Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by ClearConscious, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Lex1253

    Lex1253 Terrarian

    Thank you. If that doesn't work, what do I do?
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  2. TeddieSage

    TeddieSage Terrarian

    Yeah, I agree with the fonts being way too small for a console game.
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  3. Lex1253

    Lex1253 Terrarian

    Thank you for replying, by the way!
  4. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    I'm investigating a possible workaround, however the most obvious thing atm would be to start a new world until we apply a hotfix.
  5. MajorMalfunction

    MajorMalfunction Terrarian

    I haven't tried converting my own worlds yet but I just did my kid's and logged into one of his games and the character is stuck and can't even move. I am making dinner right now and can't really research this right at the moment. Is it still left stick to move or am I missing something? My kid's character is just sitting there on the screen while slimes attack him and the guide is defending him and my kid's pretty sad about it tbh.
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  6. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    It's more what I'm not seeing; the chest inventory is minuscule, and the fact tat it's semi-transparent makes it worse.
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    I have 50% of the treasure bags and a headache. I'm going to bed.
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  7. ChrisTiTan82

    ChrisTiTan82 Terrarian

    Hello Terrarians.Why isn't it possible to exit a game without saving anymore ? And how can i upload my world ? Oh and every time when i try to Download a world my Game crash with an error code CE-348-78-0
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  8. Grudgemom

    Grudgemom Terrarian

    That error code is a PlayStation issue, not a Terraria issue. Look it up to find out how to fix. I'm initializing my PS4 right now trying to get rid of it.
  9. ZeroJinKui

    ZeroJinKui Terrarian

    this is a massive difference from what i am used to, so i am bumbling through everything again, it really does feel completely different. :dryadtongue:

    though, i gotta ask, since i am not sure if this IS a bug, or if it is intentional... are doors supposed to be blocked by ropes/chests/etc, now?

    it was never like that before now, so i am curious if that is intentional... if so, i am gonna have to be much more careful with how i build houses from now on, since with atleast two of my worlds, it's basically impossible to traverse my homes without tearing down the doors.

    also a little sad my souls of blight just vanished instead of being converted to gold, but i guess it wasn't that big of a deal.

    i'm gonna feel a little lost while i get used to how the game feels now, but it is great to finally have 1.3, so thank you pipeworks! :dryadhappy:

    Edit: wow, i look through and everyone is freaking out about the controls... people, just move to custom controls and bind the buttons you want to the actions you want them to do... i have my old console controls set up the way i had them, INCLUDING the D-pad hotkeys... it's not gone, did you people even look at the control options?

    also, i LOVE the new way of zooming in/out... it's far easier for me, because for some reason, the touchpad zooming didn't even work for me.
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  10. MajorMalfunction

    MajorMalfunction Terrarian

    Not necessarily. It will flag that error if the game crashes due to a game bug too. Happens all the time in ESO for me, and it's definitely ZOS servers, not my PS4.
  11. Lex1253

    Lex1253 Terrarian

    Thank you!
  12. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    As far as I remember, it has always been the case that doors can't be opened if there are chests/ropes next to them. Still is the case on PC. The only way around it is to open from the other side if there isn't a chest on the other side also. This is done by switching the position your character is facing.

    Though it is the case that doors on console version open automatically, so it's possible the behavior was a little different before.
  13. Bakubread

    Bakubread Terrarian

    Now first, I realize that this is probably a very niche issue, but circle is the button used to close menus, however it is also the button I have set to interact with NPCs/objects, as that is what I was used to from the previous version. This causes me to do things like take down torches and talk to NPCs whenever exiting my inventory or a chest and it's a bit annoying. I don't know if this is due to how the game works or if it's my controller or what.
  14. novitsu

    novitsu Terrarian

    just spent an hour or so playing. got an eclipse followed by a blood moon so that was a fun environment to get used to the changes in...lmao

    1) is there a transparency slider for the new menus? its overall an improvement but i seriously cant see half of the items/slots because of the transparency.

    2) Using d-pad as an alternate cursor doesn't work like it used to. It used to move continuously as I held it down and now I have to move it incrementally.

    3) nitpick but the radial right stick is bigger and a little less granularly accurate. im not sure why. also the circle is persistent on screen. I kind of wish we could have kept the console interface or made it optional, but I can get used to it I think.

    4) oh my god why is all of my text BLINKING lol

    the major thing is just a transparency option for the menus. Its seriously really hard to read things. And the granularity difference with the right stick is weird. it makes spears more unwieldy.

    All things considered there are a million improvements and I think it might be important to state that in addition to the menu criticisms because there is a wellspring of new content that I cant wait to tear thru!
  15. Grudgemom

    Grudgemom Terrarian

    Thank you for a constructive post instead of just "omg it sucks!"
  16. bgardner104

    bgardner104 Terrarian

    add using the ps4 touchpad as a way for cursor movement in menus, during gameplay or being able to map swipe gestures to it (ie. hotkeys or navigation cycle).
  17. novitsu

    novitsu Terrarian

    in regards to the doors: if its blocked on the side you are facing it wont open. you have to face the direction you want the door to swing. it definitely changed in the update, i have a bench right next to a door and it wont open if im facing to the left.
  18. EmptySea

    EmptySea Terrarian

    Played a bit, menus dont get much easier to see but its tolerable from 8-10ft away for me. The right stick change is aggravating af tbh. Playin where's waldo with ur cursor using ranged attacks at night on a fresh char does keep u on ur toes tho lol.
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  19. Hey guys love the update so far i really enjoy all the extra item space and how you can change all the controls to your own preference (and its about dam time we get a mini map lol).
    I was actually surprised how well one of my more .. Intense worlds transfered. I do have a couple issues that have already been mentioned. I very strongly prefer the old zoom in and out on the touch pad, sometimes you need to do so while in the middle of gameplay. I do like how you have the touch pad as a button to your full map, my suggestion would be keep to keep the button aspect of the touchpad as a quick full map button but use the pinching function of the touchpad to zoom in and out like it previously was used.
    I cant read anything in my menu now and my tv is huge lol, transparent writing is not the answer, and for whatever reason when i highlight objects in my bag the text starts blinking (almost vibrating).
    Another issue tho not nearly as big is that it really sucks that doors are blocked by chests and rope now. This never used to be an issue and it just means ill have to do a lot of remodeling. Also like someone else was asking what happened to the option to upload worlds? I have a world that i wont dare take online now because it only ever takes minutes before some :red: joins and starts wreaking your world and i have worlds with thousands of hours that id rather not have destroyed (maybe online works different now?) oh and on a side note I did try to play online multiplayer on a world i dont care about and it wouldnt load up (tried 3 times)

    I know you only want suggestions and not bugs here but while im at it i might as well mention a big one I keep running into. My game is freezing literally EVERY time the moon lord kills me. I even waited 20 min the one time to make sure it was indeed frozen and not just horific lag. The only thing I could do each time was exit the game and load it back up.

    Other then those few issues im reeeeeally enjoying all the new content. It was awesome to see my npcs fighting back when a goblin invasion came, and fishing and fighting from my mount is great! ^^
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  20. Siftermalik

    Siftermalik Terrarian

    Should I be regretting having a highly advanced world with multiple trap sections for spawns and summoned event spawns? I'm seeing my home and the work now only through a nightmare of paranoia as I stare at the conversion screen stuck at 75%.

    I can imagine unable to load a corrupted file, and while starting over from THAT level of advancement is possible, not appealing.

    My son is hoping for Y-Yo's