Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by ClearConscious, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Darrel714

    Darrel714 Terrarian

    Please bring back the old UI or at least make it similar to old-gen. I loved having it as big as the entire thing and it's really hard to see down in the corner. It kinda sucks. It'd be great if you could make the sort-of fullscreen-ish menu that opened up instead of it just being the tiny boxes. The picture shows exactly what I want back. The whole menu that opened up with the different tabs for weapons, armor, and potions, and such. PLEASE consider this or at least make an option in the settings to do so. Something like: Old-gen UI. ON/OFF Please, I can hardly play the game without having to be a foot away from the screen.

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  2. Steelebourne

    Steelebourne Terrarian

    I would love that, but they've made it clear that they're never going to let us have that option.
  3. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    Sorry, the pics are a bit later than promised (revenge!!). The issue with the Frost Moon arena is the number of pumpkins generated by the Horseman's Blade; I've run the farm during the day with the Solar Eruption and there was no lag. @Cyberra the rail is around 100 tiles away from the chamber, if you're going to use this set up. Although it looks like only red wire going into the chamber, it's actually all three; the colours seem to have display priority over each other, instead of appearing mixed.

    The issue with the Truffle Worm farm is the flame traps; I know this because my life fruit farm used to have them (to clear the vines) and it lagged just as badly. I've since switched that one to dart traps and there is now no lag.

    Both these issues began with the last patch, not the original update to 1.3.

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  4. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron

    Neat. I have no idea how to build it, though... Is that one of those "hoik" things? I've heard of them but have no clue whatsoever how to build them or make them work. I'd need a video with a step-by-step building and wiring guide, something no builder on YT seems to make, or someone with a lot more brains than me to build it for me.

    Getting someone in to build it for me would also require the devs to actually fix the multiplayer tally counter reset issue, since I am not losing all my rare-banner progress again. Or building it in one of my secondary worlds.
  5. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Thanks @ED209 - shared that additional info with the team.
  6. RuffioLostBoy

    RuffioLostBoy Terrarian

    Can you please add keyboard and mouse support for PS4? The console already supports it, the game just needs to make use of it. I am decent at doing normal activities on controller, but I find it far too clunky when you need to do things quickly, like in the middle of a boss fight. Please, help me out! I will be infinitely grateful!
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  7. Coolguy2201

    Coolguy2201 Terrarian

    Any thoughts upon adding a custom UI scaling on new-gen consoles? Everything around the corners are stretched off-screen despite what I try.
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  8. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    @ZeroGravitas has done a number of hoik tutorial videos, if they're not on his page then you should be able to Google them.
  9. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    More lagging (below) and the dummy ghost stops teleporting in this event, meaning that the mobs aren't being teleported into the kill chamber.

    Also, the shutdown bug has started again.

    Also also, is there any way you can fix the crafting bug now? It takes about five minutes to make a stack of walls because they keep vanishing from the menu. Crafting is arguably the most core aspect of the game.

  10. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    This is a feature that we would have to add. It's on our list of things to explore, but hopefully that helps shed some light on why it hasn't come yet. It's not technically a bug.
  11. r4v1n6

    r4v1n6 Official Terrarian

    According to your profile you own pretty much every Terraria edition there is, but I'm guessing this is an Xbox One issue. Have you tried:
    • Try changing output mode from Autodetect/HDMI to DVI in your Xbox Settings>Display & sound>Video output>Video fidelity & overscan.
      Then restore resolution to 1080 (it gets reset to 720).
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  12. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    Seems to be fixed in this patch, thanks. Can't find any other fixes though, is the a list we can see?
  13. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

  14. Coolguy2201

    Coolguy2201 Terrarian

    I tried that already, and nothing improved. My mana bar is cutoff as well as everything else regarding corners. From what I see, I'm not the only one with the issue.
  15. r4v1n6

    r4v1n6 Official Terrarian

    Yes, there are a few people that have this issue. The best solution would be if Microsoft could add a global option to adjust this. Then you could adjust this once for all games. From what I understand PS4 already have this.

    What you can do while waiting for Microsoft/Pipeworks to address this, is to look for a newer firmware for your TV. Since the issue really is your TV not handling the HDMI signal properly, a new firmware might fix the issue. Not all TV manufacturers do release firmware updates though.