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Console & Mobile News: Wii U Release and more!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, May 3, 2016.

  1. 505Games

    505Games Publisher/Developer Staff Member 505 Games

    Hello Terrarians!

    2D_Terraria-WiiU_PEGI small.jpg

    Lots of great news and exciting stuff we would like to share today! Most importantly, the Wii U digital release will tentatively launch at the end of this month/beginning of June, with the retail copies following soon after, on June 28th. At launch, Wii U will include all of 1.2.4 content and support 1-8 player multiplayer online, and 1-4 player splitscreen. There is a lot of potential here and we are looking forward to new Terrarians and seeing what you can really do with the gamepad!



    The 3DS update has been submitted and looks good to launch sometime within the next few weeks, barring any unforeseen issues raised by Nintendo! In case you missed it, take a glance at all that our 3DS players have coming their way shortly!


    Next, some details on the state of each mobile version. We appreciate the continued feedback and patience while we address the different issues and work to bring new content/features to mobile users.

    iOS & Google Play
    The next update will bring Extra Save Slots as well as a World & Characters "Save" Backup Function to Mobile Terraria! Beyond doubling your existing number of save slots for worlds and characters, this long-desired feature will allow you to copy worlds and characters (like you can on PC, for example) - allowing you to create regular backups of your most important saves. We hope this will help lessen the sting in the event that you run into some nasty issue that messes up your worlds or characters! In addition, this new functionality will allow players to do things like moving save files from device A to device B using the cloud.

    Save Slots
    • Characters: Players will now have access to 6 Local and 6 Cloud save slots
    • Worlds: Players will now have access to 6 Local and 3 Cloud save slots
    These save slots are available for use with the new Backup Function and/or to create new Characters and Worlds - it will be entirely up to you in regards to how you choose to use them!

    Backup Function
    For further clarity, this will allow players to make a copy of any existing local or cloud file to any other open cloud or local save slot that they have. For example:
    • Local - Local
    • Local - Cloud
    • Cloud - Local
    These will all now be possible for the file safety of our players and for their convenience when moving between devices.

    This update is currently in QA testing, and if all goes well, it will launch late in May.


    Windows Phone & Amazon
    Windows Phone: We are still working with Microsoft on getting the crash fix patch through certification (this will address crashes on all Windows Phones except for the Lumia 640 as we noted in our earlier post). The issue preventing us from re-entering (and ultimately clearing) certification is not related to the fixes failing to work - rather it is an issue related to Achievements for which we are relying on Microsoft to debug for us in a Live environment, which is something we cannot do directly. With Microsoft's help, we hope to resolve some of these soon and will try to keep you informed as that moves along.

    Amazon: If all goes according to plan, expect an update late this month that will bring Amazon up to current version (most advanced/current version is iOS/Google Play). This will also address the cloud save/crash issue we've been working on. It will be followed by another update (later in the summer) bringing Extra Save Slots and Backup Function. Testing is going well, so we are optimistic here.


    Console - Xbox & Playstation
    Finally, the upcoming console update has wrapped up development and moved on to the QA stage. Will update everyone as we move along to the next steps here and if all goes well we will submit to Sony and Microsoft, with a launch following a couple weeks after that. This update brings the missing 1.2.4 content as well as bug fixes and some optimizations, so we are looking forward to getting this out to everyone! We will have full details and a changelog here as we get closer to release


    So, there you have the latest on the Console and Mobile side of Terraria development - we have a lot of exciting stuff above coming your way very soon as well as some additional plans that we will share once we can get through this round of work. Stay tuned and thanks as always for your strong support!
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  2. Adolfo samaniego

    Adolfo samaniego Terrarian

    Good news :D
  3. TheGamerMan757

    TheGamerMan757 Steampunker

    I'm still waiting for 1.3.1. Hang in there everybody. %:sigh:

    As for current news, yay for updates!
  4. UnitedGamersMC

    UnitedGamersMC Skeletron Prime

    Yes, finally consoles will be getting the bug fix.
  5. I have always been in need for more worlds slots.. so this is excellent news! Hearing this almost made my person just explode with excitement, saying, "Wow! This will be :redspin: amazing! Can't wait unitl this rolls out! Peace, peeps as I leave to go eat a victory banana.
    Last edited: May 12, 2016
  6. Indominus Rex

    Indominus Rex Terrarian

    oh baby getting so close to 1.3 :0
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  7. YoshiGator

    YoshiGator Terrarian

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  8. schmoopiepoopie

    schmoopiepoopie Terrarian

    I remember a time where I encouraged the developers, and the admins, to keep up the hard work.

    That was a long time ago...

    I want to be excited for the Xbox update. But truth be told, I haven't played in many months because it's too damned disheartening to rarely receive an update. When you do get them, it's never in it's entirety and remains bugged until the next big update.

    What happened to that sincere message apologizing for screwing the console's pooch nearly a year ago?

    There were promises of frequent updates and catching us up to the PC version yet we haven't budged an inch since then. All the while, terraria is being released on more and more platforms with the very patch we've been waiting for, in its completion, for a year.

    I think I gave up on you guys when the mobile version caught up to counsole at a breakneck pace. I think they may have even surpassed consoles now.

    I'll keep on watching for updates and hopes that one day I'll get to play the game that everybody else seems to be playing. In the meantime, I'll go back to playing some AAA games. It's a shame, that. I love indie games.
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  9. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    Good work, dev-team of wonder. Thanks for this update on the updates. :)
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  10. Derpinator-9000

    Derpinator-9000 The Destroyer

    Im still waiting for Otherworld :p
    Hooray for new news! Great for Wii U
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  11. pennative

    pennative Terrarian

    You think that's bad? Try owning the game on windows phone... It has been COMPLETELY BROKEN FOR JUST UNDER SIX WHOLE MONTHS!! This is absolutely insane. Why don't you just disable the :red:ing achievements? Nobody cares about them. They just want to play the game!
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  12. darthmorf

    darthmorf Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I preordered Terraria Wii U from argos months ago. Great to finally hear of a release date!
  13. time346

    time346 Terrarian

    So......... You've just entered bug fixing stage (Quality Assurance) on Console for an update that's taken a year to create, was projected and shut down multiple times, and has now upset so many people that they've stopped playing the game altogether. Considering your standard bug fixing, that typically takes months and doesn't actually solve buggy releases, timeframe, would we say August release maybe?
    Just to put this out there, again: Congratulations 505, you continue to make console Terraria an ongoing cluster&@$# that is an update nightmare and the joke of the videogame update world.
    Pat yourselves on the back for the almost unfathomable success of singlehandedly destroying a beloved franchise on consoles for many people. "That'll do pig, that'll do."
  14. Athrisir

    Athrisir Terrarian

    Don't mind me, just here with my 3DS waiting for online multiplayer
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  15. TerraDream274

    TerraDream274 Plantera

    @505Games-Mobile @505Games Suggestions. Can you make mobile be user friendly when using controller so that we can have the full potential of mobile Android and iOs? ( Copied in my post in Mobile Latest Bugfix )

    * 10 hotbars
    * Wide view
    * Controller Guide below are nor optimized in mobiles they do not fit in
    the screen.
    * "All buff activated" button just like ctrl+b in pc when you can take all the buff all at once.
    * Use of directional pads like console.

    Other suggestions that has been said by me and others with new ones.

    * World Generation enhancement
    * Torch PC-like Texture Revival
    * Spawn Chances of Ocram and
    Moon Events.
    * 5 or 10 hotbar option
    * Smaller Text for mobiles.
    * Ui Update ( Console-like )
    * Remove highlighting of chest and doors.
    * Remove small blue light that emits in player when dark to mimic the PC.
    * You were Slain Animation
    * Online Multiplayer ( Not via Wifi ) (Androids) or cross platform so iOS and Android can play together.
    * Sun PC-like texture Revival ( But i think it is intentional )
    * The Underground Crimson Soundtrack Bugfix.
    * Vanity Accessory Slot with disable/able feature.
    * Jungle Background Bug. They do not show up eved since.
    * Title Menu Spundtrack. Last heard in Hardmode Update in Mobile Terraria.
    * Lower Chances of rare Items ( Lava Charms, Turtle Shells ) like PC so that it can add more excitement.
    * 1.3 tweaks.

    I know it is long but I hope there will be development for these suggestions even others are impossible. Thank you for reading @505Games-Mobile @505 Games Support @505Games @505Games-Mobile @505Games @505 Games Support Thank you.

    Other than that @505Games Thank you. The backup feature is superly awesome. :) Keep up the good Work

    P.s. I tag them twice in case they are not notified
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  16. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Wow wow wow, backup feature for iOS and Google Play! You guys have been listening and the backup feature will be a fantastic new addition.
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  17. TheGamerMan757

    TheGamerMan757 Steampunker

    Oh, yeah. There's tons to come. xD
  18. Timothy the Engineer

    Timothy the Engineer Steampunker

    Happy days are finally coming to the console edition :D
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  19. Aaron Daniel

    Aaron Daniel Skeletron Prime

    I think we will see that console update two to three weeks

    Eventually we will be excited for it :happy:
  20. samufinland

    samufinland Terrarian

    The Wii U version is a must buy!

    Does it have any limitations for not being as powerful as other current gen consoles?