes by going in and uploading his data to the cloud, finding and deleting system files an redownloading the game, and explaining this blindly over the phone when he's at his mum's is a tedious and frustration experience for both of us, and an attrocious state of affairs for the game to be in. How many kids don't have A dad who scours the forum's and found the fix and can explain how to do it to them? And therefore now have a game that just doesn't work? And seeing as they don't know what to do about it, they don't come here to complain about it? I don't know the percentage of people who encountered this problem, but 3 freinds of mine, my son, and I, all play terraria, (5 in total), and every single one of us had to manually remove the system file and redownload etc to just get it working because every single one of us had it crash in the conversion process.

    Now this is anecdotal numbers, but imagine scaling this up across several hundreds of thousands of people (conservatively). How many people now have effectively a bricked version of terraria and don't know how to fix it and ARENT complaining here. I have no idea but just the thought of it makes me sad. And there's no real way to tell them now how to fix it, they have to come and look for the answers somewhere like here and most won't.

    As miyamoto said
    "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever".

    You can patch games now so it's not a completely apt quote, but in the case of those that got a broken game from the update, that's effectively what it was.
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  6. Siftermalik

    Siftermalik Terrarian


    First off:
    I'm not an admin., Designer, certified play tester, game designer, graphic artist, or in marketing. I don't have a degree in computer science, have a management or business degree, nor own either type of business.

    That disclaimer said, I do have an electronic engineering degree, work at a health care company, am ex military, but more importantly I am also a DAD, Father, and avid game player.

    My 9 year old said: "I'm not playing a game that's glitching anymore, or one I will lose items. I lost the Terra Blade DAD, I worked SO hard to get that. Why did they break my favourite game. And I can't even see it anymore."

    My 9 year old has a vision disability in his left eye, and stood 3 feet from our huge TV, and could not even see the text then.

    My 12 year old said: "Dad, I'm sorry, but I don't want to play it anymore. Maybe if they fix it, but maybe not. It's not the same game anymore. And I can't get my level back. We were in the middle of moving over our level and items from the PS3 and can't do that anymore either."

    So I would quote your entire post, which every line hit home for us. They bricked our favourite game. How it got released is beyond my understanding.

    And this link will likely get deleted but check out this:

    How many PS4 games are on that list.....hmmm.

    Siftermalik out *drops mic, walks out*
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  7. Salazar

    Salazar Eye of Cthulhu

    I have 20/20 vision and still cant see the inventory, crafting menu, etc on my big screen TV. Thats saying something. They made it sooo much like PC, that we`re supposed to be 6 inches from the screen like they are at thier computer desks.
    Thats just insane.

    I work 12 hour days lifting steel the whole time so when i get home, i just wanna relax next to my wife in bed and maybe play some Terraria... But now i NEED to sit in a chair right in front of my TV while she sits in bed alone if i wanna play. That aint right. So i just dont play it anymore.
    I could only imagine what its like for someone with any vision problems at all or even people who have anything less than the 55inch TV i use.

    They were very inconsiderate with these UI changes and i already know they wont put resources into rectifying the problem because this whole change was based on a "One Terraria" theme that ruined the game.
    They wont ever admit that it was the dumbest idea they ever had, considering they never admit to any other faults.

    This new UI gives me actual headaches.
    Someone even reportedly had a seizure from the game so it makes me wonder if this game is even healthy enough to play anymore anyway.
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  8. gtasthehunter

    gtasthehunter Terrarian

    You can zoom in by pressing Options and reading the lower left corner, but I stay zoomed in most of the time on my 32" TV with a table with laptop and keyboard on between me and the TV so I'm quite close but to all that close.

    I find the UI just fine now and it was awkward till after a while of playing and I just started back up again 1-2 days after this update was out! And I was up to the point where I was able to defeat Orcam which is gone now.
  9. Salazar

    Salazar Eye of Cthulhu

    You cant zoom in on the inventory screen, craft menus or bible print words. And if you could, you shouldnt have to.
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  10. gtasthehunter

    gtasthehunter Terrarian

    Shouldn't really need to zoom in on those! Only when building, mining so you can see what you are doing, and maybe while fighting sometimes too.
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  11. Steelebourne

    Steelebourne Terrarian

    It had nothing to do with his age. I'm an ancient 43, and did the exact same thing. Every time I would finish playing on the PS4, I'd immediately upload it so I could pick up right where I left off on my Vita (and vice-versa), which I did often. I hadn't played the Vita in about a month, so I never downloaded my game from the PS4 & simply forgot. Thanks to this worthless "update"...well, we all know what happened next...
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  12. Al do Rah

    Al do Rah Skeletron Prime

    Maybe if the UI wasn't screwed up then this update may be good, but as an Xbox player I haven't seen the UI yet. Someone should share a screenshot of the UI.
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  13. Siftermalik

    Siftermalik Terrarian

    We didnt either until it hit our systems. There were as far as I know no media releases of the testing or screenshots/videos saying of said "update" "This is what it will look like, please provide feedback."

    X Box will likely get a more favourable version, but it's not like they play favourites to them or have a history with them...so they'll fix the PS4 version.
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  14. Steelebourne

    Steelebourne Terrarian

    They've said that it was announced prior to release, but I have no clue where. I have no reason to read up on games that have worked great or have remained basically unchanged for years (or both, like the console versions of Terraria). There were no notifications either ingame or on the PS4's notification list. It just happened, and now we're stuck with this downgrade.
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  15. gtasthehunter

    gtasthehunter Terrarian

    That is one of the problems right there no one else should be using your account, you should make a 2nd account for them! And I'm having a blast with this update!

    You only back up save to PS+ and USB Drives I use like 3 USB drives and PS+ and anytime I take a break for while or it crashes I back save up on a different USB Drive then the last time when I backed them up.

    The UI good after few hrs of playing and changing the control settings, I've set the shoulder buttons to where R2 uses items/tools and L1, R1 move through the toolbar L2 is grapple, Square is open to being anything needed mainly Quick Heal or Quick Mount, Circle is Interact, Triangle is Inventory, D-Pad is shortcuts that you have to reset each time you enter a world.

    I don't' know what downgrade you're talking about cause I'm having a blast with this while either in single player or while hosting Multiplayer even have a UFO Mount! I got 2 and my online co-op partner got the other,

    But I still have a bit of lag sometimes and quite a few crashes after lots of lag, but so far it seems to crash soon after it autosaves, once I lost like 5mins other is is only like 1-2mins of lost time! But they do need to add touchpad gestures swipes up, down, left, right, and buttons, and KB+M support! Any game that has a toolbar with 1-0 slots really does need KB+M support!
  16. Al do Rah

    Al do Rah Skeletron Prime

    The UI isn't the controls. It's stuff like the map, inventory, or the hotbar.
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  17. gtasthehunter

    gtasthehunter Terrarian

    It takes the controls to even play the game and to control the UI... they go together can't have one without the other! And it is better now cause before there was no Mini-Map but seem like mob locations don't show up anymore but most bosses or mini-bosses seem to show on mini-map.

    And it is good you can equip 5 Accessories and 5 vanity Accessories and armor and swap as need with L2 you can make the cell phone even before hardmode rarest 3 items are from fishing rewards! get these before hardmode! I could already make 2nd Cell Phone for another character if get 2 more fishing reward again. , there are sort options for inventory, chests, bank, safe, stack to nearby chests but< this can get messy if have lots of random stuff in chests nearby too.

    The toolbar is the same as it always was the hotbar that uses the d-pad now needs to be set in the setting to use and have to set them again each time you enter a world. but not that just kind of reminds what goes where and what is set to what.

    So again the Hotbar is to a controller setting and part of the UI. I just want more useable settings to set
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  18. -Zifrod

    -Zifrod Terrarian

    Hi, I had some of my older worlds on my PS4 not converting through the new update. I had about seven worlds and only three of them were converted. Unfortunately, the 2 ones I really cared about were left behind... I was wondering if there was anything to do or if an update could help. I cannot download anything with the option made for it, it only crashes the game.

    Other than that, I like the new update, expert mode is amazing to me, the feeling of seeing your charcter while your inventory is open is awesome and I also like all the options for constrols. A bit bigger texts, a way to choose the sensitivity of the cursor, having the option to quit without saving (or the upload and download with the cloud (sometimes my little sis and bros play with my worlds/characters...)) would be welcomed! Thank you :)
  19. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @-Zifrod,thanks for sharing this feedback, Pipeworks is listening to everything sent in.

    For your four worlds that didn’t convert over, there is a hotfix update that will be out soon that includes this:
    • Fixed a bug where legacy worlds would not be carried over if player’s had Tombstones, signs, or chests with names that included special characters.
    So perhaps that will be a solution for your worlds. The hotfix update has not been sent in yet, there’s more info about that here: Status Update on Additional PS4 Hotfixes & Xbox One Release

    Also, there’s a list of known workarounds here that might be helpful until bugs are fixed: Console 1.3 Transition and Workaround FAQ
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  20. Devourer of Gods

    Devourer of Gods Steampunker

    many of my favorite youtubers use bubble blocks along witch cute fishron to kill expert moon lord, and in their videos, the bubble blocks hold water, but the player can go through them. on my friend's ps4, we tried the same strategy, but we couldn't go through tye bubbles. please fix this.