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    Good day, Terrarians!

    It’s been a while since we last spoke about the progress surrounding the console versions of Terraria, and with Q1 drawing to a close, now is as good a time as any. As so many of you have rightly made note of over the past few weeks, we had originally targeted an update solely focused on adding the missing items with an estimated timing of Q1. Well, in short, it’s taken a bit longer than we expected. This is primarily because we expanded the scope of what was being worked on. Let us share a bit more about that below.

    First of all, we wanted to take some time to address some of the long-standing stability issues across all the versions: tweaks to the network game to promote a more robust experience, annoying bugs squashed, optimizations made, and so on. We know this doesn't always look as exciting in a list as compared to "new content", but we are confident that everyone will feel the benefits of this work. Why now? Well, we had to pick a good time to do this, and it made the most sense to make those fixes now rather than submitting the missing content and then stepping back to work on these fixes. Though it did admittedly delay the missing content, it will get the fixes in your hands a good deal sooner than if we had broken those out separately. We felt that was the overall best approach.

    Second of all, of course, is the new and missing content. The Stylist is coming to town, so you can look forward to changing your appearance. Speaking of appearance: visible accessories are included, along with new vanity and dye slots. The experience of buying items is also streamlined. We’re also hard at working cramming in all the missing items. There’s hundreds of things so we won't list them all, but here’s a selection:

    Wommanquin; Shroomite Digging Claw; Venom Staff; Julia Butterly Jar; Super Mana Potion; Celestial Emblem; Celestial Cuffs; Mining Potion; Builder Potion; Bee Armour; Hornet Staff; Spider Armour and Staff; Optic Staff; Pressure Track; Slime Hook; Sticky Grenade... the list goes on. We’ve also got a load of furniture and new block types.

    (We posted a more full list a while back - you can check this post to learn more)

    Of course, with all of that said, you guys want to know when you can get your hands on this stuff! Our development work is scheduled to run to the end of April. Assuming everything looks good at that point, we will submit to Sony/Microsoft, and the update will appear a couple of weeks later after we’ve passed platform holder certification. We fully understand that the delay won't make for happy news for a lot of people, but this stability work needs to be done sometime - and, again, we would rather take that extra time to do it now than to send you content now and then have to wait even longer for those fixes. We certainly hope you can all understand and appreciate the logic behind that decision.

    Other quick news items:

    3DS Update: will likely hit at a similar time frame as the console timing above. We have not shared what all we are including for this one - but the plan is for this to cover fixes to the most pressing issues as well as bringing the first post-launch new content to the 3DS version of Terraria! We will share more details at a later date.

    Wii U Terraria: This has taken longer than anticipated, however, we are on the brink of submission to Nintendo and this is expected to be available digitally at the end of May.
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    Sounds good to me :)
  3. Astrallus

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    Sexy. :cool:
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  4. The Teenage Gamer

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    At least you're trying for a stable launch of the update. Good work :)
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  5. Termina Moon

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    Hyped for that 3DS update. Every other version at least works okay. 3DS should be priority. :)
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  6. Oleg34518

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    Finally at least some news, well, i'm not happy about the release date. Why not at least add a few console only hairstyles for the Stylist?
  7. abelxcain

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    So the update is going to be available around middle may. And with extra fixes. Sounds good to me.
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  8. LuminaryEm

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    Really great how Console Terraria is getting more updates and getting closer to the PC versions, indeed this is a big update for the Console players
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  9. ComixTheNoob

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    Finally some good news :)
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  10. Jetstream ∞

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    Wonderful news!
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  11. Andrew Clarke

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    That is slightly confusing though, the xbox 1 already has a few of those items listed on the missing items patch. For example we already have the celestial cuffs and emblem, shroomite digging claw, super mana potion, mining potion and builder potion and the new furniture. And have had them for a solid month now. I'm gonna guess that not all of the platforms have it and that is what they are addressing (along with some of those items that the xbox one is missing that is on that list).
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  12. time346

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    Nope, calling shenanigans. This has become a rather unfortunate SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) from 505 Games. "We wanted to do our jobs, but it's to hard." As a programmer myself if I tried half of the excuses you guys have used over the last couple years I would of been out of a job. You promise (and yes, saying something will be done is a promise in the business world) updates on a specific time frame, and then inevitably delay. You tell us we'll get all the content of a specific version only to leave things out and or missing. You leave obvious broken game mechanics in limbo with the only response in most cases being that you'll fix it in the next update which will come out whenever we [email protected] well feel like it. You left the PsVita version of the game broken by constant crashing for a year (which still crashes I might add), without so much as an acknowledgement that it was a huge issue. You've done your best at stringing Terraria's console fanbase on with the "We're sorry" c&@p since before the huge world destroying debacle that was the 1.2 update. You have literally taken the console version of one of the PC's most beloved games of the past half decade (Based upon Steam sales figures constantly raking amazingly) and made it an update nightmare/laughing stock. I'm past i'm sorry's at this point, I want to see heads roll! If I was Re-logic I would of chucked your publishing rights contract into the garbage, sued you on the basis of making a mockery out of an established franchise, and never looked back. May whatever diety's you pray to have mercy on your souls for taking something as inherently holy as the Terraria name and dragging it through the mud.
  13. YellowPie84

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    Finally! Bee QAmour! My favorite armor!

    EDIT: Shoot, they fixed it.
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  14. Kamizama3000

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    I knew it was going to delay the update :(
    now wait until mid May o_O
    good is better than nothing -_-
    Well just wait :bluslime::gslime::pinky::pslime::yslime::bslime::cslime::islime::lslime::sslime::rslime::hoppinjack::joy::kingslime:
    1.3 full update no miss items in first Q 2020 maybe :eek:
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  15. BattleDragon45

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    dang you got a point there.:dryadcool:
  16. Neintales

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    I understand delays, but I wish you guys could update us with news earlier then the last possible day of the drop. Like let us know something is going as planned or to let us know to expect delays etc
  17. ComixTheNoob

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    I agree but they care about the community, and mainly they don't make an update in a snap. If they added the missing items, the community will have to wait longer which will make them "quit". So what they are doing is caring about the community and thinking ahead on what will happen. Another thing is that if they rush, the game will be as buggy when the first time 1.2 came on consoles. Also with the quote "We wanted to do our jobs, but it's too hard", every job is "hard" dude and when you code, the code does not appear in a snap in your head. Mainly coding requires lots and lots of time and thought (some people have slow typing). That my friend is called logic, Re-Logic.
    EDIT: I like they care about us though, that's cool :)
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  18. Escuronati

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    I'm a little sad about the postponement, but since now you have more time, you could put the 10 extra iventory slots?
  19. Nike Leon

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    Glad to have more news even if it isn't really what we were all hoping for. :)
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  20. PlanteraBlade

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    Well, it's good to get any news about this at all. I just want to pound Duke Fishron's face in with a Spectre Mask!