1. 505Games

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    Good day, Terrarians!

    We’re pleased to announce that the next update on PlayStation and Xbox consoles is due for release on the morning of Friday August 26. We’ve been sat on approved patches for some of the versions for a couple of weeks now, but we wanted to line them all up to release on the same day to avoid the unintentionally-long date split seen in the previous update. As previously mentioned, this update’s main purpose is to close off a few irritating bugs and make some quality of life improvements. Some highlights:

    • Various edge-case crash bugs fixed
    • Stability in multiplayer games improved
    • No more crashes when renaming chests; chests function correctly in network games
    • Slimer achievement now unlocks
    • Rebought items can be reforged
    • Many fishing issues fixed
    • New levers actuate correctly
    • Spectre set bonus working correctly
    • Dragon, Spectral and Titan armour now craftable with Titanium
    • Tizona, Tonbogiri and Vulcan Repeater now craftable with Titanium
    • Elf Archer no longer immune to cannonball fire
    • Flairon, Sharknado glitches resolved
    • No longer autobuy first item from a Merchant
    • Items no longer auto-equip when you don’t expect it

    Please remember that this stability update is planned to be the last update on Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita. We regret that this will disappoint some of you, but it’s a necessary step to be able to unlock the full potential of console Terraria and not be held back by the older hardware. There will be a long wait for the next update on PS4 and Xbox One as we work hard on delivering the full 1.3 update early next year. Old gen players can look forward to attractive upgrade offers to join us in 1.3 on new gen – we look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, old gen platforms will continue to be playable online and off, they just won’t receive new content or be able to cross play with current gen consoles. Nintendo players: we’ve not forgotten you! Expect an announcement on the next updates on Wii U and 3DS soon – today we’re only talking about PlayStation and Xbox, but rest assured there is good news coming imminently there. Not only will Wii U be fully caught up with the other console versions, but we’ll be confirming one of the most requested features is coming to 3DS. Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll be checking in on TCF to answer any questions.
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  2. PlanteraBlade

    PlanteraBlade Spazmatism

    Great news to hear! Also very excited to hear about what new 3DS stuff we'll be getting.
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  3. SuperSnix

    SuperSnix Terrarian

    Great news!
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  4. XazertiboDoeste es

    XazertiboDoeste es Skeletron Prime

    this is my birthday :joy:
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  5. LuminaryEm

    LuminaryEm Steampunker

    This is really great for console players, it is sad last gen will no longer get 1.3, but it is a step forward and I like that
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    Happy birthday <3
  6. andyblarblar

    andyblarblar Terrarian

    Rust in Pepperoni's last gen ;(;(;( but hey Wii u update hype!!!
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  7. ExoticCharm

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    I know that being able to craft the console stuff with both adamantite and titanium was a big request. That change should make a lot of people happy. :)
  8. LewShakey

    LewShakey Spazmatism

    Part of the old gen here... iPad 2 has finally fallen out of the list of supported apple products. So long Terraria! I'll see you later down the line once I have a better iPad. For now I think the better solution would be to find out how to transfer worlds & characters so I have a backup on my phone. Sayonara Terraria
  9. Whatofit

    Whatofit Terrarian

    So after this update will ps4 still be able to play with vita and PS3 ?
  10. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Seems like this update was released a month earlier than initially scheduled! I'm glad the arrival of the parting gift wasn't delayed, let's hope the users will find the contents up to their standards as well!
    According to this thread, yes. Once the new, current gen only update hits, however, it will no longer be possible. Estimated timeframe for that is Q2 2017, however, so enjoy it while you still can! :)
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  11. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    This is not farewell, Old gen! Though you are left behind on updates, you are still an awesome part of the community, and you can still contribute with amazing builds, insights and tips about the game! Don't let a lack of future updates stop you - when the PC version was thought to have no more updates, the community still thrived.

    You shall live on!
  12. Unit One

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    Always great news to see improvements and bug fixes. And even earlier than planned - really nice!
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  13. TheAlphaWolf70

    TheAlphaWolf70 Terrarian

    Wait... It doesn't mention that you can't use items in minecarts has been fixed?!
    Also great news on it being a month early!
    Also bad news that it seems our cries for 1 or 2 , 1.3 items/things have been ignored.
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  14. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

    I think possessed hatchet should be autoswing since this is the last update we will be getting I'd say about 5 or so things from 1.3. Any with me
  15. Hundjäger18

    Hundjäger18 The Destroyer

    What about invasions happening near by npcs? (Not just the middle of the map)
    Don't get me wrong, I love the fixes, its just sad some gameplay related improvements aren't in this update.
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  16. Ignis55

    Ignis55 Skeletron Prime

    I think if I were given a choice to scrap Ocram in exchange for the Moon Lord I'd instantly say goodbye to Ocram. He's too easy to beat and Moon Lord is a hell of a challenge on PC even in regular worlds. exchange Dragon Armor, Titan, and Spectral Armor for Nebula, Solar and Vortex or Stardust. include Moon Lord's mask. this is all in theory though. I'm not sure how much power the Moon Lord takes up but I'd be more than willing to give Ocram the boot for Moon Lord hands down. I know it won't happen though.
  17. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

    Same here
  18. Mr.Crash

    Mr.Crash Terrarian

    a 21 gun salute to the last update to the last gen consoles
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  19. Enderwither02

    Enderwither02 Spazmatism

    I agree.

    And, now that I think about it, Old Gen games will actually still have an exclusive (albeit irritating) item:

    Biome Key Molds.
  20. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not ignored, they've been addressed. Read below.

    Adding any 1.3 items would just cause a greater clamor over WHICH 1.3 items should be added. There are way too many players for there to be any way to decide what should be appropriate. It's best for last gen to be put in as bug free state as possible with the content that it can handle rather than trying to tweak new content in where it just doesn't fit properly.