Console and Mobile News: Windows Phone Fix Incoming and More!

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Hopefully this means another 2-3 weeks before I can experience a full Summoner playthrough. Figuring out new ways to crush this game's bosses is one of the best things for me in Terraria.

I'm looking forward to it whenever it's released!


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I cannot say i waited so long, cause i play terraria (3ds) for ~10 days and just single player atm.
But with a game what crashes all the time, it feels like much longer^^

I See the 3ds update just got the multiplayer player crash bug fixed, but no word about Same Problem in single player.
My game crashed about 30 times last 10 days (just SP). If i am one of the "rare" Players who got that issue, then tell me for certain what i can do to stop that.
And plz Not something what "maybe can help" ^^


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Hyped! I would love to have more than 3 characters. It gives me room for all my playthroughs. I've only got Melee (completed), Summoner (Not quite finished), and Magic (completed)


To be honest exporting and importing saves on mobile would be a better way to do this than making a copy since it will take up a slot, and that way root access wont be a requirement. But im not sure if it can be implemented, still very happy about the news. Keep up the nice work.


That's good. I'll be awaiting the time a stylist will appear in those spider caves of mine. :dryadgrin:
Here's to hoping things pull through smoothly. :dryadsmile:


Nice! I never would have considered Terraria on a phone, and I had no idea it was on windows phone. Now that I know I'll have to give it a shot.

As an aside, if it's on the 3DS does it render in 3D? If it does, would it be possible to bring the 3D mode to the PC version? I would love to play some 3D terraria on my TV.


Yaaaaay!!!! A new update coming for terraria mobile!!! I'm so happy! I beat the game 5 times and now am ready to start over pretty much! Yes yes yes! A new update!!!

So excite
Much wow

P.S 1.3 update anyone? Not trying to rush but can't wait till everything gets fixed for the mobile 1.3 update!!! SO EXCITED!!!!
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